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Aug 31 2021

Covid Tyranny at Amherst College

Just how bad would Covid tyranny get if liberals had no opposition at all? To find out, we turn to the alternate realm of unmitigated moonbattery where the next generation’s opinions are installed — namely, college. From Amherst College in Massachusetts:

The restrictions include: indoor double-mask mandates, two Covid tests upon arrival, a bi-weekly testing requirement, limits on indoor gathering sizes, off-campus travel restrictions and an elimination of in-person dining services. …

Students will be permitted to visit the town of Amherst, masked when indoors, for the purpose of “conducting business” (i.e. opening bank accounts and picking up prescriptions). Students are not allowed to go to restaurants or bars.

Regarding athletic events,

Spectators are allowed but must be masked. No pre or post-game tailgating or celebrations will be permitted. Large events will be minimized and there will be no registered parties indoors on the campus grounds. No events with alcohol will be permitted at the beginning of the semester.

Those who don’t have fancy KN95 masks must attempt to breathe through double masks while inside campus buildings, including residence halls. However,

Students may unmask in their own dorm rooms. Alternatively, when indoors and outside of their residence halls, unvaccinated students must be masked at all times unless they are alone with the door closed. If outdoors, unvaccinated students must wear face coverings when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained.

But there won’t be many unvaccinated students, because vaccination is mandatory.

College kids are barely even at risk for Covid, which is a relatively mild disease on a par with the flu for young people.

No wonder Jane Fonda calls Covid “God’s gift to the Left.” If students learn nothing else at Amherst College, they will learn how to meekly obey irrational authorities. Students are charged $76,800 per year to be treated like zeks in a gulag.

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