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Dec 14 2020

Change the Whirled: The Ultimate Moonbat Product

Waging war against America, white people, and the concept of law and order has never been easier. All you have to do is pack on a little extra weight by indulging in a carton of Ben & Jerry’s “Change the Whirled” vegan nondairy pseudo–ice cream:

The belligerently leftist Ben & Jerry’s has been bought out by a monolithic globalist corporation based in Europe that shares its political stance, Unilever.

If one moonbat personifies hatred of the USA, it is the washed-up athlete who went on to become a zillionaire anti-American activist, Colin Kaepernick. Why do major corporations pay $millions to be identified with a character who is intensely hated by a significant percentage of the population? Power Line lays some of the blame on the practice of pandering to communist China:

Unilever United States has sales of $3.83 billion. On the other hand, Unilever’s sales in China are exploding, expected to grow by 400% in the current decade, to RMB50bn, which translates to $7.9 billion.

Unilever, like so many companies–Nike and the NBA are obvious examples, but there are a great many others–doesn’t mind sponsoring anti-Americanism when their real money lies in China. Especially since the Chinese Communists, unlike us Americans, actually pay attention to the political stances of the companies that do business there.

If patriotic Americans categorically refused to buy anything from corporations with an aggressively leftist public stance, this nauseating nonsense would stop. But in the age of Black Lives Matter, it is getting hard to find anyone else to buy from.

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