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Nov 10 2020

Churchill, Admiral Nelson to Face PC Inquisitors

To eradicate our culture, they must demonize and then marginalize the heroes who define it. Not even Winston Churchill is safe:

Churchill’s legacy will be reviewed by the Imperial War Museum as bosses examine his views on ‘sensitive topics’ in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Internal documents reveal discussions are taking place at the museum that holds the Churchill War Rooms.

Museum bosses have called for examination into the wartime leader’s views after his statue in Parliament Square, London, was defaced with the word ‘racist’ graffitied on to it.

Leftist thugs riot and vandalize not only because they find it fun and it goes unpunished, but because it works. Don’t like Winston Churchill because he personifies the greatness of Western Civilization? Spray-paint the magic word “racist” on his statue and murine bureaucrats will take care of the rest.

The museum began talks the day after Churchill’s statue was defaced during an Extinction Rebellion protest in central London on September 10.

Churchill won’t be alone when he has been banished to obscurity.

The move comes after it was revealed the National Maritime Museum would review Lord Horatio Nelson’s legacy as part of its efforts to challenge Britain’s ‘barbaric history of race and colonialism’ last month.

Liberals will miss the irony of portraying British colonialism as “barbaric” despite that it displaced barbarism throughout the world, dramatically raising the standard of living for the human race.

Internal documents revealed the museum seeks to capitalise on the ‘momentum built up by the Black Lives Matter movement’ and address the Royal Navy’s links to slavery.

The British Royal Navy did more than any institution on the planet to end the age-old practice of slavery. But remembering this would not be consistent with Critical Theory. If it ever did anything that would currently be regarded as wrong, that’s all we should talk about.

Churchill and Nelson make people proud to be British. That’s why they must be denounced and then forgotten. British pride can have no place in a politically correct globalist utopia.

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