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Jan 12 2021

Cuomo Wants to Lighten Lockdown but Remains Dangerously Incompetent

Surprise! Now that the election is over, Andrew Cuomo wants to take his boot off the neck of New York’s economy:


New York is near record daily cases

But by now we know that lockdowns are not about mitigating the damage done by the virus, so much as they are about amplifying and exploiting it.

In other Cuomo COVID news,

A story from December 28 may help explain the waste:

Cuomo says any provider that intentionally administers a vaccine to a person who is not eligible could face a $1 million penalty and the revocation of all state licenses. The executive order also states the eligibility of recipients will have to be certified as part of the vaccine process.

Better to throw the vaccine in the trash than to risk the wrath of Big Government by giving it to someone without proper paperwork that grants official priority.

At least Cuomo finally stopped forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, after killing thousands.

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