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Feb 20 2021

Coca-Cola Trains Employees to “Try to Be Less White”

Coca-Cola has long been emblematic of America. Yet the people running the company, deranged by moonbattery, are aggressively hostile to America’s core population, to judge by this:

What does it mean to be white? According to the brainwashing that Coca-Cola employees are forced to undergo, it means to be oppressive, arrogant, defensive, ignorant, et cetera.

Some people really hate Caucasians. Strangely, many of them are Caucasians themselves. These twisted haters are currently in control of most everything.

Karlyn Borysenko reports:

For anyone curious as to how you can make $millions by hating your own race, here’s a link to the Robin DiAngelo course.

To make sense of woke race talk, you need to understand that the word “antiracist” means “racist against whites.” It stands to reason that the word “racist” therefore means “not racist against whites.”

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