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Sep 21 2021

McDonald’s Announces Plan to Save the Climate

The food is barely edible, but the important thing is that McDonald’s is woke. It cares about the climate:

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday plans to further reduce the amount of fossil fuel-based plastic in their Happy Meal toys within four years…

Apparently recycled plastic doesn’t count as being made from fossil fuel.

The company said the plan aims to cut out 90% of virgin fossil fuel-based plastics in Happy Meal toys by the end of 2025.

In all seriousness, the purpose of this righteous posturing is to make the weather colder. According to liberal doctrine, plastic makes it be too hot outside. The ideology of our ruling class is that insane.

Now if only McDonald’s would stop making their food out of plastic — and stop making it smaller:

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Aug 23 2021

Bank of America Pushes Hardcore Leftist Indoctrination

When it comes to corporate moonbattery, it seemed we must have reached maximum insanity more than a year ago, when virtually every high-profile corporation was shoveling praise and mountains of cash at Marxist black supremacists as they burned down neighborhoods, looted stores, and destroyed statues of American heroes. Yet they keep pushing the envelope further still. Rather than merely encouraging sociopathic BLM/Antifa thugs to implement the leftist agenda, they do it themselves by brainwashing their employees with anti-American race hate ideology. As Christopher Rufo reveals, Bank of America is yet another corporation that has gone full woke:

This year, BOA executive Charles Bowman announced a new “equity” initiative called United in Action, in partnership with the United Way of Central Carolinas. According to documents I have reviewed, BOA executives launched the initiative by encouraging employees to participate in a 21-day race-training “challenge” funded in part by the bank and built on the principles of critical race theory.

CRT, the official ideology of the Biden Administration, is grounded in the belief that whites are intrinsically evil.

According to the training program, all whites — “regardless of one’s socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages” — are “living a life with white-skin privileges.” Even children are implicated in the system of white supremacy: According to the program materials, white toddlers “develop racial biases by ages 3 to 5” and “should be actively taught to recognize and reject the ‘smog’ of white privilege.”

“Privileged” people are as bad as “oppressed” people are good. Nazi Party equivalents were “Jewish” and “Aryan,” respectively.

According to the program,

As a result of being part of the “dominant culture,” whites are more likely to “have more limited imagination,” “experience fear, anxiety, guilt or shame,” “contribute to racial tension, hatred and violence” and “react in broken ways.”

In contrast, sacred People of Color cannot be racist. If the victims are white, the guide proclaims that “racism and discrimination are not possible.” White victims of racism are themselves guilty of “white fragility.”

The indoctrination touches on many of progressives’ favorite themes, including microaggressions, the need to defund and even abolish the police, and the intersectional totalitarianism concept of “environmental justice.” The rhetoric is as vituperative and extreme as you might expect in a Victim Studies faculty lounge.

CRT ideology is deranged, depraved, and destructive. Imposing it on employees is illegal according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. But don’t expect Bank of America to be prosecuted by the Justice Department of the Biden Administration, which has been aggressively engaged in the same crime.

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Aug 13 2021

Celebrating the Exposure of Toddlers to Depravity

Do you think toddlers should be exposed to degeneracy and sexual depravity? The global corporate establishment does. Note that this includes Amazon and Unilever:

Unilever brands include Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Lipton, Q-tips, Suave, Vaseline, and many more.

The appalling photograph won an award for being “iconic.” The reward is warranted, if by “iconic” they mean it is emblematic of what leftism is doing to Western Civilization.

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Aug 13 2021

American Express to Employees: Capitalism Is Racist

A house divided against itself cannot stand. That is bad news for the corporate establishment, because it has gone in whole hog on Black Lives Matter and critical race theory, both of which consist of Marxism gussied up with a veneer of black supremacism. Businessmen pandering to Marxists is as insane as Jews supporting Nazis. Yet we read this:

American Express, which made a $2.3 billion profit last quarter, invited the great-grandson of the Nation of Islam’s founder to tell its employees that capitalism is evil.

It was part of AmEx’s critical race theory indoctrination program.

Employees are forced to rank themselves on the cultural Marxist totem pole according to their “privilege.” By now everyone knows how this works. The more you reflect the core population that created America, the more “privileged” you are, the more you must hate yourself and submit to marginalization on behalf of those above you in the phony victimhood caste system.

Due to the doctrine of intersectionality, the hierarchy can be complicated, with new groups of “oppressed” persons invented on an ongoing basis. However, Christian white male heterosexuals will always be found at the bottom.

[T]rainers instruct employees how to change their behavior in the office based on their relative position on the hierarchy. The trainers provide a blue flowchart with specific rules for interacting with black, female and LGBT employees: If members of a subordinate [i.e., politically preferred] group are present, workers should practice “intersectional allyship” and defer to them before speaking.

Failing to yield submissively to those who are more “oppressed” might constitute a “microaggression.” HR departments do not look fondly upon those who commit microaggressions in corporate America these days.

Since not being racist is racist according to CRT dogma, it is strictly forbidden:

White employees are told not to utter phrases such as “I don’t see color,” “We are all human beings” and “Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough” — all categorized as “microaggressions.”

At one high-profile “anti-racism” event, AmEx execs invited Khalil Muhammad — great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad — to lecture on “race in corporate America.” He argued that the system of capitalism was founded on racism and that “racist logics and forms of domination” have shaped Western society from the Industrial Revolution to the present.

Ironically, Nation of Islam really was founded on racism. A core belief is that the white race is inherently evil. The implication that a Final Solution is called for is obvious.

Unsurprisingly, Muhammad advocates racism:

Muhammad argued [that] the company should reduce standards for black customers and sacrifice profits in the interest of race-based reparations.

Employees are also subjected to propaganda calling for the abolition of prisons, no doubt because prison is racist. As prisons are abolished, they will be replaced by concentration camps — until such a time as all racists (and therefore all capitalists) have been liquidated, at which point utopia will have been achieved.

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Aug 11 2021

It’s a Woke World After All

At this point, it is almost impossible to parody the left-wing extremism of Disney. But this excellent video proves it can still be done:

There’s more to the video than may immediately meet the eye. Joel Abbott breaks it down nicely.

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Aug 09 2021

Subway Gets Blowback From Megan Rapinoe Ads

Corporations have gone all-in for ultraleft politics. This has entailed not only shoveling mountains of money at Marxist rioters and relentlessly pushing woke social engineering through commercials, but also choosing conspicuously vile anti-Americans as the faces of their products. Nike may get away with it with Colin Kaepernick. That doesn’t mean Subway will with Megan Rapinoe.

Not all franchisees are overjoyed to see Rapinoe in commercials for the chain, behaving with characteristic obnoxiousness by kicking a ball so that it knocks a burrito out of a Hispanic-looking guy’s hand while he’s trying to eat it.

From the New York Post:

Late last month on a discussion forum hosted by the North American Association of Subway Franchisees, a Wisconsin store operator posted a picture of a hand-scrawled note from an irate customer taped to the front door of his shop. …

“The ad should be pulled and done with,” the franchisee wrote of the Rapinoe spot. “It gets tiring apologizing.”

The note likely speaks for many former customers:

The consensus of the ruling class is that only moonbats matter. However, outside of the media propaganda bubble, moonbattery is widely regarded with the contempt and revulsion it deserves, especially in red states.

“Spending our money to make a political statement is completely and totally out of bounds,” an Arizona franchisee said on the NAASF blog about the corporate parent.

Franchisees own their stores, but have to kick in a percentage of revenue, which pays for advertising.

Another Midwest-based franchisee said Subway should have seen this coming before signing Rapinoe. In July 2019, she took heat for allegedly stomping on the American flag. Weeks earlier, she created headlines when she said she was not going to the “f**king White House” if invited to visit President Trump.

Apart from politics, there is Rapinoe’s personality, which is unappealing even by moonbat standards:

Nonetheless, woke corporate decisionmakers pay this horrid woman to alienate their customers:

Rapinoe this year has inked other endorsement deals besides Subway, including a tie-up with Victoria’s Secret in June.

It is doubtful that the far from pulchritudinous Rapinoe modeling skimpy underwear would appeal even to her fellow lesbians. As always in advertising, pushing moonbattery comes first, selling the product afterward. Nothing else could explain plunging from Adriana Lima to Megan Rapinoe.

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Jul 16 2021

Disney World Cancels Christmas

Leftists’ annual War on Christmas is off to an early start this year. Hyperwoke Disney has already fired the first cannon blast of 2021:

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, an extremely popular yuletide tradition, is going to be rebranded. Instead, the Magic Kingdom will host a night time show.

The new “don’t call it Christmas” event is called ‘Disney Very Merriest After Hours’ – a generic, holiday-themed celebration.

The word “merry” may be all that survives of Christmas tradition if moonbattery prevails.

Like every other facet of our cultural heritage, Christmas has been deemed “noninclusive” and therefore “offensive.” Those who find generic winter scenes too drab are allowed to celebrate one of our proliferating black supremacist holidays, Kwanzaa.

More purging at Disney World:

Among the “offensive rides” that have been updated are Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain – a ride inspired by Song of the South. They also plan to update the Jungle Cruise over concerns about the depictions of natives.

Only that which woke scolds have not gotten around to declaring to be offensive is allowed in the public square. What remains of American culture becomes ever narrower as it shrinks away to nothing.

Disney also eliminated the words “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” from recorded greetings at its theme parks.

What is the point of an amusement park for children when even the concepts of boys and girls have been canceled?

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Jul 01 2021

IKEA Polysexual Love Seat Collection

The moonbats running IKEA stepped on a rake by trying to pander to blacks by serving fried chicken and watermelon on “Juneteenth.” How were Swedes to know that associating blacks with food they like is a felony thought crime? But maybe the company can win its way back into the good graces of the woke with their polysexual loveseat collection.


There’s more to Pride than a rainbow. That’s why we created Love Seats – a collection of IKEA loveseats inspired by the Pride flags of different 2SLGBTQ+ identities. Designed and created by artists active in the 2SLGBTQ+ community, the loveseats are a platform to celebrate identity and share stories of love.

The collection includes 10 loveseats, inspired by the following psychosexual aberrations: nonbinary, transgender, progress, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, genderfluid, transgender again, asexual, and 2spirit. What “progress” means in the context of sexual deviancy is thankfully left to the imagination.

See if you can keep your breakfast in place after sitting through this:

Liberals have managed to make degeneracy and sexual depravity schmalzy, hokey, and boring.

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Jun 22 2021

Underwear Inspired by George Floyd

With liberals ascendant, every aspect of the world around you will be politicized, right down to your underwear. If the repellent Megan Rapinoe replacing Adriana Lima at Victoria’s Secret doesn’t convince recalcitrant countermoonbats that resistance is futile, maybe Marks and Spencer underwear inspired by George Floyd will do the job:

The chain has expanded its collection of neutral or nude-coloured underwear so it comes in five shades designed for different skin tones instead of focusing on lighter hues.

M&S – the UK’s biggest bra and knickers retailer – said the range was partly inspired by ‘the global conversation on racial inequality following the horrific death’ of Mr Floyd in Minneapolis, US, last year.

They don’t make horrific deaths like they did back in the days of crucifixion, impalement, drawing and quartering, et cetera. If Floyd’s demise was so nightmarish, why do his fellow lowlifes keep taking fentanyl?

M&S’s political correctness goes beyond the Black Lives Matter pandering we have come to expect from virtually every corporation:

The retailer is also trying to improve its lingerie range with a collection of post-surgery bras for women who have had a mastectomy and by using ‘representative models’.

By “representative,” they mean “physically unappealing.” At least we no longer have to worry about adolescent boys thinking impure thoughts as they leer at ads for ladies’ underwear. More likely, they will become horrified into a life of abstinence.

Paul Joseph Watson weighs in on this latest “cynical marketing ploy to attract free media advertising by pandering to woke imbeciles”:

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Jun 10 2021

Amazon Sells Blue Lives Murder Products but Not…

Hypocrisy is prominent among the characteristics that make our liberal rulers insufferable. Everything that does not support their agenda is subject to cancelation. Yet they squawk pieties about freedom and choice. For example, the totalitarians at Amazon, who took down Parler out of sheer partisan repression, tell us that the reason they sell “Blue Lives Murder” memorabilia (t-shirts, headscarves, caps, bandannas, etc) is that they want to provide customers “with the widest possible selection” of products.

Coming from the Bezos people, this lie is grotesque. As noted at the Washington Free Beacon,

Amazon has cracked down on other political products, including a “Joe and the Hoe” T-shirt, for violating its “selling guidelines.”

The “Hoe” refers to Kamala Harris, whose only notable qualification, other than being a Woman of Color and as far left as you can go, is her willingness to exchange sexual favors with a man 30 years her senior for political advancement.

The site also banned Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally because, the platform said, it “frame[d] LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.”

Only a few years ago, no reasonable person would have denied that what is now called “LGBTQ+ identity” is mental illness. Now, products are banned by Amazon for suggesting it. We can only guess what facts might be banned in the future. But calling the police murderers and implying that violence against them is justified won’t be banned, because the people running the company endorse this sentiment.

The looting of Amazon trucks by Black Lives Matter thugs taught them nothing. To be progressive is to be impervious to experience.

The Blaze provides other exceptions to Amazon’s commitment to the widest possible selection:

In February, Amazon pulled a documentary about conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month without explanation. And in 2019, the company kowtowed to the progressive Council on American-Islamic Relations and removed a litany of products — including bath mats and doormats — considered offensive to Muslims.

Since September 11, 2001, anything offensive to Muslims offends moonbats too.

The Rebel flag that graces the covers of classic Southern rock albums because it represents the culture and heritage of the South is unavailable at Amazon. But advocates of political violence will have no problem finding Black Lives Matter and Antifa flags.

Amazon, like the rest of the Big Tech world, proves that you do not have to be the government to impose authoritarianism. Selective censorship is tyranny.

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Jun 06 2021

Energy Industry Pushes Back Against North Face

The fossil fuel industry is second only to agriculture in importance. We rely on it not only to keep from freezing or dying from the heat, for transportation, for communication, and to keep the economy from absolute collapse, but for the petrochemical materials most everything around us is at least partially made of.

Yet leftists demonize this crucial industry. Biden’s handlers have been systematically choking the life out of it (e.g., here, here, and here). Posturing moonbats of the type who run companies like North Face sanctimoniously treat it as a pariah.

Finally, the industry is showing solidarity and pushing back against the liberal frauds who would have us freezing naked in the dark for the sake of their deranged and malevolent ideology:

That excellent video is only part of a countermoonbat campaign:

Chris Wright, the CEO of Denver-based Liberty Oilfield Services, is spearheading the campaign by putting up billboards around North Face’s Denver offices and launching a website and social media campaign, dubbed “Thank you, North Face.”

The idea for the campaign started after North Face denied an order of jackets to a Texas oil and gas company [i.e., Innovex] reportedly because the popular fleece maker did not want its outdoor brand affiliated with the fossil fuel business.

Whereas the world could very happily exist without moonbats, North Face could not exist for a day without the oil and gas industry.

Fossil fuels are needed to make the petrochemicals that are used in the plastics, nylon, climbing ropes and more that North Face sells, Wright says. Oil and gas products fuel the factories that manufacture the goods. And fossil fuels are the backbone for shipping North Face products around the world.

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Possibly inspired by these words, the leftists who have subverted every major institution including most corporations are destroying America by turning it against itself with their insane ideology. It is too late to play defense. We need to push back — hard, constantly, and with no apologies. Their conspicuous hypocrisy is a target painted on every progressive’s forehead.

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Jun 02 2021

Biden Notices Social Engineering in Ads

The racial social engineering pushed by the advertising industry is so ham-fisted, even Joe Biden has noticed it:

No, it sure isn’t by accident. But he veers from the truth by pretending that advertising reflects American culture. The opposite is the case; it is used with increasing aggressiveness to alter American culture. For the pushiest examples, refer to ads for Procter & Gamble brands (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here).

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May 31 2021

Taking on Woke Inc

These days, graduating from college means escaping from the ivory tower of the authoritarian left into the glass and steel tower of the authoritarian left. As we saw after Georgia passed a mild law to defend election integrity, corporate invertebrates are no different than liberal educrats in their eagerness to cater to even the most outrageous demands of leftist bullies. Ben Shapiro explains how a few radical moonbats have been able to browbeat the corporate establishment into imposing their deranged ideology — and how sane people can use similar tactics to fight back:

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May 28 2021

Questions on White Guilt Brainwashing Camp

As noted yesterday, Lockheed Martin executives have been forced to undergo grotesque critical race theory indoctrination in struggle sessions straight out of Mao’s China. Paul Joseph Watson takes a look at this appalling manifestation of systemic moonbattery, and has questions for the social justice warriors who support it:

“If your message is being echoed and amplified by the largest defense contractor in the world — net worth $50 billion — does that suggest to you that maybe, just maybe, your message isn’t an organic movement for equality and justice? When every cultural institution, government entity, transnational corporation, and arms manufacturer is parroting your talking points, maybe, just maybe, you’re not the revolutionaries you deluded yourselves into thinking you are.”

The self-styled revolutionaries are establishment apparatchiks. This became obvious when leftists switched sides on the issue of free speech. In any society, free speech is a challenge to the establishment. Once progressives became the establishment, they betrayed the Free Speech Movement that emerged in Berkeley in the 1960s and instead embraced zero tolerance for “hate speech.”

PJW has another headscratcher for moonbats:

“If white people, specifically white men, are so privileged, why are they constantly the target of flagrantly discriminatory demonization campaigns like this one, campaigns devised and managed by some of the biggest academic institutions, government entities, and corporations in the West, campaigns that denigrate, belittle, and shame people for immutable characteristics like their sexuality, gender, and race?”

Watch as he pulls back the curtain on the phony ideology of our entrenched establishment:

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