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Oct 25 2020

Could Trump Win Produce a Republican State?

If Democrats prevail, they plan to pack the Senate by creating new states out of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If sanity prevails and Trump is reelected, changes to the nation’s configuration could favor Republicans. Consider Oregon:

This year’s protests in Portland and Bend, Ore., have many wondering how the Beaver State’s increasingly radicalized left will cope if President Trump is re-elected. After the 2016 election, a group of Oregonians submitted a petition for a ballot measure asking voters to consider secession. It went nowhere, but this year could be different.

Portland is an open-air lunatic asylum. Its next mayor is likely to be Sarah Iannarone, an avid Antifa supporter. She is even more radical than Ted Wheeler, who allowed riots to go on for over 100 consecutive nights.

Bend is just as bent:

Consider the hysterical reaction of locals and election officials in Bend when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents attempted to take two illegal aliens into custody in August. Hundreds of protesters blocked ICE buses, and a 12-hour standoff ensued before agents could remove the men.

Bend’s political establishment defended the protesters.

Both of the illegals have criminal records that include violence against women. But anything goes if you are in the country illegally.

The kooks in places like Portland and Bend will go ballistic if Trump is reelected. Leftists have the time horizon of small children, making them incapable of dealing with temporary setbacks. If they demand their own country, to be run along the lines of Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP, they are welcome to it.


Several right-wing groups are gathering signatures from residents of 15 Eastern Oregon counties that have had enough of this coastal insanity. They want either to become part of Idaho or form a new state with rural counties of Northern California.

Such a state might be called Jefferson, after one of the Founding Fathers the woke so hate.

Western Oregon is blue as a San Francisco bathhouse. In the eastern part of the state, every day is the Fourth of July. As in California, the state government is dominated by the more densely populated moonbat-infested areas, leaving the rest unrepresented.

Imagine—if Mr. Trump wins, the bluest part of Oregon could forgo becoming a new state and go straight to establishing an independent country, where far-out progressive policies can be road-tested.

That would be good for some grim laughs. Meanwhile, the remaining part of Oregon would reliably provide two Republican Senators. If Portlandia fails to secede but Oregon splits into two states, the GOP would again get two Senators.

All of this sounds less improbable than it would have a year ago. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Biden voters and Trump voters do not belong under the same government.

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