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Oct 05 2020

COVID-19 Mortality Rate Could Be Miniscule

According to today’s World Health Organization data, there have been 1,035,341 COVID-19 deaths worldwide. We also learn from the WHO, through Dr Michael Ryan, that there are many more cases of the virus than we knew:

The head of emergencies at the World Health Organization said Monday its “best estimates” indicate that roughly 1 in 10 people worldwide may have been infected by the coronavirus — more than 20 times the number of confirmed cases…

The estimate — which would amount to more than 760 million people based on a current world population of about 7.6 billion — far outstrips the number of confirmed cases as tallied by both WHO and Johns Hopkins University, now more than 35 million worldwide.

Coronavirus deaths are inflated for political and financial reasons, but let’s take the current WHO figure at face value. Then let’s divide by 760 million cases. We get a mortality rate of 0.14% — not much worse than influenza.

Yet the flu does not throw tens of millions out of work, reverse election outlooks, and confer upon Big Government totalitarian powers. We have been had.

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