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Nov 30 2021

Covid Cases: Florida Lowest, Michigan Highest

Here’s an interesting fact those residing within the liberal establishment media’s bubble of propaganda may never know. Free Florida — the subject of pearl-clutching by the media because Governor Ron DeSantis does not engage in Covid tyranny — has the lowest Covid cases per capita in the nation. Blue Michigan — under the heel of Covid tyrant Gretchen Whitmer — has the highest.

Via ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/CNN? Not likely. Via Fox News:

DeSantis has been slammed by critics in the media since the start of the pandemic over his opposition to government-imposed mask and vaccine mandates. In 2020, DeSantis was accused by a Democratic politician of going on a “killing spree” for opposing mask mandates and a Vanity Fair headline from September of this year referred to the governor as an “angel of death.”

At the same time Florida reported the lowest amount of new cases in the country per capita, coronavirus cases are surging in many states where strict lockdown orders were issued by Democratic governors.

Michigan, where Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer imposed some of the most controversial restrictions in the nation during the height of the pandemic, leads the nation in daily coronavirus cases per capita.

Gretchen “DAISNAID” Whitmer infamously forbade Michiganders from buying garden seeds because Covid. Like Andrew Cuomo and former Pennsylvania Health Secretary (currently the historic first female four-star admiral despite being male) Richard I mean “Rachel” Levine, she killed people who were mostly done paying taxes anyway by forcing nursing homes to accept Covid patients.

Freedom works. Tyranny does not work, except for the tyrants. Freedom is the exception and tyranny the rule because it is the natural state of affairs for those in charge to seize ever more power at the expense of everyone else. Society is only healthy when that power is limited. It is only limited when the population cherishes freedom enough to limit it. We will only cherish freedom sufficiently when we stop listening to tyrants’ lackeys — that is, to the liberal establishment media.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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