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Jun 07 2024

Chicago Alderwomen Cure Crime and Denounce USA

Unless there is a dramatic reversal, Democrats will continue to demographically transform the USA until every corner of it catches up with major cities. Then will come unremitting rule by leftists like Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth of Puerto Rico, who like Alexander the Great slicing through the Gordian Knot has solved Chicago’s spiraling crime crisis with a single stroke:

In a North Side ward where four people have been shot in the past week, and robberies and sex crimes are at their highest level in over a decade, the local alderman announced on Wednesday that she would no longer post crime alerts on social media or send crime alerts to her constituent email list.


Something about racism and her belief that “over-reporting of crime leads to an inaccurate public perception about crime rates.”

From our rulers’ viewpoint, crime itself is not a problem; only public perception of crime affects their grip on power.

No doubt the media will get on board once it is made clear that to report crime is racist. Then all alderkooks have to do is shut down HeyJackass so that no one finds out what is happening around them.

Let’s see who else we have running Chicago, besides the rabid moonbat Brandon Johnson. Here’s someone who made national news not long ago:

Rossana Rodriguez is an alderwoman on Chicago’s city council who supports defunding the police and caucuses with the Democratic Socialists. The alderwoman, who explicitly calls for “critical race theory” to be taught to children, is also involved in the council’s Education and Child Development committee. …

According to the councilmember, America is “a garbage society” and “a White supremacist society and system” that “favors White people.”

Hating the core population and hating the police responsible for protecting law-abiding citizens are two sides of the same coin. To quote Ms. Rodriguez:

“[P]olicing and the entire criminal injustice system are themselves essential to maintaining white power and control. Changing the culture of policing would require getting rid of the soil in which it grows. Changing the culture of policing necessitates eradicating white supremacy.”

Even to suggest that a police officer’s life has value is white supremacist:

In addition to decrying law enforcement, the alderwoman believes saying “Blue lives matter” is “racist.”

While Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth believes in solving crime by not reporting it, Rodriguez focuses on what liberals call “root causes”:

As for why people commit crimes, the alderwoman said it was “White supremacy.”

“White supremacy, systemic racism and exclusion are at the root of the issue of violence. If we want it to end we have to commit to dismantling white supremacist structures and fight for equity,” she said.

Chicago has well and truly succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral. As with formerly prosperous Detroit before it, things will not go well for productive citizens who are slow to evacuate.

On tips from Ed McAninch, ABC of the ANC, and Varla.


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