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Jul 06 2020

What America Exports Now: Burger Queer

When America was healthy, it exported its healthy culture to the rest of the world, inviting admiration and imitation. Now that liberalism has caused it to fall into decline, it exports degenerate moonbattery, inviting contempt and ridicule. In Mexico, Burger King is collaborating with the delivery service Rappi to promote homosexuality:

The fast food titan changed its corporate logo to “Burger Queer” on its social media account and handed out rainbow-colored crowns. …

The company had a teaser for customers. If they purchased a combo meal, they would receive a Pride crown and “a special surprise.”

Let me guess: a rainbow-colored butt plug, proudly adorned with the Burger Queer logo.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Jul 02 2020

Walmart Denounced for Previously Selling “All Lives Matter” Shirts

Under totalitarianism, everything is political. A store must sell nothing that is not politically correct. Like most major corporations, Walmart has gone out of its way to express support for the Marxist black supremacists who have been looting, rioting, and destroying historical statuary throughout the country. It pledged an astonishing $100 million to promoting Black Lives Matter’s toxic ideology. Yet its website continued to sell products not in compliance with this ideology, as if non-leftists should be allowed to buy things too.

Naturally, the liberal media is enraged. Fumes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Walmart is facing scrutiny for selling shirts that appear to support certain race-related and social movements, with T-shirts that feature variations of the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, including “All Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter,” “Irish Lives Matter” and “Homeless Lives Matter.”

Wrong wrong wrong! Only black lives matter. To suggest that other lives matter too is racist. Just ask Claira Janover.

Walmart predictably cowered before the leftist mob, bleating that third-party sellers were responsible for the politically unacceptable “All Lives Matter” shirts. Not good enough:

Even though some of the shirts, including the “All Lives Matter” options, are no longer on sale, the backlash has continued for Walmart’s American and Canadian online marketplace.

In other words: “Be mad, people! Walmart is racist!”

Walmart isn’t the only witch in the village:

T-shirts bearing “All Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter” and “Irish Lives Matter” slogans are also selling on Amazon. Amazon had not offered a statement to CNN or other news outlets as of Tuesday morning.

Jeff Bezos is really asking for that guillotine.

On a tip from Bluto.

Jul 01 2020

Beauty Too Must Be Erased and Replaced

Everything must be erased and replaced so that instead of Western Civilization, we will have moonbat utopia. This goes beyond destroying statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Attractive, fit women in advertising are banned. Introducing the intersectional replacement:

Australia’s Sunday Times is delighted:

Calvin Klein has made history by including its first black transqueer and plus-sized model as part of this year’s Pride campaign, honouring the LGBTQI+ community.

Jari Jones, an actress, model and activist, was this week revealed as one of the members who has joined the brand for the campaign.

Black, fat, and perverted. Jones is better than the racist, lookist, and heteronormative models of the olden world three different ways.

Since liberals feel compelled to politicize everything imaginable, there is nothing worth having they will not take away from us. In its place, we get Jari Jones.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: The Other McCain.

Jun 30 2020

L’Oreal Becomes Racially Correct

Like the rest of the corporate world, L’Oreal has thrown in its lot with the Left. That means embracing the militantly Afrocentric ideology of Black Lives Matter. Since the standards of beauty that apply to Caucasians are not compliant with this ideology, reference to these standards must be abolished:

The company said in a statement Saturday that it “has decided to remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products.”

Sorry, L’Oreal. You get no credit for pushing the pandering to an unprecedented extreme. Unilever (makers of Dove soap) made a similar announcement last Thursday. Unilever gets even more wokeness points for pressuring Facebook to suppress conservative speech.

At least the virtue signaling makes clear that L’Oreal keeps its toes on the correct ideological line.

Earlier this month, L’Oreal tweeted that it “stands in solidarity with the Black community and against injustice of any kind. … Speaking out is worth it.”

That is, L’Oreal supports rioting by black supremacist mobs. Maybe they think these mobs will refrain from looting L’Oreal products in the future.

On tips from Steve T and Rapinhoe.

Jun 28 2020

Leftist Corporations Force Facebook to Censor Political Speech

Reducing America to a totalitarian country that does not allow dissident speech was a big job. It required what German communist Rudi Dutschke called the “Long March Through the Institutions.” One by one, the major pillars of society were infiltrated and subverted by radical leftists. It happened to Hollywood generations ago. It happened to the education and news media establishments. Now radical leftists effectively control corporate America, as has been made obvious by its exuberant support for the devastating riots inflicted by Marxist black supremacists and their allies. They have wasted no time exploiting this leverage to choke off political speech.

Not even Facebook is repressively leftist enough to suit today’s corporate leaders. So they are bringing it into line:

Under mounting pressure from advertisers, Facebook Inc. said it would start labeling political speech that violates its rules and take other measures to prevent voter suppression and protect minorities from abuse.

The phrases “voter suppression” and “protect minorities from abuse” are unadulterated BS. They are talking about censoring speech deemed right of center.

The new policies were announced Friday shortly after The Wall Street Journal reported that consumer-goods giant Unilever PLC is halting U.S. advertising on Facebook and Twitter Inc. for at least the remainder of the year, citing hate speech and divisive content on the platforms.

Another translation from the liberalese: “hate speech” and “divisive content” are both synonymous with conservative thought.

Unilever and other leftist corporations forced Facebook shares down 8% on Friday by threatening to withhold advertising if dissident thought continues to be permitted.

Unilever, whose many household brands include Dove soap, Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Lipton tea, joins a growing list of companies that are boycotting Facebook for varying lengths of time, including Verizon Communications Inc., Patagonia Inc., VF Corp., North Face, Eddie Bauer and Recreational Equipment Inc. …

Coca-Cola Co. went further than most advertisers, announcing on Friday that it was pausing its global ad spending on all social-media platforms for at least 30 days—including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snap Inc.

How ironic that such an iconic American brand would participate in the campaign to erase America and replace it with the most un-American kind of country imaginable.

“There is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism on social media,” Coca-Cola Chief Executive James Quincey said in a statement.

“Racism” means anything the Marxist black supremacists of Black Lives Matter would find noncompliant with the ideology they have been using terrorism to impose.

Specific orders were passed down to corporate America from race-based Cultural Marxist organizations:

The Facebook advertising boycott came after civil-rights groups including the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP called on brands to pull ad spending from Facebook for July. The groups said the social-media giant hadn’t made enough progress battling hate speech and misinformation.

“Misinformation” is yet another euphemism for speech leftists don’t want you to hear. This includes speech by the President of the United States:

Among the new measures Mr. Zuckerberg announced Friday, the company will label posts that violate its policies but are deemed newsworthy—giving Facebook the option of labeling President Trump’s posts, as Twitter has done recently.

The militants driving the boycott, who have already cost Facebook $7.2 billion with this campaign, are predictably unsatisfied with Zuckerberg tightening the valve on free speech. Leftists will never settle for less than total control of all political speech. See the USSR, East Germany, Cuba, communist China, etc for details.

They only need one more institution to fall before their agenda can be codified into law. Then accusations of facilitating free speech will lead not to a loss of advertisers, but to arrest. The federal government is already largely under their control. They can wrap up the long march this November. Further steps to facilitate voter fraud will make the election results permanent. The First Amendment will become part of the history they have already begun to erase.

On tips from Scott D, Henry B, and Bluto.

Jun 20 2020

Eskimo Pie Is Erased

Everything distinctively American will be erased in the purge, from George Washington down to Eskimo Pie, which has been with us since 1921:

Why is the word “Eskimo” offensive? Because when the thought police can’t find offenses, they invent new ones. That is why we are no longer allowed to say “Negro” or “Chinaman.” We must constantly alter our language in order to display obeisance to cultural Marxism.

Specifically, NPR says the word “Eskimo” must be deleted from the Newspeak dictionary “because it was widely used by racist, non-native colonizers.” Anything having to do with “colonizers” — i.e., regular Americans’ ancestors — must be erased.

You can see why the Cleveland Indians will be forced to change their name, assuming that baseball isn’t too American to be permitted in our unfolding totalitarian future.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Jun 19 2020

Why I Have Eaten My Last Chick-fil-A

Sucking up to the LGBT bullies who made life hell for Chick-fil-A was bad enough. Given that war is being waged against American civilization in the name of black supremacism — with stores looted, businesses burned, citizens brutalized, and statues of the Founding Fathers desecrated and torn down — this is downright disgusting:

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy called for white Christians to repent for racism Sunday after his company suffered vandalism in about a dozen of the chain’s restaurants over the past week.

That’s why the Left has escalated its bullying to the point of total mayhem. In the absence of pushback, bullying works.

It is especially helpful that authorities allow the bullies to vandalize at will. The media helps too by praising their sociopathic activities.

At least now Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs will be sure never to vandalize a Chick-fil-A again during their terror campaigns. Yeah right.

Grovels Cathy,

“[M]y plea would be for the white people, rather than point fingers at that kind of criminal effort, would be to see the level of frustration and exasperation and almost the sense of hopelessness that exists on some of those activists within the African-American community.”

What utter BS. Burning businesses down and driving out the police will only give blacks something to feel hopeless about as their neighborhoods degenerate into ever more impoverished war zones.

Hold on, it gets even more sickening:

After calling for whites to repent for racism, Cathy got down and shined [rapper] Lecrae’s shoes on stage.

After seeing this, I would vomit were I ever again to bite into a Chick-fil-A sandwich:

Possibly most egregious of all, Chick-fil-A built up its business by appealing to decent people, before selling out to the moonbats.

On tips from Stormfax, Mr. Freemarket, and Chuck A.

Jun 17 2020

Thought Police Come After Aunt Jemima

Piece by piece, they will abolish every picayune bit of Americana for being racist. A black lady featured on syrup bottles for generations? Racist:

Aunt Jemima syrup and pancakes will be completely rebranded and their packages redesigned, Quaker Oats announced on Wednesday, out of recognition that “Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype.”

The Aunt Jemima brand has been around for 130 years. Anything that old must be abolished. It was a natural target for the BLM-inspired mob to attack in the name of its intolerant ideology.

“As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers’ expectations,” Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America, said in a press release.

The phrase “reflect our values” coming from a corporate mouthpiece translates to “comply with leftist ideology.”

The company is offering $5 million to the “Black community” to prove it isn’t racist. Maybe the money will be used to bail out Black Lives Matter thugs so they can continue to fight racial stereotypes by rioting and looting.

Not having a black lady on the syrup bottle will be exclusionary and therefore also racist. Maybe they should just declare syrup to be racist.

These bottles are a thought crime.

On tips from FighttheBeast and Mr. Freemarket.

Jun 10 2020

Cowards Cancel Boogaloo Beer

The list of major companies that genuflect before the ideology of the radical left mob is long. Small companies are often just as lacking in character. The former brewers of Boogaloo beer are a case in point:

Currahee Brewing Co. — with locations in Franklin, North Carolina and Alpharetta, Georgia — released The Boogaloo Imperial Stout in March.

Boogaloo originally related to a Latin style of music and dance.

However, the brewers were aware of the current political overtones.

Currahee Brewing Co. owners said on their Facebook page they chose boogaloo because they understood it had become a word meaning to object to oppression and potential government overreach. The beer cans depict George Washington, as well.

So far so good. But then moonbats got wind of it:

Western Carolina University professor and Jackson County NAACP President Enrique Gomez said … words like boogaloo and imagery online can become a kind of code to white nationalists.

Hearing the crack of a black whip, the brewers scrambled to display their submission.

Currahee Brewing Co. officials said they “pulled all beer and any branding associated with the beer and will be disassociating ourselves with the term ‘boogaloo’ immediately.”

The usual cringing apology followed. The pandering went so far over the top as to blame right-wingers for the mayhem inflicted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa leftists over the past 2 weeks.

They pledge to give all profits from the beer to “Civil Rights Organizations and to help families affected by the unjust killings, destruction, and riots around the country.” This must mean that the money will go to “civil rights” groups that have aided, abetted, or participated in the unjust killings, destruction, and riots around the country, or to the families of black criminals who have managed to get themselves killed during confrontations with the police, because it earned a pat on the head from Professor Gomez:

“Well, I salute that. I think that’s worthwhile,” Gomez said.

These bold champions of American liberty must hope that they have groveled obsequiously enough to prevent the Black Lives Matter mob from burning down their brewery.

Even an indirect reference to refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants is now “white supremacist.” The Founding Fathers are puking in their graves.

On a tip from Varla.

Jun 09 2020

Diversity Enriches Ireland; GoFundMe, Twitter Pile On

Thanks to the wonders of mass Third World immigration, American style diversity can now be enjoyed in Ireland:

An Irish teenager was stabbed by a gang of black youths in a park in County Cork on Saturday night.

Not even small towns are safe anymore.

The attack happened in the small town of Carrigaline, in County Cork. News reports claim the Irish teenager was stabbed by the gang because he refused to give them €2 for the bus.

As Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender might reason, if he didn’t seem likely to have something to steal, they might leave him alone. He has only his white privilege to blame.

In a video widely posted on social media, the teenager can be seen lying on the ground, while a girl, widely reported to be his girlfriend, is huddled over him, attempting to shield him from any more blows. …

As the girl attempts to protect him, the one filming tells her to “shush b*tch,” while another of the attackers, identified as “Stephen” by the cameraman, goes in for another repeated stabbing. …

They continue to slash him and laugh while he lies on the floor bleeding.

Fortunately, the boy survived and has been released from the hospital. Less fortunately, his assailant has been released on bail.

TD Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, the Irish equivalent of a Member of Parliament, doesn’t think the public should be allowed to see the video. I was going to embed the video, but Twitter has now censored it.

We are told that if people see the video, it could make it harder to get a conviction. That didn’t apply to the George Floyd video, because everyone knows all of the police involved will be convicted on exaggerated charges regardless of their guilt or innocence.

Recently, we learned that GoFundMe suspended a Candace Owens fundraiser and reportedly banned her account because it doesn’t like her politics. Now we read this:

A GoFundMe was set up for the teenager, and received over €6000. It was then shut down, as leftist activists, including a radio host, claimed it was set up “as a front by a far-right group,” intending to pocket the money. This was denied by the organisers, who even offered to hand control of the go fund me over to the radio station to prove their intent.

GoFundMe is part of the liberal establishment. That is to say, it supports the radical left, just like a long list of companies.

Twitter briefly censored this tweet too, but for now it has been restored:

Will everyone of Irish descent start rioting and looting now? They would have more cause than George Floyd votaries.

On a tip from Sean C.

Jun 08 2020

GoFundMe Kills Candace Owens Campaign Over Ideology

Moonbats worship blacks — but not all blacks. Say a black woman were to decide that the favoritism enjoyed by those with victim status isn’t worth the price of self-respect. Say she were unwilling to worship at the feet of the violent career criminal who currently serves as the Godhead of the liberal religion. The same liberal establishment that has been promoting race riots in the name of George Floyd would treat her the way the plantation owners at GoFundMe treat Candace Owens:

GoFundMe has suspended conservative political commentator Candace Owens’s fundraiser for an Alabama cafe whose co-owner criticized the George Floyd protests. …

Owens raised more than $200,000 for Birmingham’s Parkside Cafe, whose co-owner Michael Dykes said Floyd was a “thug” and protesters were “idiots” in a text message to a co-worker that was posted online.

As Owens notes, raising funds for a conservative business constitutes “intolerance.”

Failing to worship George Floyd constitutes blasphemy:

To quote George Orwell,

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Candace Owens is revolutionary.

On tips from Bluto and Stormfax.

Jun 02 2020

Macy’s Gets the Looting It Asked For

Even at a time when peaceful churchgoers are harassed by the same Big Government that allows and all but eggs on rioters to burn their churches, there is still justice in the world. The famous Macy’s at Herald Square has been looted:

Looters besieged Macy’s iconic Herald Square store in New York City Monday evening as police brought in to enforce an 11 p.m. curfew set by the city’s mayor struggled to control and apprehend an overwhelming crowd that smashed windows and damaged property at the store.

The reason the curfew was set so late is that Mayor Bill de Blasio is openly on the side of the rioters. He actually praised his daughter for being arrested for taking part in the riots. Not that any curfew will do much good in a city that has succumbed to anarchy.

As the curfew approached, bands of protesters were evident throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, and police attempted to respond to multiple reports of roving groups smashing their way into shops and emptying them of merchandise, the Associated Press reported.

Here’s why, in the case of Macy’s, looting was just:

If a similar fate were to befall every politically correct corporate entity that tries to get the crocodile to eat them last by pandering to the left-wing ideology used to justify the riots, America might emerge from this horrific experience a wiser country.

On tips from Varla and Sean C.

May 27 2020

Burger King Introduces Social Distance Crowns

You probably don’t need any more reasons to avoid the lousy junk food served up by the moonbats running Burger King, not after feminist fries and the way it encouraged sociopaths to throw its milkshakes at Brexit supporters. But just in case:

A select group of Burger King customers now have a safe new way to enjoy their Whoppers — and make a fashion statement in the process.

It’s all thanks to the chain’s all-new “social distance crowns,” which are designed to help in-store customers stay six feet apart from one another.

Available in Germany, where the social distance crowns may have to compete with pool noodle hats:

If 39 million Americans hadn’t been thrown out of work, this whole farce would almost be funny.

On a tip from Adam.

May 25 2020

Skittles Go Gray to Push Homosexuality

The country continues to suffocate under extreme restrictions in the name of a virus. But that is no reason for the moonbats running corporate America to stop promoting abnormal sexual behavior that spreads the vastly more serious human immunodeficiency virus. Mars Wrigley, makers of Skittles, wants you to buy their candy on the grounds that they favor homosexual activity.

June is “pride” month, when LGBT activists shove their shameful indulgences down everyone else’s throat with heightened aggressiveness. Here’s how Mars Wrigley participates:

The candy with “Taste the rainbow” as its slogan is ditching the rainbow for the month and donating $1 to GLAAD for each bag purchased, up to $100,000. The Skittles package is gray and states “Only one rainbow matters during PRIDE.”

As noted previously,

GLAAD is a militant sect of sexual deviants known for an exceedingly creepy focus on children.

It isn’t enough to rot your teeth. Corporate moonbats want to rot your soul.

On tips from Ellen O and ABC of the ANC.

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