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Mar 10 2024

Celebrating the Catastrophic Russian Revolution

To grasp the stakes involved in preventing leftists from achieving absolute power, read The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Drawing on his first-hand experience, he details the horror of the concentration camps where communists subjected tens of millions of Russians to appalling extremes of misery and degradation. The Marxist regime killed an estimated 54.8 million of its own people and enslaved the rest. It took power after the Russian Revolution. This catastrophic event is now celebrated by moonbats because Women’s Day:

Whether clueless or evil, this woman is the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Utah.

Guardian moonbats are on the same page:

The first day of the Russian Revolution – 8 March (23 February in the old Russian calendar) – was International Women’s Day, an important day in the socialist calendar. …

The revolution was begun by women, not male workers.

If the liberal media gives women credit for something, that means we are supposed to think it was good.

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