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Dec 05 2022

Climate Lockdown Begins in UK

Despite the $trillions in wasted productivity and countless lives ruined, the Covid lockdowns were only a dry run, intended to test how submissive we are. The real tyranny will be inflicted in the name of a permanent emergency, guaranteed never to go away — the climate. Climate lockdowns are already getting underway in the UK:

On Nov. 29 Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet voted in favour of traffic filters, which are strict rules on how often motorists can drive and where they can go in the town centre.

The administration says this is to “achieve a sustainable transport system” by stopping most motorists from driving through Oxford’s centre, which divides the city into six “15-minute” neighbourhoods.

As noted at JoNova,

The 15 Minute City is a UN and WEF plan, because they care about you want you to drive less.

The Beeb is in on it too, claiming that authorities preventing us from moving around as in the USSR will “create stronger local communities and make residents happier.”

Forcing us to drive less is the point behind leftists pushing inefficient, expensive, unsafe, and unreliable electric vehicles, despite the harm they inflict on the environment. Our rulers know as well as we do that EVs will never meet our transportation needs.

If this flies, the screws will be tightened further. Absent sufficient pushback, the tightening will continue indefinitely.

The wise words of a genius come to mind:

It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.

Paul Joseph Watson has more:

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