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Feb 24 2022

USA to Mirror Freedom Convoy and Its Suppression

Justin Trudeau’s power grab having succeeded to the point of being officially endorsed by Parliament, the world’s softest dictator has relinquished his emergency powers until the next time someone demonstrates against his authoritarian government. Hilariously, he now says Canada will “stand against authoritarianism” in other countries.

Speaking of other countries threatened by authoritarianism, a People’s Convoy has been launched in the Mojave Desert. It is headed to the District of Corruption, inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy that was crushed so thuggishly by Trudeau. The leftist response will be the same.

American moonbats approve of Trudeau’s ham-fisted tactics, which included freezing the bank accounts of those suspected of protesting against Covid tyranny:

Democrats overwhelmingly favored Trudeau’s response with 65% approval to 17% disapproval. Republican responses were weighted even more heavily against Trudeau, however, with 87% of likely GOP voters disapproving to just 8% approving. Respondents who said they did not belong to either one of the two main parties cut against Trudeau’s crackdown with 74% disapproving versus 21% approving.

That anyone other than Democrats could approve is a testament to the insidious power of the media.

Elected Dems are eager to implement similar policies. The Obama Regime already used the tactic of going through banks to attack fundamental liberties with Operation Choke Point, whereby the feds attacked our Second Amendment rights by bullying banks for doing business with those who make and sell firearms. Under Biden, these goons are less subtle, and may opt to seize property directly.

Arizona Congresscritter Ruben Gallego may be best known for giving his former wife Kate Gallego (née Widland) a Hispanic name, which helped her become Mayor of Phoenix, but he has bigger ambitions. He wants to replace Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate for not being sufficiently radical. He also wants to confiscate trucks from dissidents:

In light of reports that a convoy could target D.C.’s Capital beltway this week, Gallego, who has served in Congress for more than seven years, suggested seizing the trucks: “Perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business,” Gallego tweeted.

Gallego isn’t bright enough to come up with the idea on his own:

The mayor of Ottawa, Canada has said that he inquired with the city manager about how the trucks towed from the protest could be seized and sold to cover costs incurred in connection with the demonstration.

Not everyone thinks it’s a great idea:

Dana Loesch, responding to Gallego’s suggestion that trucks should be seized, noted that such action is, “Also known as theft.”

Yes, government confiscating property is theft. But these days, that is not a compelling argument against stealing the trucks. As we incrementally succumb to socialism, theft is becoming the basis of our economic system, with the useless federal government blowing through over $6 trillion of our money per year and expanding relentlessly.

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