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Feb 01 2021

Big Government Makes It Safe to Pump Gas in Chicago

Even if civilization has been collapsing all around us, there is no reason to worry, because under Democrats, Big Government will keep us safe. An example from single-party Chicago:

Chicago Alderman Stephanie Coleman reacted to a surge in city carjackings by hiring a private firm to provide security for an hour each day in which residents can safely pump gas.

The project is called “Operation Safe Pump.”

This is of course only a temporary measure. We don’t want to rely on private firms. Maybe the federal government could start a new Department of Gas Pump Security to place armed guards at pumps throughout the country, at least until fossil fuels have been abolished. That would provide job opportunities for the thousands in the energy sector who have already been thrown out of work by Biden’s executive orders. After all, not all of them will want to immigrate to communist China so as to follow John Kerry’s advice and make solar panels for a living.

The Black Lives Matter–driven War on Police has had a predictable effect on public safety:

Carjackings in 2020 were up 135 percent over 2019. Breitbart News reported that a December 3, 2020, carjacking resulted in the fatal shooting of retired Chicago Firefighter Dwain Williams.

There have already been “at least” 166 Chicago carjackings in 2021, including the alleged carjacking of an off-duty Chicago Police Officer’s car on Tuesday.

We will catch up to South Africa in no time, even in terms of carjacking.

You can see why Democrats are planning to phase out private gun ownership for law-abiding citizens. We won’t need guns to defend ourselves, with armed agents of the state watching over every gas pump.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Conservative Playlist.


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