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Feb 19 2022

Woman Trampled by Trudeau Regime

Like the media, metrosexual moonbat Justin Trudeau endorsed riots by Marxist black supremacists. Decent Canadians peacefully insisting on an end to Covid tyranny are another matter.

Watch as his thugs trample beneath the hooves of their horses a lady who was calling for “peace, love, and happiness”:

Unconfirmed word is that the woman was killed. Reports conflict on her status.

In diametric contrast to the Black Lives Matter riots approved by our ruling class, there was reportedly zero violence until the authorities brought it.

Meanwhile, Parliament has been closed off to MPs for their own alleged safety; debate on Trudeau’s Emergency Act has been suspended. At least for now, Canada is a police state dictatorship.

On tips from Wiggins, Anonymous, seaoh, and DM.


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