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Nov 07 2021

Climate Change as Clinical Diagnosis

Now that Covid hysteria has established that any degree of tyranny can be inflicted in the name of public health, political agendas are repackaged as diseases. If “racism” can be a health crisis, so can the ever-fluctuating climate.

Kyle Merritt, head of the emergency department at Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson, British Columbia, wrote “climate change” on the chart of a patient in her 70s who had a long list of health problems, some of which may have been exacerbated by hot weather. He explains why he did it:

“If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna keep falling further and further behind.”

Remember when Kamala Harris was supposed to do something about the millions of grasping invaders pouring over the undefended border in answer to Biden’s invitation? Instead of so much as visiting the border, she made some woke noises about “root causes” and left it at that. Now the same approach can be applied to medicine.

If there have been any forest fires in the area, respiratory symptoms can be blamed on climate change. According to the liberal religion, forest fires are caused not by environmentalists preventing good forest management, but by global warming, which in turn is caused by Big Government not being big enough.

Merritt says he hoped another family physician would read the chart, and one day, consider drawing a straighter line between their patients’ health and climate change.

Politicizing medicine won’t make Merritt’s patients any healthier, but it earned him some fawning coverage from the media.

Medical moonbats apparently associated with Merritt’s Doctors + Nurses for Planetary Health, having let the media convince them that it is too warm in Canada, want the government to declare an “ecological emergency.”

Similarly, Chuck Schumer has called on Biden to declare a “climate emergency.” If Covid granted leftist authoritarians enough power to waste $trillions and destroy many thousands of small businesses, think what an official state of climate crisis might accomplish.

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