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Aug 20 2019

Chirlane McCray Rejects Saint, Picks Rioting Drag Queens

Hard as it is to believe, Bill de Blasio may not be the most rabid moonbat living in Gracie Mansion. He is challenged by his formerly lesbian wife Chirlane McCray, who overruled the will of voters to honor drag queens and reject Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first naturalized American to become a saint.

[McCray] launched a “She Built NYC” program and invited the public to vote on the names of women they want the city to recognize with a statue. Mother Cabrini got more votes than any other woman (219), yet McCray’s panel rejected the public’s choice.

Without explanation, McCray decided on a group of people that were nowhere near the top choices picked by New Yorkers, including the two drag queens who founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR).

A saint is rejected in favor of “women” who were not women, and who helped ruin New York rather than build it. That sums up the level of distortion that can be expected when history is written by progressives.

The “She Built NYC” project began last summer as an attempt by McCray to balance the male-female mix of statues of eminent New Yorkers.

To fix the supposed problem of too many statues being of men, McCray rejects the most deserving woman and picks men who dressed in women’s clothes.

The drag queens in question are Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, who were involved in the Stonewall Riots. Both clearly had psychiatric issues; Johnson was a violent schizophrenic. These sociopathic freaks have been discussed earlier.

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Jul 24 2019

Law and Order Collapse in New York

By now you have probably seen video of what moonbattery has done to respect for law and order in New York. Police officers respond with total passivity as ghetto lowlifes dump buckets of water on their heads:

One clip even shows a soaked cop getting beaned in the back of the head with an empty, red plastic bucket while the cop and his partner were handcuffing a suspect on the hood of a black car.

One incident occurred in Harlem, another two blocks away from a precinct station house in Brooklyn. To respond to the assaults would of course have been racist.

A police source blamed the incidents on the NYPD’s “hands-off approach to these guys” under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio — who like most liberals reflexively sides with the bad guys — obviously deserves blame for his city disintegrating into anarchy. But it doesn’t stop with him. The current climate was created by the liberal establishment constantly pushing a narrative that boils down to white police bad, black criminals good. The hostility of the liberal ruling class to civilization itself could not be more obvious than during the hype that ensues when criminals of color manage to get themselves killed by police. Here we see the unfolding consequences:

It won’t stop with buckets. Bricks will follow, then bullets.

How are police supposed to enforce law and order when they are shown zero respect and are assaulted at will without consequence? They are not supposed to. They are supposed to stand idly by while moonbattery does to the entire country what it did to Detroit and Baltimore.

This story indicates the respect the NYPD is shown when officers venture into the subterranean jungles that are the subways:

A subway rider was caught on video harassing a uniformed NYPD cop in front of amused straphangers and the officer’s own partner.

The 60-second clip shared Tuesday by the city’s largest police union shows a man who appears to be his late 20s or early 30s daring an officer to “put hands” on him, which would give the young punk “every right to defend himself.”

“Oh, you do?” the cop replied. “You think so?”

“Yeah, so put your hands on me,” the man continued before threatening to assault the cop. “I’ll f–k you up.”

From there, the situation went downhill, as the savage escalated his insults and the officers stood passively muttering obsequious platitudes. Language alert:

If the cops had lifted a finger to defend themselves, the progressives running the media and the City of New York would have served up their heads on a platter.

Secure in their snug bubbles, the liberal elitists who created this situation congratulate themselves on being so edgy as to side with the vermin who have been allowed to take over the streets and subways of New York. They don’t think the collapse of law and order applies to them in their nice neighborhoods. By the time they learn otherwise, it may be too late to reverse the decay.

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Jul 23 2019

Moonbat Rule and Blackouts in Venezuela and New York

Blackouts have been in the news lately. In leftist-ruled Venezuela,

Most of Venezuela was left in the dark Monday in the latest blackout to hit the beleaguered nation as it suffers from an economic collapse and a crumbling power grid.

Local media reported that power was out in at least 19 of Venezuela’s 23 states since around 4:45 p.m. local time.

Yankee attacks and sabotage are the usual official explanations when the lights go out in Venezuela. The country has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world and ought to be able to keep the lights on. The actual reasons that it cannot are the incompetence and corruption that result when everything is run by Big Government.

That calls to mind an issue closer to home — the recent blackouts in leftist-ruled New York:

More than 50,000 New Yorkers lost power amid the weekend’s heat wave that strained the city’s power grid, one week after a transformer fire left 75,000 New Yorkers in the dark for five hours.

Just as Venezuela blames a phantom “electromagnetic attack,” Governor Andrew Cuomo predictably points the finger at Con Edison. Regardless of where the blame lies with these specific incidents, blackouts are a feature of leftist rule. The moonbats running New York have made them inevitable:

A new state law the Governor signed last week requires 70% of state electricity to come from renewables by 2030 and 100% from “carbon-free” sources by 2040. Meantime, the Governor has blocked three natural gas pipelines and mandated the premature shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear plant that supplies a quarter of New York City’s power.

The only thing more pernicious than corruption and incompetence is liberal ideology. Progressives literally believe that the fossil fuels that comprise the lifeblood of modern civilization are bad. They prove they are good people who care about the planet by pretending that wind and solar can meet New York’s gargantuan energy needs. This puts New York on a collision course with reality.

Cuomo is pushing more offshore wind, which even with federal subsidies is 2.5 times more expensive than natural gas. …

Wind power has barely increased since 2014 due to environmental headaches, and as of last month there were no projects under construction.

No matter how many hideous bird-chopping turbines eventually get built on the backs of taxpayers, wind power is not reliable, in contrast to the natural gas that Cuomo suppresses.

In the long run, Andrew Cuomo is about as likely as his fellow left-wing authoritarian Nicolas Maduro to keep the lights on.

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Jul 22 2019

Creating Slums With Rent Control

Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village are massive apartment complexes on the east side of Manhattan that comprise over 11,000 apartments. Thanks to authoritarian moonbattery, they are likely to become a sprawling slum.

New York rent control laws were already insane. The moonbats in charge have doubled down on them, so that owners can no longer raise the rent 20% after a unit goes vacant so as to recoup the cost of renovations. The response was inevitable:

The Blackstone Group [which owns them] is pulling back on apartment renovations and other planned work at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in response to the sweeping changes to the state’s rent-regulation laws passed by Albany legislators last month.

The private-equity giant said it would pause projects at the adjacent complexes as a result of the rule changes, which dramatically limit the rent increases landlords can charge tenants to cover the costs of renovations and repairs.

These buildings went up in the 1940s. Ongoing renovations are necessary. Democrat politicians don’t care.

As the Wall Street Journal notes,

Stuy Town and Blackstone are making the news because they’re enormous, but the same logic applies to every building owner. Economists are more or less unanimous in calling rent control destructive.

Why would legislatures deliberately reduce cities to slums?

With leftist politics, malice is often the simplest explanation. According to liberal ideology, landlords are bad and must be punished. But there could be a more strategic motive. Nobody in a slum votes for Republicans.

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Jul 19 2019

NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson Promises Less Parking

Corey Johnson, City Council Speaker, proud Person of Politically Preferred Perverted Proclivities, and 2021 mayoral frontrunner, has figured out the main problem plaguing New York as it degenerates into a hellhole that even Snake Plissken would find hard to escape. It has too many parking places.

No worries; Johnson can fix it:

“I do think that there are too many parking spaces in New York City,” Johnson said bluntly. “We have over 3 million [on-street] parking spaces in New York City … and we should reclaim that space and use it for the public.”

For example, NYC could follow the example of Los Angeles and San Francisco by covering every spare inch with drug-addicted bums passed out in drifts of garbage.

“We need to break the car culture. It is choking our streets. It is literally killing people,” he said.

He may be referring not only to traffic accidents but to the bizarre liberal belief that automobiles make the weather too warm by emitting harmless carbon dioxide, and that people are actually dying from this.

Johnson earlier this year proposed a five-year plan aimed at getting people out of their cars, including legislation that would require the city to build 150 miles of dedicated bus lanes and 250 mile of protected bike lanes.

That is, a 5-year plan to deliberately make driving in New York even more hellish than it is already. If “5-year plan” sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Soviet Union, which continues to serve as an inspiration for progressives even decades after its collapse.

When asked … if he planned to use his clout to allocate “a lot more money” in next year’s city budget toward building protected bike lanes, Johnson said he’s all in.

His campaign promise is to spend other people’s money on denying them a place to park. New Yorkers may elect him Mayor anyway. They elected Bill de Blasio, didn’t they?

In utopia, there won’t be any private automobiles, just those used to chauffeur government officials like Johnson. So we won’t need much parking anyway.

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Jul 12 2019

NY Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou Steps in Her Own Mess

Yuh-Line Niou represents lower Manhattan in the State Assembly. She was appalled when she got off the subway at Bowling Green and found the way blocked by bogus ticket sellers.

These hawkers are notorious for preying on tourists around the Battery, even going so far as to “sell” tickets to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free to ride.

What’s worse, when she reported them for harassment to nearby NYPD officers, the cops refused to lift a finger.

“I went over to tell them, and they said that the city is choosing to doing [sic] nothing. They literally said, ‘Nobody cares. The city doesn’t care.’” Shocked by this disregard for maintaining public order, Niou identified herself as an elected official, but this, too, made no difference. “They said that the city doesn’t care. @NYCMayor told them not to do anything.”

This a relative innocuous example of what happens when you elect a leftist punk to be mayor of New York City.

Poor lady…

Niou thus faced what many New Yorkers increasingly encounter on the streets and subways of our city — creeping disorder, antisocial behavior and a prevailing sense that “the city doesn’t care.” She was verbally assaulted — in vulgar terms — by scammers blocking pedestrian traffic, and the police stood and shrugged.

But read further before bursting into tears on her behalf. She helped create the situation she grouses about.

Niou has been the subject of glowing profiles in Vogue and local media. … Niou has been tagged … as a fiercely progressive legislator aiming to push extensive and radical criminal justice “reforms,” among other priorities.

Assemblymoonbat Niou is so avidly in favor of lawlessness that she endorsed Tiffany Cabán for Queens district attorney.

Did her confrontation with reality open her eyes? It did not:

“Close rikers. No new jails. Change our criminal-justice system,” she tweeted a few hours after her encounter with the thugs at Bowling Green.

Since they will resolutely refuse to learn from the experience anyway, our liberal ruling class is advised to stay secure in its ivory tower and not venture out into the cities that their policies are rendering uninhabitable.

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Jun 28 2019

NYC Lurches Further Left With Tiffany Cabán

During end-stage moonbattery, society decays to the point that democracy is no longer feasible, because people can no longer govern themselves. They start electing malevolent, demented, and even cognitively impaired representatives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — and Tiffany Cabán, who has enjoyed the support of both of them in her quest to become Queens District Attorney.

Cabán appears to have won the Democrat primary in a tight race, which means she gets the job, since there is no effective resistance to Democrats in Queens.

Here’s what this means to New Yorkers:

Cabán, a democratic socialist, has said that, if elected, she would not prosecute farebeaters, sex workers, johns and some recreational-drug crooks; work to close Rikers Island; and end cash bail.

More, from the Daily Snooze:

With Cabán in office, turnstile-jumping and other “broken windows” crimes will no longer be prosecuted. Neither will most recreational drug use. Instead, she will attempt to bring to court companies and doctors that overprescribe opioids and other pharmaceuticals. In addition, Cabán says, she will prosecute wage theft and bad landlords.

Doctors, employers, and landlords are the criminals now.

“Bad landlords” as defined by Marxists like Cabán would be those who expect tenants to pay their rent. We already know that Mayor de Blasio strongly disapproves of such landlords.

I lived in NYC when Rudy Giuliani came in and cleaned up the cesspool David Dinkins left. The miraculous transformation made the city livable. Broken windows policing policy played a major role.

Good thing I don’t live there now. The people running New York these days want the windows broken. They are the kind who throw bricks through them as part of their class warfare posturing.

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Jun 22 2019

Andrew Cuomo Sides with Foreign Invaders, Obstructs US Law

It once would have been unthinkable that politicians at the city and state level would side with foreign invaders against the United States. Now, it is commonplace. When New York’s odious Governor Andrew Cuomo ostentatiously obstructs the enforcement of federal immigration law, he is far from alone in his seditious posturing:

Cuomo has joined with a growing number of elected officials across the country in opposing the Trump administration’s reported plan to begin ICE raids early Sunday targeting illegal alien families. …

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the mayors of Chicago, Washington, DC and Los Angeles also condemned the threat and promised aide to affected families.

You can see where the Japanese screwed up when they attacked Pearl Harbor. If only they had dragged little kids along on the raid, the media would have bleated that antiaircraft guns were being used against families, and liberal politicians would have refused to participate in the national defense.

Both Cuomo and de Blasio have offered taxpayer-funded resources to defend illegal immigrants from American law. The Left’s treasonous proclivities have never been on more brazen display.

The behavior of these pernicious demagogues demonstrates one of the many reasons that immigration law must be enforced. Lack of respect for the law causes society to decay. When Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipped off criminal illegal aliens regarding ICE raids, she should have been arrested. Because she was not, the situation continues to deteriorate.

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Jun 19 2019

Andrew Cuomo’s Green Great Leap Forward

Mao Zedong’s demented Great Leap Forward, intended to complete the transition from socialism to communism, killed at least 45 million Chinese. Andrew Cuomo’s Green Great Leap Forward is comparably ambitious and also promises to wreak devastation. The New York Governor has reached an agreement with his fellow Democrats in the legislature to radically reduce harmless emissions that are an unavoidable byproduct of modern civilization.

The legislation calls for reducing emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2030 and 85% by 2050. The remaining 15% of emissions would be offset, making the state carbon neutral. The bill would also require that all electricity generation come from carbon-free sources by 2040.

This could only be economically feasible with heavy reliance on nuclear power. Meanwhile, Cuomo is closing Indian Point, a nuclear plant that has provided 25% of the electricity for New York City.

The odds of this economic malice resulting in a measurable difference in global temperature stand at exactly zero. No sane person could tell you differently with a straight face. Yet people will submit to this radical and utterly unnecessary reduction in their standard of living because of the global warming hoax.

Cultural Marxism also comes into play:

In a state where many communities of color struggle with pollution from traffic, power plants and garbage disposal, the environmental justice components of the legislation resonated with lawmakers.

Democrats call this sort of race-baiting rhetoric “climate justice.”

The level of tyranny that will be imposed in the name of absurd liberal dogma is extreme. The bill calls for the creation of a powerful Climate Action Council, which will “recommend emissions performance standards for the transportation, building and industrial sectors.” In effect, this means these sectors of the economy will be controlled by hostile Stalinesque bureaucrats.

Business interests had urged Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers to slow down, saying the legislation threatened 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the state.

That’s only the beginning. Envirofascist moonbattery will reduce New York to an economic wasteland.

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Jun 01 2019

Virtual Visit to New York City

Hotels are expensive in New York City. Potential tourists may find it more economical to visit via the Internet. Here we take a virtual ride on the world-famous subway system. Sorry about the language:

If you enjoyed that ride, take a couple more here and here.

The progressive future is now in New York City.

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May 29 2019

De Blasio to Triple Release of Violent Teen Criminals

Why is Bill de Blasio running for president when he hasn’t even finished turning New York City into Venezuela yet? Because his job as mayor is almost complete:

Bill de Blasio hopes to “more than triple” the number of teens who are released from city jails with no bail on charges as serious as armed robbery, assault and burglary, The Post has learned.

New guidelines from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will also “significantly” expand the number of adults eligible for de Blasio’s no-bail Supervised Release Program…

The expansion of the city’s Supervised Release Program is part of de Blasio’s controversial plan to shut down the Rikers Island jail complex, an effort he has been touting on the campaign trail as part of his long-shot presidential bid.

What do you need a jail complex for when you can advance social justice by letting the criminals run free?

“In our city, we have reduced our jail population about 30 percent already … We are ending the era of mass incarceration in New York City,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

A local increase in violent crime is a small price to pay for de Blasio’s pandering to a certain national constituency.

It isn’t just de Blasio. The entire state is circling the drain under increasingly radical left-wing rule.

De Blasio’s new policies set the stage for the statewide elimination of cash bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent offenses next year.

No wonder Democrats want felons voting — even from prison. No party could be more loyal to a key segment of its base than Democrats are to lawbreakers. Criminals would be fools not to return the favor.

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May 21 2019

New York May Use Unemployment Insurance to Subsidize Strikes

In New York, leftism and corruption reach their apotheosis and blend together so it hard to say where one leaves off and the other begins. For example, leftist politicians and unions, working in sync as usual, are on the verge of usurping unemployment insurance and using it to subsidize strikes, rather than as emergency assistance to those who are jobless through no fault of their own.

Even in New York, strikers have to be out of work at least 8 weeks before they can receive unemployment benefits…

But on May 1, New York’s state Senate voted to let strikers get benefits one week after walking off the job—essentially putting them on equal footing with those who are laid off.

May 1, the communist holiday. Some coincidence.

If Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs this bill, he’ll effectively be using New York’s unemployment-insurance program to subsidize union strikes, upending the balance of power between workers and management.

That would force employers to pay people who refuse to work. Yet again we see that leftism is where tyranny and insanity intersect.

Subsidizing strikes will of course produce more strikes, adding to the dysfunctional business-hostile climate that has the productive class bailing out of New York.

The subsidy, like all pernicious things inflicted by Big Government, would grow:

New York is already increasing unemployment benefits, scrapping its $450-a-week cap in favor of a formula set to rise each year until 2026, when recipients will get up to 50% of the state’s average weekly wage, which is currently about $1,401.

Staying in business while paying people to march around with picket signs instead of working won’t be easy.

This would save Big Unions a fortune. That’s where the corruption comes in.

Many unions provide members with strike benefits to make up for lost wages… U.S. labor unions have paid out more than $149 million in strike benefits in just the past three years, federal records show.

Letting strikers collect unemployment benefits would relieve unions of much of those costs, freeing money up for other purposes—such as campaign contributions.

It is still possible for employers to escape from New York. But an idea this bad can’t escape the attention of Bernie Sanders for long. Once he demands this be imposed at the national level, the other Democrat candidates will launch into their habitual me too chorus.

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