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Feb 22 2021

Columbia University Department Chair Is Into Hard Drugs

Columbia University is an Ivy League Institution. Undergraduate tuition & fees for 2020-2021 cost an estimated $68,689. You would think it would insist on professional or at least legal behavior from its department chairs, so as to maintain its reputation. But if Carl Hart is still on the job, it must only care about moonbattery:

Carl Hart is a Columbia University professor of psychology and neuroscience. He chairs the psych department and has a fondness for heroin – not only as a subject of scholarly pursuit but also as a substance for personal use.

At 54, the married father of three has snorted small amounts of heroin for as many as 10 days in a row and enjoyed it mightily – even if, as he recalls in his new book “Drug Use for Grown-ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear” (Penguin Press), he’s experienced mild withdrawal symptoms “12 to 16 hours after the last dose.”

Professor Hart informs readers that the downsides of regular heroin use are worth it, because it helps to maintain “work-life balance.”

“There aren’t many things in life that I enjoy more than a few lines by the fireplace at the end of the day,” he writes, pointing out that the experience leaves him “refreshed” and “prepared to face another day.”

Hart also uses ecstasy and methamphetamine. He says that laws against recreational drugs have been “reinforcing this country’s enduring structural racism.”

It is hard not to suspect that Hart can thank structural racism for his undoubtedly high-paid job.

Here’s how the professor describes his experience with bath salts, a drug that has reduced people to tearing off their clothes and assaulting strangers in the street: “euphoric, energetic, clearheaded and highly social … niiiiiice.”

Meanwhile, outside the Halls of Academe,

According to the CDC, in 2018, nearly 15,000 people died from drug overdoses involving heroin in the US.

Columbia University, primary American beachhead for the pernicious Frankfurt School, has been at the leading edge of leftism for decades. It isn’t easy to stay in the vanguard. Professor Hart does his part.

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