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Oct 20 2021

First Female Four-Star Admiral Is Male

Cultural Marxists love their historic firsts. To the extent these firsts are achieved on an Affirmative Action basis, they are meaningless. This one is more meaningless than most. The historic first female four-star admiral is a man.

He is well known to moonbattologists for killing seniors by imposing Covid on nursing homes while rescuing his own mother, and for his obscene views regarding inflicting transgenderism on innocent children by both drugs and surgery. His name is Rachel (né Richard) Levine.

Levine has managed to climb the ranks of the bureaucracy by wearing women’s clothes. Biden’s handlers rewarded his ostentatious depravity by making him US Assistant Secretary for Health. Now he also a four-star admiral.

Note the official wording. Levine is “the first female four-star admiral of the USPHS Commissioned Corps.” He obviously is not female…

…but you have to get used to everything being a blatant, tasteless lie if you are going to adapt to Democrat rule.

Becoming a four-star admiral suddenly doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment. That’s not all that has been cheapened.

It means something to be a woman. Progressive social engineers want to cancel that meaning. That’s why they named Bruce I mean Caitlyn Jenner a Woman of the Year.

They leach the meaning out of a concept and twist the remaining husk into an insulting parody. They did this to civil rights. They want to do it to womanhood.

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