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Jun 07 2024

Chicago Alderwomen Cure Crime and Denounce USA

Unless there is a dramatic reversal, Democrats will continue to demographically transform the USA until every corner of it catches up with major cities. Then will come unremitting rule by leftists like Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth of Puerto Rico, who like Alexander the Great slicing through the Gordian Knot has solved Chicago’s spiraling crime crisis with a single stroke:

In a North Side ward where four people have been shot in the past week, and robberies and sex crimes are at their highest level in over a decade, the local alderman announced on Wednesday that she would no longer post crime alerts on social media or send crime alerts to her constituent email list.


Something about racism and her belief that “over-reporting of crime leads to an inaccurate public perception about crime rates.”

From our rulers’ viewpoint, crime itself is not a problem; only public perception of crime affects their grip on power.

No doubt the media will get on board once it is made clear that to report crime is racist. Then all alderkooks have to do is shut down HeyJackass so that no one finds out what is happening around them.

Let’s see who else we have running Chicago, besides the rabid moonbat Brandon Johnson. Here’s someone who made national news not long ago:

Rossana Rodriguez is an alderwoman on Chicago’s city council who supports defunding the police and caucuses with the Democratic Socialists. The alderwoman, who explicitly calls for “critical race theory” to be taught to children, is also involved in the council’s Education and Child Development committee. …

According to the councilmember, America is “a garbage society” and “a White supremacist society and system” that “favors White people.”

Hating the core population and hating the police responsible for protecting law-abiding citizens are two sides of the same coin. To quote Ms. Rodriguez:

“[P]olicing and the entire criminal injustice system are themselves essential to maintaining white power and control. Changing the culture of policing would require getting rid of the soil in which it grows. Changing the culture of policing necessitates eradicating white supremacy.”

Even to suggest that a police officer’s life has value is white supremacist:

In addition to decrying law enforcement, the alderwoman believes saying “Blue lives matter” is “racist.”

While Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth believes in solving crime by not reporting it, Rodriguez focuses on what liberals call “root causes”:

As for why people commit crimes, the alderwoman said it was “White supremacy.”

“White supremacy, systemic racism and exclusion are at the root of the issue of violence. If we want it to end we have to commit to dismantling white supremacist structures and fight for equity,” she said.

Chicago has well and truly succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral. As with formerly prosperous Detroit before it, things will not go well for productive citizens who are slow to evacuate.

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May 06 2024

Chicago Teachers Union Displays Astonishing Greed

Where pathological greed meets radical leftism, there you will find teachers unions. In Chicago — launchpad of Barack Obama’s political career — the union has degenerated into a mob of looters:

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is negotiating a new contract with the public schools system and is understood to be calling for an extra $50 billion to pay for wage hikes as well as other demands such as fully paid abortions for its members, new migrant services and facilities and a host of LGBT-related requirements and training in schools.

To put the figure into context, the total base tax receipts for the state of Illinois last year were $50.7 billion.

Only 21% of Chicago 8th graders are proficient at reading. But no doubt they are well versed in alternative pronouns and know how to put a condom on.

Uselessness pays well where the woke are in charge:

Union President Stacy Davis Gates’ audacious plan calls for members to bank at least 9% wage increases each year through fiscal year 2028.

The average salary of a teacher in Chicago Public Schools is $93,182, according to research by the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative nonprofit think tank. Therefore, the average teacher’s pay will increase by half to $144,620 in the 2027-2028 school year, it says.

Not bad for unskilled part-time babysitters who take summers, weekends, and every conceivable holiday off.

That figure would equate to more than double the median household income in Chicago, according to Census Bureau statistics.

Yet the media bleats piteously that teachers are unpaid.

If you think the outrageous demands will be laughed off, consider that the mayor is ultraleftist Brandon Johnson:

Johnson, a former CTU legislative coordinator who was put forward by the union to run for mayor. As of June 30, 2023, CTU had funneled more than $2.6 million into Johnson’s campaign while he received more than $6 million from teachers unions altogether, according to the Illinois Policy Institute.

Chicago already spends $21,000 per year per student, producing so little benefit for the money that Davis herself sends her son to private school — though the preferredly pigmented Davis has proclaimed that school choice is racist.

Meanwhile, Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza reports on what the liberal locust swarm has been doing to the state’s finances:

Illinois is on pace to spend an additional $6.2 billion more than it receives in revenue this fiscal year alone if the state continues its current rate of spending without a budget.

She observes that “the spending is open-ended and our fiscal path is catastrophic.”

Progressives interpret this to mean they had better grab fast before Illinois collapses and there is nothing left to grab. Those in charge in Chicago are the equivalent of a Black Lives Matter mob going through a department store.

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Feb 15 2024

Chicago Finds ShotSpotter Has Disparate Impact

The racist concept of “disparate impact,” popularized by Obama’s wingman Eric Holder, is an effective wrecking ball for destroying American society. As it succumbs to the Democrat Death Spiral, Chicago is even using it to allow shootings to spiral further out of control by ignoring them:

See no evil, hear no evil. Voilà: the official murder rate goes down, even if the bodies pile up faster than ever.

There is no limiting principle to the moonbattery of applied Critical Race Theory. Because blacks are more likely to commit crime, any attempt to control crime is racist according to liberal doctrine. You can see why BLM moonbats like Brandon Johnson have wanted to abolish local police by defunding them.

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Dec 29 2023

Brandon Johnson Escalates Looting in Chicago

Elections have consequence. An inevitable consequence of electing a supporter of Black Lives Matter looters is more looting — this time not just enabled by the government, but committed by it. From Chicago:

Mayor Brandon Johnson believes reparations for descendants of slaves will help improve his city’s rising crime rate. …

Johnson’s 2024 budget includes $100 million for violence prevention, but also $500,000 to form a Commission on Restoration and Reparations.

If it costs $500,000 just to form a commission, wait until they start passing out other people’s money based on race.

“Violence prevention” means useless gestures, probably largely consisting of public service announcements to the effect that violence is bad. As a BLM supporter who openly sides with criminals against law enforcement, Johnson ran on a platform of defunding the police.

Chicago has well and truly succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral. Residents are advised to get out while it is still possible to sell their property.

Johnson on Wednesday claimed reparations would also help reduce violent crime, though he was yet to directly explain how.

Free money is not going to reverse the collapse of civilization in diverse hellholes like Chicago. On the contrary, that’s what caused it. The welfare state provided both the mentality and the manpower to fill the streets and now City Hall with mobs of looters.

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Nov 29 2023

Brandon Johnson Blames Right-Wing Extremists

Why is it that cities run by leftist Democrats elected based on their pigmentation are dysfunctional hellholes unfit for human inhabitation? Chicago’s Marxist, pro-criminal Mayor Brandon Johnson reveals the awful truth. Right-wing extremists are to blame for the collapse of “Democratically ran cities that are led by people of color”:

Johnson was announcing new support for migrants when he went on a tirade blaming the right for the crisis after being asked if he would support a limit on the number of migrants being sent to Chicago from other states and cities.

Evidently the vast right-wing conspiracy previously exposed by Shrillary is destroying Johnson’s city just to be racist.

Right-wing extremists wreak evil right there in Chicago. Recall that fabulously gay Actor of Color Jussie Smollett was subjected to racial oppression in the Windy City by white supremacists proclaiming it to be “MAGA country.”

Despite the scheming of extremists, Johnson soldiers on, continuing to assert that Chicago “will always be a sanctuary city” for illegal aliens as he fundamentally transforms American’s erstwhile Second City into a cross between a Haitian shanty town and a toxic waste dump.

Brandon Johnson personifies the Democrat Death Spiral, a vortex of doom that has claimed Chicago. Residents are advised to get out.

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Oct 19 2023

Chicago Offers $9,000 Handouts to Illegal Aliens

By electing quintessential moonbat Brandon Johnson, Chicago set itself on a course for ruin. But until the city collapses completely, at least the illegal aliens imported to displace the native population get lots of free money:

Chicago is giving $9,000 to illegal migrants to assist with temporary housing after already paying out a staggering $ 7.2 million for staffing shelters in just one week.

There could be drawbacks to a self-proclaimed sanctuary city offering extravagant handouts in a country that effectively has no borders:

The city now faces enormous pressure, with over 11,000 migrants in shelters and 4,000 staying in police stations and the O’Hare International Airport.

No worries; the state will step in to pick up the tab:

Now, the state of Illinois is helping cover costs for temporary housing for illegal migrants to free up room in shelters, including $9,000 in housing and rental assistance for six months, Chicago deputy chief of staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas confirmed.

The city has allocated $4 million already to help migrants find temporary housing, while the state contributed a further $38 million.

The left-wing administration of Governor JB Pritzker has proclaimed Illinois “the most welcoming state in the nation” for illegal aliens.

Even a few Americans are making out quite well:

Kansas-based company Favorite Healthcare Staffing billed the city more than $7.2 million to staff migrant shelters for just four weeks…

The invoices covered 400 employees who worked between April 22 to May 19, including one nurse who was paid $20,000 for a single week of work in December. The same nurse made $16,536 for seven days of work in April.

Due to insanely extravagant public sector pensions, the entire state is lurching toward fiscal insolvency. Before long Biden’s handlers will have to put the printing presses into overdrive to bail out Illinois. You will pick up the tab for the looting spree as the value of your savings is deflated.

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Oct 01 2023

Seven Years Max in Cop Killing

If you want more of something, you subsidize it — or in the case of murdering police officers, punish it as mildly as the public will tolerate. As Chicago succumbs to the Democrat Death Spiral, the public will tolerate even this:

A Chicago man who was charged over the murder of police officer Ella French has been offered a plea deal that will see him jailed for just seven years.

That is, 7 years maximum. The system is run by sympathetic progressives. Eric Morgan will be out much sooner, possibly as soon as people stop paying attention.

French, 29, was shot dead in the West Englewood neighborhood on August 7, 2021 during a routine traffic and cop Carlos Yanez was severely wounded but survived his injuries.

Morgan is racially correct. In contrast, French was white. Thus the extra soft kid gloves.

Morgan was accused of handling the murder weapon allegedly used by his brother Emonte and was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and obstruction of justice.

Eric Morgan was on probation at the time he participated in the murder. Not that it matters in Chicago.

The moonbats in charge have spat on Ella French’s grave before. Readers may recall that they suspended her after she had been murdered over technicalities in a separate incident with racial implications. Everything a white police officer does in a place like Chicago has racial implications.

The liberal establishment tolerates cop killing because it is consistent with woke orthodoxy. Why Americans tolerate liberal rule is harder to explain.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Sep 24 2023

Life in Chicago Under Liberal Rule

The openly pro-criminal Marxist Brandon Johnson is now Mayor of Chicago. This has tipped the city into Third World status. Attempting to drive down major streets can result in the sort of carjacking associated with places like Africa:

Blue State Blues News reports on Chicago’s progress toward the bottom of the Democrat Death Spiral:

Murders are up 19 percent with robberies up 30 percent in the last four years.

The city has seen an 86 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts in the last year.

The number has increased from 42,512 incidents in 2022 to 54,983 so far this year.

Democrats are imposing Chicago chaos on the entire state by eliminating cash bail with the Purge Law. Illinois residents are advised to get out of the state for their own safety as quickly as possible.

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Sep 19 2023

Brandon Johnson Wants Government Grocery Stores

After leftists like Justin Trudeau are finished deliberately destroying supermarkets in the Marxist tradition of controlling the population through the food supply, grocery stores will be run by the government. Chicago’s leftist Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to skip to that stage straight away:

Johnson said he wants to open city-owned grocery stores to serve neighborhoods that have become “food deserts” after four Walmart stores and a Whole Foods closed.

At least the government stores might get a police presence to protect them from the mobs of shoplifters who created the “food deserts.” Then again, with explicitly pro-criminal Johnson in charge, they probably won’t.

According to the Chicago Police Department, thefts are up 25% to-date year over year. Robberies are up 11%.

That’s what Chicagoans voted for. The city has entered the terminal stage of the Democrat Death Spiral and will soon resemble Detroit and Mogadishu

To get an idea of how well the government grocery stores will be stocked, visit the USSR. No wait, that collapsed. Visit Venezuela. But whatever food might be found will be produced in accordance with global warming theology, and no doubt there will be special discounts for “marginalized” racial and sexual groups.

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Sep 06 2023

Chicago Teachers Union Head Sends Kid to Private School

If there is one thing the head of a teacher’s union would know, it is not to let your own kids anywhere near the public schools they control. Sure enough:

Stacy Davis-Gates is undoubtedly Illinois’ most prominent and rabid opponent of school choice — and pretty much everybody and everything associated with it, all of which she labels racist or worse. As president of the Chicago Teachers Union, she is at the forefront of its campaign to kill Illinois’ meager Invest in Kids Act, which currently gives about 9,000 disadvantaged kids scholarships to attend private schools. …

But, as initially reported by SubX News, she sends one of her kids to Chicago’s De La Salle Institute, a private, Catholic high school.

Even moonbats care about their own offspring, when they aren’t aborting them.

Stacy shrieks that school choice is racist. Listen to her pile on the BS during a webinar:

The Common Good strategy is a benefit for my leadership. What it does is that it provides instant legitimacy for my experience at the coalition table. I am a black woman and I am in labor, there ain’t a lot of us here leading at this level. … I’m also a mother, my children go to the Chicago public school. These are things that help to legitimize my space within the coalition but also helps to amplify my voice as a leader in labor because a white dude whose kids go to school in the suburbs can’t really have that same voice in the same way. … I’m not asking other people to make a sacrifice that my family isn’t making. So this is a very authentic place that I’m in.

With authenticity like this, she belongs in the Biden Administration. Look out, Miguel Cardona. Stacy could be coming for your job.

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Aug 30 2023

Birth Control Vending Machine at Lesbian Bar

No one will need to worry about getting burdened with a baby at a Chicago bar called Dorothy. First, it is a lesbian bar. Second, it will have a special free vending machine:

The vending machine at Dorothy, 2500 W. Chicago Ave., will be funded and stocked by organizers from Midwest Access Coalition, a non-profit that provides support for people seeking abortions, said the organization’s community and events manager Walker Fitz.

Dorothy co-owner Whitney LaMora and Fitz are still working out the details, but they plan to provide emergency contraceptives, condoms, pregnancy tests and other harm reduction resources free of charge through the machine.

“Harm” refers to bringing life into the world.

Lesbians don’t normally need to worry about pregnancy. But these days, some lesbians are actually men. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. Among liberals, making a show of wanting to prevent human life is way to virtue signal.

“We just deeply believe in their goal to assist people who need an abortion in the Midwest,” LaMora said. “We’re a lesbian bar, but we support people who identify in any way, and we believe everyone should have the right and access to safe abortions.”

To be a moonbat is to be able to say “safe abortions” with a straight face.

On a tip from Mike B.

Aug 05 2023

Black Riots Now to Be Called “Large Gatherings”

Chicago entered the terminal stage of the Democrat Death Spiral with the election of ultramoonbat Brandon Johnson, who openly sides with rioters. The result was inevitable — an explosion of public disorder:

This isn’t the first “teen takeover” in Chicago recently.

In addition to the usual looting and vandalism, crimes were committed against language, as Matt Walsh observes:

Notice the media calls this a “teen takeover,” which is maybe the most innocuous possible term they could use. It sounds like a birthday party at the local swimming pool. In reality, as anyone can see, it was rioting. And by the way, not all of the criminals were “teens.”

Sure they were, keeping in mind that “teens” in the context of crime means “blacks.”

Democrat rule requires euphemisms for euphemisms. Mayor Brandon struck “teen takeover” from the Newspeak Dictionary by declaring that mob actions must now be referred to as “large gatherings”:

Johnson reportedly snapped at a reporter for calling young rioters a “mob,” insisting they were just “large gatherings” — and that labeling the riots “mob actions” was inappropriate.

“That’s not appropriate,” the newly minted mayor said in response to a reporter’s question about trends like “mob actions” the city has endured.

“We’re not talking about mob actions. I didn’t say that,” Johnson barked back. “These large gatherings … it’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way.”

Note that if Caucasians are involved, a riot is not a “large gathering.” It is an “insurrection” — unless the Caucasians are Antifa thugs, in which case the riot is a “protest for social justice.”

Total crime in the Windy City was up 36% year-to-date as of July 30 – with motor vehicle theft up by a whopping 116%, statistics show. Every area of crime other than shootings and murders have seen an increase so far this year compared with last.

Chicagoans must want this, or they would not have replaced Lori Lightfoot with someone even worse.

On a tip from Jack D.

Jul 31 2023

Chicago Residents Unlikely to Like Illegal Alien Police

The Cultural Marxist coalition may experience a few bumps on the road to utopia. Chicago residents have noticed that whites are not the only demographic Democrat border policy is displacing:

Meanwhile, the state’s moonbat rulers move toward recruiting people who are in the country illegally as police officers:

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed off on a controversial bill allowing foreign nationals to become law enforcement officers, a move that critics blasted as “madness” for setting the stage to potentially deputize illegal aliens to arrest U.S. citizens in their own country.

Contempt for the rule of law goes hand in hand with tyranny, as anarchotyrannical Democrats often remind us.

The bill, which amends the Illinois Municipal Code and goes into effect on January 1, 2024, “Provides that an individual who is not a citizen but is legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law is authorized to apply for the position of a police officer, subject to all requirements and limitations, other than citizenship, to which other applicants are subject.”

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) assailed the passage of the law that could lead to illegal aliens being given guns and badges and unleashed on citizens in the Land of Lincoln.

The police are not happy:

Pritzker signed HB 3751 despite fierce opposition from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police which strongly condemned the bill when it passed the House.

However, the last people Democrats want to please are local police.

This comes on the heels of abolishing cash bail with the Purge Law. As New York and California have already demonstrated, less cash bail means more crime.

How fitting that the Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago next year. The sinking city pulling the state down the drain reflects what Democrats want to extend to the entire country.

On tips from Ed McAninch and Wiggins.

Apr 23 2023

Misdemeanor for Killing 6-Month-Old in Chicago

Get used to it, Chicago. You voted for more of this:

Two teenagers are only facing misdemeanor charges after the crash of a stolen car resulted in the death of a 6-month-old infant.

Others injured in the crash are expected to recover, but Cristian Uvidia did not survive Chicago’s lawlessness.

The charges could be upgraded, but serious punishment is unlikely, considering that the DA is Soros stooge Kim Foxx, that the killers are 17 and 14 years old, and that this is Chicago. As noted at Post Millennial,

Soft-on-crime policies have led to a vast increase in crime throughout the City of Chicago. Violent crime has risen 37 percent in the past year alone, with theft, burglary, and robbery crimes seeing the greatest increase. There has been a 100 percent increase of fatal shootings in the city between 2020 and 2021.

Voters responded to this state of affairs by electing a pro-criminal Bernie Sanders-endorsed maniac. Brandon Johnson unsurprisingly sides with the sociopaths who are reducing Chicago streets to a state of mayhem even prior to his taking power. The Democrat Death Spiral has reached the terminal phase.

On a tip from R F.


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