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Feb 10 2021

Making Roads Out of COVID Masks

Some green jobs may actually materialize to replace a little of the productive employment that was nixed when one of Biden’s executive decrees killed the Keystone XL pipeline. If you don’t feel like defecting to communist China to make solar panels, as John Kerry suggests, you might be able to secure a position sorting through garbage for discarded and potentially contaminated COVID-19 masks for recycling purposes:

With millions of disposable masks being used around the globe each day, engineers from RMIT University in Melbourne say they have developed a new material made from shredded single-use masks and processed building rubble from demolished buildings that can be used to make roads. The material could help reduce the vast amount of litter currently being generated from coronavirus personal protective equipment (PPE).

A study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment found using the material to make 1 kilometer of a two-lane road would use approximately 3 million masks.

To think some people have regarded these masks as useless.

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