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Aug 12 2020

COVID-19 Tyranny as a Trial Run for Climate Control

COVID-19 tyranny could be a trial run for something even more repressive, economically devastating, and permanent. Via Breitbart:

Elliott Harris is helping lead the U.N.’s development of policy advice for nations grappling with the pandemic.

Yet Harris has even greater concerns. He recently spoke at an online seminar:

“What we’ve seen in this COVID crisis is that governments are indeed capable of really ambitious, rather unorthodox and extremely important and even massive interventions,” he told the webinar.

“I can think of no stakes that are higher than the climate crisis that we are living in right now.”

If a virus with a mortality rate that might turn out to be not that much worse than the flu justifies lockdowns, mandatory masks, suspension of religious freedom, and throwing tens of millions out of work, what might be warranted in the face of a climate crisis that according to progressive rhetoric threatens the very existence of life? That depends on how much pushback they get.

We may soon have a president with no interest in standing up to the United Nations.

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