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Jan 05 2020

Colin Kaepernick on Qassem Soleimani

Here is how Colin Kaepernick, the Face of Nike, characterizes killing Qassem Soleimani, a terrorist with the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands who was planning to kill more:

Because everything America does is racist, imperialist, and bad — including reacting with something other than cringing passivity to an embassy attack. Terrorists aren’t terrorist; America is terrorist.

As much as Kaepernick hates America, the primary focus of his hatred seems to be white people, no doubt for being “racist.”

It doesn’t matter what a washed-up mediocrity like Kaepernick thinks. What matters is that a corporation as prominent as Nike chooses this cockroach to represent it, even allowing him to dictate what products it will market, not because he had a couple good seasons for the 49ers back in 2012–2013, but precisely because of his vituperative hatred of law enforcement, America, and Caucasians.

When someone as vile as Colin Kaepernick is marketed as a role model, a sickness is festering that will only get worse if it is not addressed.

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Dec 24 2019

Why Guys Should Steer Clear of Impossible Whoppers

As part of its campaign to become the Nike of junk food, Burger King has introduced a woke hamburger made out of politically correct imitation meat called the “Impossible Whopper.” Those of the politically incorrect male gender are warned to avoid it. Not only does the Impossible Whopper provide less than half of the usable protein as a regular Whopper (10 g vs 22 g), regular consumption could turn you into a soy boy.

Presenting Dr James Stangle, DVM:

The impossible whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen. … That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper. Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day.

It is unclear how many Impossible Whoppers you would have to consume to develop liberal views.

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Dec 23 2019

Nike to Sell Colin Kaepernick Shoe

If you would consider being caught dead in any item defiled by the Nike logo, much less buying anything new from this disgraceful corporation, consider its new Colin Kaepernick shoe.

Via Disrn:

Nike plans to release a line of shoes later this month honoring [former] NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his infamous demonstrations against the United States national anthem during football games.

The shoes come with a cartoon of Kaepernick’s goofy face on the back, complete with the conspicuous Afro that helps him look more black. The digits 081416 are emblazoned on the sole. This refers to August 14, 2016, the date the fading player began indulging in theatrically disrespectful antics when the national anthem was played, so as to express his contempt for America and the people who comprise it.

The moonbat shoes will sell for $110. That comes to $40 for the shoes and $70 to let everyone know how woke you are.

Not all Nike shoes make a pageant of anti-Americanism. Last summer, in a lapse from its usual moonbattery, Nike came out with sneakers sporting America’s original flag. But the shoes were pulled off the market after Kaepernick, the face of the company, denounced them as offensive.

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Dec 22 2019

Woke Nike Looted in the Name of Wokeness

It couldn’t happen to a woker company. Nike has positioned itself as an aggressively ultraleft corporation by paying the America-hating black supremacist professional moonbat Colin Kaepernick to serve as its public face. But no one with money is too woke to get looted in the name of wokeness.

A transgender former Nike contractor is seeking $1.1 million in damages from the sporting goods giant for allegedly allowing gender identity-based harassment.

According to a civil lawsuit filed this week, Nike and Mainz Brady Group, a staffing firm that hired workers for Nike, discriminated against computer engineer Jazz Lyles, who identifies as transmasculine and prefers the pronouns they/them/their. The complaint was filed with Multnomah Circuit Court in Oregon.

Excellent choice of venue. The seat of Multnomah County is Portland, an epicenter of Left Coast moonbattery.

Lyles claims that he was “misgendered” — i.e., referred to with biologically correct pronouns — during his short tenure with Nike. Why work for a living when being offended for a living is so much more remunerative?

Nike responded by kowtowing obsequiously to the very moonbattery in the name of which it is being sued. The company “is committed to a culture of diversity, inclusion and [quack quack quack].”

No doubt Nike will settle out of court for a small fortune, encouraging further lawsuits, which it will ineffectually attempt to fend off by subjecting employees to brainwashing sessions on behalf of the LGBT agenda.

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Dec 10 2019

Nike’s Victory Swim Collection to Feature Burkinis

Ever so woke Nike offers a preview of what we can expect to see in a future Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

From CNN via MSN:

Nike’s Victory Swim Collection will include a full-coverage swimsuit and a swim hijab. …

The full coverage suit is available along with a separate hijab, tunic top and swim leggings.

Given the current political climate, this is unlikely to have been driven by a sudden expansion in the demand for burkinis. The probable purpose is the same as with choosing rabidly anti-American black supremacist Colin Kaepernick to be the face of the company: to sell its product by ostentatiously aligning itself with an ideology that wants you dead and your country burned down or blown up.

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Nov 30 2019

LifeSiteNews Walks Away From Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A has lamely attempted to have it both ways, shoveling money at LGBT militants while pretending to stay true to its customer base. Patrick Craine, Managing Editor of LifeSiteNews, is having none of it:

It turns out Chick-fil-A has been using Christianity as a marketing tool, making dupes of its customers. As noted earlier, the Chick-fil-A Foundation is run by Rodney Bullard, a generous Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential donor. The company has taken sides in the culture war, choosing the leftist mob over regular Americans.

Moonbattery from corporate America is hardly unusual, but this betrayal of its own customer base seems particularly unwise.

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Nov 29 2019

Walking Away From Chick-fil-A

The dust seems to have settled regarding Chick-fil-A’s sellout. The scene revealed is not pretty. The ostensibly Christian company appears to have betrayed its massive base of loyal customers to pander to militant moonbats who have bullied it.

In addition to pulling funding from the Salvation Army (which is hated by leftists for being grounded in Christianity), Chick-fil-A is giving money not only to the perversion-promoting Covenant House, but to one of the most conspicuously pernicious leftist organizations in the country: the Southern Poverty Law Center.


“We don’t want our intent and our work to be encumbered by someone else’s politics or cultural war,” the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s Rodney Bullard said. “If something gets in the way of our mission, that is something that we are mindful of and cognizant of.”

Bullard, who is executive director of the foundation, donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — neither of whom would be likely to advance the Christian values Chick-fil-A has represented in the public mind.

His profession of neutrality is a sham. He oversees the donation of Chick-fil-A money to politically minded outfits that aggressively take part in the Culture War on behalf of the Left.

These include the pro-abortion YWCA and Pace Center for Girls, the pro-LGBT Chris 180 and Junior Achievement, and the “progressive” New Leadership Council and Usher’s New Look.

But the most shocking revelation was a 2017 donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to labeling mainstream Christian and/or conservative organizations—including Chick-fil-A itself—as “hate groups.”

Recall Floyd Lee Corkins, who was directed by an SPLC Hate Map to the offices of the Family Research Council. He showed up with a gun, 95 rounds of ammunition, and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, which he intended to smear in the faces of his victims after he murdered them for supporting traditional marriage. Fortunately, Corkins was stopped by security guard Leo Johnson, who was wounded in the incident.

Chick-fil-A has tried to have it both ways, knuckling under to LGBT bullies while reminding its customers that at least it is still closed on Sundays. It will end by having it neither way. Moonbats will never be satisfied; each demand granted only leads to still more outrageous demands. Meanwhile, their countermoonbat customers will walk off in disgust.

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Nov 23 2019

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles

The smoke still hasn’t cleared completely regarding Chick-fil-A capitulating to the LGBT militants who have given the company such a hard time. Franklin Graham says it has not caved; yet the Salvation Army — hated for its decency by the Pink Mafia — remains blacklisted.

If Chick-fil-A won’t support the Salvation Army anymore, maybe the rest of us can make up the difference. We can poke a few dollars into red kettles and share this video:

A good argument in favor of giving to the Salvation Army is its local orientation. This approach usually helps people more effectively than a one-size-fits-all strategy, and is one of the many reasons the federal government should not be allowed to nationalize charity.

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A now donates to Covenant House, which Megan Fox describes as “an LGBTQ-affirming organization that holds beliefs in direct conflict with Christianity.” Encouraging degeneracy and mental illness may appease leftist Jacobins, but it is not going to help people like the Salvation Army.

Maybe the smoke hasn’t cleared because a company that would like to have things both ways is blowing up a smokescreen. Megan Fox concludes:

If CFA were a Christian company, its leadership would apologize for taking part in smearing a brother in Christ and reverse course. Instead, Cathy seems to be relying on the goodwill people have for the Graham family while offering non-specific explanations and vague-isms. Just admit what we all know to be true. The gay mafia claimed another corporate head for their mantle.

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Nov 20 2019

Burger King Sued by Vegan Over Meatless Whopper

No matter how much you feed the crocodile, it will still eat you, and if you are a corporation, it will not eat you last. No one shovels more chum at vicious reptiles than Burger King, with its encouragement of moonbats who throw milkshakes at Brexit supporters, its feminist propaganda chick fries, its lame and tasteless attempts to be edgy, its removal of “ham” from the word “hamburger” to placate Muslims, its meatless Impossible Whopper. The woke company’s fitting reward is a lawsuit:

The class action lawsuit, filed Monday in the Southern District of Florida, claims that although the burger chain advertises its vegan option as meat-free, it is contaminated by meat by-product because it’s cooked on the same grill as meat products.

Some moonbats, probably inspired by Muslims carrying on about pork, have decided to regard meat as unclean.

Burger King’s website describes the Impossible Whopper as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef.”

But actually it could be 0.0001% beef, which has got to be worth a few $million to jackpot justice lawyers and their clients.

You pander to moonbats and they sue you. Are we paying attention, Chick-fil-A?

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Nov 19 2019

Et Tu, Chick-fil-A?

The reason the radical left has been able to shove such an extreme agenda down the public throat is that people reflexively submit to its thuggish tactics, grovelingly acceding to even the most outrageous demands. Nowhere is this more true than with the tyrannical freaks comprising the militant LGBT movement. Virtually no company will stand against them. On the contrary, corporations pander obsequiously to their revolting agenda.

Except of course Chick-fil-A. After the abuse (e.g., here, here, here, here, and here) Chick-fil-A has taken from leftists just for having Christian ownership, it would be absurd for it ever to give in. It is not as if progressives will suddenly start eating at Chick-fil-A if the company caves to some ludicrous demand. Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against anyone; that should be enough.

Yet now we read in Breitbart that Chick-fil-A will stop donating money to the Salvation Army “following pressure from LGBT groups.”

Even bubbleheaded pop star Ellie Goulding evidently came to realize that the Salvation Army does nothing but good work and in no way oppresses people of politically privileged perversity. Has Chick-fil-A really thrown the Salvation Army under the bus?

Chick-fil-A’s tax records shows that it gave to several Christian schools and charitable groups in 2018. None of those groups appears in a list of Chick-fil-A’s 2019 charitable giving that the company made available for preview. …

In 2018, Chick-fil-A gave $115,000 to the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree program, which provided gifts for 11,000 children during the holiday season. The fast-food chain also gave $1.65 million to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to provide underserved youth with week-long summer sports camps at historically black colleges and universities (HCBU).

Militant moonbats appear to have put the kibosh on this benevolence with their relentless bullying.

If it would let militant degenerates force them to close its first restaurant in Britain, why wouldn’t Chick-fil-A let them dictate who is off limits for donations?

At least a display of abject submission will satisfy the bullies.

Just kidding of course. Capitulation is an engraved invitation for LGBT militants to bully even harder. Ensuing demands are likely to include rainbow packaging for the food, a transsexual CEO, free condoms with kiddie meals, et cetera.

Or maybe Chick-fil-A hasn’t capitulated after all. Maybe it stands by its values. A spokesman says of donations,

“No organization will be excluded from future consideration – faith-based or non-faith based.”

It is not about to start opening on Sundays.

Looks like we will have to wait for the dust to settle. In the meantime, Chick-fil-A will do itself a great favor by making it as clear as possible that it does not take orders from the LGBT crowd.

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Oct 31 2019

Taco Truck Company Enrages Everyone With Apologies

How many nauseatingly craven apologies will the cancel culture induce before we have to dash to the bathroom, hands clasped over our mouths, lunch spraying out between our fingers?

Lloyd, a local vendor of Mexican food, parked a taco truck at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia, New York last week to sell lunch to the good people who work there. Moonbats opposed to American sovereignty, the rule of law, and the incarceration of foreign criminals shrieked in outrage on Twitter, provoking this abject, detailed, and profoundly disgusting apology from Lloyd:

Here’s how ICE responded, via The Hill:

“The men and women who work at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility are Detention Officers, Deportation Officers, administrative support staff, Doctors, Nurses, Judges, Attorneys, and maintenance staff. Each and every one of them is entrusted with the safety, security, and care of the detainees here. Almost 50% of the staff are Veterans. Families are not detained here nor has any child been here. Further, an overwhelming percentage of the detainees detained at this facility are criminal aliens, meaning, they continued to commit more crimes after illegally entering the United States,” ICE field office Director Thomas Feeley said in a statement to WIVB4.

To their credit, at least the invertebrates at Lloyd are capable of shame. Or maybe groveling apologies are a reflex reaction to all stimuli for American companies nowadays. They actually apologized for their apology:

“Chris and I want to fully and sincerely apologize for our past statement after our truck’s visit to the federal detention facility in Batavia last week. Our statement was hastily made, and we reacted too quickly to criticism we received for that visit,” said [cofounder] Pete Cimino.

“Hastily made” in a pig’s eye. The pandering went on at length. The theatrical devotion to foreign criminals at the expense of American personnel was despicable in the extreme. I doubt the apology for the apology was accepted as sincere.

As for the original apology to moonbats, that won’t be accepted either, if only because it was rescinded.

Consistently woke companies like Nike, Dick’s, and P&G only antagonize half the country. Lloyd has managed to enrage both moonbats and patriots. Maybe they can sell their tacos to illegal aliens.

On tips from Kate P and Steve T. Hat tip: Hot Air.

Oct 21 2019

P&G Sides With Trans Militants Against Biology

Unless someone starts pushing back against their relentless bullying, every last corner of civilization will be deformed so as to comply with the tyrannical demands of the tiny minority of mentally ill individuals who “identify” as members of the opposite sex. This pushback will never come from moonbattery-addled corporate America, and certainly not from Procter & Gamble, which is infamous for its ostentatious PC posturing (e.g., pushing black oppression balderdash, denouncing “toxic” masculinity, and celebrating morbid obesity and transsexual freakification). Eagerly folding to LGBT militants, P&G now submits to the progressive dictum that it isn’t only women who get periods.

Via Daily Mail:

The maker of Always sanitary pads has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol of the female sex from the wrapping.

Outraged women are now boycotting the leading brand after the decision by makers Procter & Gamble (P&G) to kowtow to trans activists who were born female and still use sanitary products.

Feminists have begun to realize that the only people undermining women are from other factions within their own Cultural Marxist coalition. I don’t see them pushing back against Islam, but at least they acknowledge the hostility of the transsexual corps.

Proclaims feminist Julie Bindel:

“We’re now moving towards the total elimination of women’s biology.”

Biology is a thought crime, according to LGBT dogma.

Continues Bindel:

“The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades. This is pure cowardice and virtue signalling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda.”

With luck, P&G will continue to lose money by pandering to moonbats.

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Oct 20 2019

Kellogg’s Pushes Pro-Perversion Kiddie Cereal

Pushy corporate leftism, the inescapable LGBT agenda, and the targeted corruption of children comprise three of the most alarming aspects of the moonbattery that has been rotting away society. They intersect at a point called All Together. This is the name of a children’s breakfast cereal variety pack recently launched by the social engineers at Kellogg’s.

Tooth decay wasn’t enough. Now their cereal causes moral decay.

In its announcement of the limited edition variety pack, Kellogg’s proclaims that some of the money moms spend on the cereal will go to finance attempts to homosexualize grade school children:

Kellogg is donating $50,000 to GLAAD to support their anti-bullying and LGBTQ advocacy work.

With the left, everything is a euphemism stretched into a lie. “Antibullying” is what they call the indoctrination of small children with depraved sexual propaganda. GLAAD is a militant sect of sexual deviants known for an exceedingly creepy focus on children.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Oct 16 2019

Nike Pulls Houston Rockets Gear to Appease ChiComs

After it showered a fortune on theatrically America-hating ultramoonbat Colin Kaepernick to serve as the face of the company, then killed a patriotic line of shoes because Kaepernick didn’t like it, I thought nothing could lower my opinion of Nike. I was wrong:

Managers at five Nike stores in Beijing and Shanghai told Reuters that management sent them a memo stating all Rockets merchandise had to be taken down. …

China is … Nike’s top source of revenue growth, according to Reuters.

The Houston Rockets were the most popular team in China, because Yao Ming played for them. But then Houston GM Daryl Morey tweeted “Fight for freedom, Stand with Hong Kong.” Disgustingly, he has been pressured into deleting the tweet and even apologizing to the ChiCom tyrants.

In Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters standing up to the brutal communist regime wave the American flag because they think it still stands for freedom. I hope they are right.

If Kaepernick ever chokes to death on his own moonbattery, Nike ought to replace him with the bootlicking LeBron James.

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Oct 10 2019

Charmin Gets Squeezed by Ecomoonbats

Moonbattery is a capricious and perfidious god. Not even Nike and Dick’s have gone to greater lengths than Procter & Gamble to pay it obeisance, even at the cost of disgusting or enraging its own customers. P&G force-feeds us neurotic white guilt. It accuses men of toxic masculinity. It celebrates morbid obesity so as to combat lookism. It makes us throw up into our throats with transsexual propaganda. It has taken a financial hit for wallowing in moonbattery. The thanks it gets: ecomoonbats denounce its Charmin toilet paper as hurtful to the sacred boreal forests.

“It’s just unacceptable that a company like P&G is making toilet paper, a product that is used for seconds and flushed, from virgin pulp,” said Shelley Vinyard, boreal corporate campaign manager for the Natural Resources Defense Council and one of several dozen protesters at P&G’s annual shareholders meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Tuesday.

Moonbats demand that Charmin be made of more politically correct recycled wood pulp.

P&G offers a simple reason for not using recycled wood pulp: It doesn’t make for good toilet paper.

P&G points out that acquiring paper from well-managed forests makes more sense than using recycled garbage. However, recycling is inherently good in the moonbat religion, just as cutting down trees, even if you planted the trees specifically so that you could cut them down, is inherently bad.

Sooner or later, every corporation will learn that rhetorically feeding the crocodile of moonbattery does not guarantee that it will eat you last.

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Oct 07 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods shot it self in the foot by righteously proclaiming that it would no longer sell politically incorrect semiautomatic rifles for sport and home defense. Springfield Armory and the National Shooting Sports Foundation washed their hands of Dick’s, as did many customers. Economically speaking, Dick’s ostentatious moonbattery had even more immediate negative effects:

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack told CBS News that his company destroyed $5 million worth of “assault-style rifles” to keep them out of private hands.

What a tragic waste. Those guns could have saved lives if used to protect homes from violent intruders.

Stack also admitted the Dick’s gun control stance has resulted in “a quarter of a billion [dollars]” in loses.

Rather than learn a lesson from this misadventure in moonbattery, Dick’s presses forward. Many Dick’s stores no longer sell any guns at all. Stack is considering expanding this to all stores.

Having already alienated regular Americans, Dick’s no longer has much to lose. Any floorspace that is opened up they can fill with racks of overpriced but politically correct Nike sneakers.

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