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Aug 08 2022

Global Warming Is Racist

The beauty of modern liberal ideology is that everything in the universe fits into its core principle that blacks are oppressed. All bad things are aspects of black oppression — even global warming:

A letter from New York City Department of health officials warned medical workers…

…that extreme heat “is the deadliest type of extreme weather” and that black people are twice as likely to die from heat stroke as white people in the Big Apple.

“Cold weather is 20 times as deadly as hot weather” admit even the libs at USA Today. But that only applies to the real world, not the realm of pure moonbattery inhabited by the kooks running NYC.

“Structural racism and the resulting social and economic inequities” are the reasons that heat affects blacks more than whites, according to ideologically deranged Health Department bureaurats.

Historically redlined neighborhoods across the country that are currently home to a large black population can be 13 degrees hotter than majority of white neighborhoods, a 2020 study found.

The Experts are expert at proving whatever needs to be proven. That’s how government funding is acquired.

Since the natural fluctuation of the climate that leftists have exploited to justify wasteful spending and increase their power affects sacred blacks worse than the less worthy white race, it would be racist not to grant Democrats the total control required to take charge of the planet’s thermostat.

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Aug 06 2022

New York City Succumbs to Savagery

Due to moonbat rule, crime is effectively legal in New York City, which is no longer part of the civilized world.

City Journal has the stats to document a great city’s decline:

The city is currently seeing a 42 percent rise in petit larceny, 40 percent rise in robbery, and a nearly 50 percent rise in grand larceny since this time last year. …

Nearly a decade ago, 63 percent of cases disposed by the Manhattan DA’s office resulted in convictions, and only 12 percent ended in dismissals. Those proportions are now flipped: so far this year, only a third of disposed cases ended in convictions, and nearly half were dismissed. …

In 2013 (the earliest data readily available), convictions were secured for 61,762 Manhattan cases. More than halfway through 2022, the county has managed only 6,902 convictions. These decreases are even more astounding for lower-level crimes. In 2013—when the city had about 25 percent fewer violation offenses than today—Manhattan secured 7,528 convictions for disposed infraction/violation cases. This year, it has gotten 16.

It has gotten this bad with pro-criminal Soros-appointed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on the job only since January. Bragg’s mission is to splash gasoline on the flames:

Last January he announced, as his first order of business, that robbing a store with a dangerous weapon would no longer be charged as a felony, only as a misdemeanor—a category of cases for which convictions over the past 11 years fell by over 90 percent.

Rudy Giuliani worked wonders to clean up the mess liberals had made of New York when he took over as mayor in 1994. But the decay is so deep at this point that someone like Giuliani would stand no chance of getting elected. Those who have not had the good sense to escape New York choose tasteless jokes like Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams instead.

At least we can learn from this tragedy. Ever wonder how certain segments of society would behave if not compelled by law to act with civility? Now we know.

Once it’s clear that there are no criminal justice guardrails in effect, those restrained by neither family nor community norms feel emboldened to commit the worst kinds of violent acts for even trivial causes.

If we were all civilized, we would hardly need the police. But we live among savages. When liberals screech about defunding and abolishing police, they are demanding that civilized people to be marginalized in favor of people like these, whose pretext for violence was a $1.75 charge for dipping sauce:

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Aug 05 2022

New York City Hiring to Be Based on Race

Affirmative Action feeds on itself by putting those who have benefitted from non–merit-based hiring in a position to impose still more of it. Given his conspicuous witlessness, New York City Mayor Eric Adams probably owes his position to his race. He does not hesitate to play the race card. So this comes as no surprise:

Adams has requested city agencies to provide photographs of potential hires to City Hall as candidates go through the interview process for city jobs ranging from assistant commissioner to departmental press secretary, Politico reported Thursday.

Several unnamed city officials told the outlet that the request is clearly an effort to hire more diverse staffers.

The euphemism “diverse” means that whites need not apply for cushy, overpaid, and mostly superfluous government jobs in New York City.

Selecting candidates on the basis of not being white is not likely to work out any better for Adams than it has for Joe Biden, who explicitly chose the laughing stocks Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson on that basis.

Applied Affirmative Action.

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Aug 02 2022

Open Thread

[The UN should remain in New York] because every country needs a cesspool. And the UN is always interesting as a theater of the absurd. - Ed Koch

Jul 27 2022

Ride Into Our Moonbat Future Aboard NYC Subway

Travel to the tomorrow social engineers are constructing for us by riding the New York City subway system. It might be a challenge getting past the entrance…

The New York Post reports on the scene above:

A 16-year-old boy with a gun bust under his belt was caught on video violently attacking a Manhattan cop after allegedly jumping a turnstile — and then freed the next day, police sources said Monday.

His previous arrests for carrying a loaded gun and for robbery also resulted in release.

Police union leader Patrick Lynch explains that this is “why the chaos in the transit system is not improving more quickly” and laments that “we are feeling abandoned by a justice system that won’t back us up.”

The teen, whom cops did not publicly identify because of his age, had jumped the turnstile at the 125th Street-Lexington Avenue station in East Harlem just before 6 p.m. Saturday, cops said.

Liberals have a solution: pressure cops to just let lowlifes jump the turnstiles. After all, enforcing the law against turnstile jumping is racist, because it disparately impacts minorities.

Once past the turnstiles, prurient riders are in for a treat:

Straphangers struggled to hold onto their morals as a collection of voluptuous vixens dressed in skimpy black bikinis jumped, gyrated and jiggled during a makeshift pool party hosted inside an L train car. …

[T]he party animals took turns hurling their bodies across a Slip ‘N Slide that was stationed on the train’s floor and lubricated with bottled water.

The temptresses enjoyed the rest of their joyride by bouncing their bottoms on the crotches of male bystanders and twerking on each other in an inflatable pool.

The live show featured simulated sex acts with a dog and a dwarf:

Progressives have been systematically eradicating American culture, which they denounce as white supremacist, Christofascist, et cetera. Here we see what they are replacing it with.

Until the fundamental transformation into utopia is complete, maybe Gotham could keep itself afloat financially by charging admission like the zoo.

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Jul 06 2022

Watch Civilization Collapse in NYC

Rallying behind their martyred demigod, the career criminal George Floyd, liberal Democrats called for local police to be hamstrung if not completely abolished, because Racism and Oppression. In New York City under the misrule of the left-wing lunatic Bill de Blasio and now the useless kook Eric Adams, they have gotten their way.

This is what a society where the police have been marginalized looks like:

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Jun 30 2022

Young Mom Executed in New York City

New York City is no longer part of the civilized world:

A manhunt is on for the person who fatally shot a young mother in the back of the head in a chilling point-blank execution while pushing her baby in a stroller on the Upper East Side of New York City, just a few yards away from a playground.

Children at the playground witnessed the murder, which occurred in an upscale neighborhood not far from Gracie Mansion, where the mayor lives.

Here’s who they are looking for:

The shooter was described as a male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants. Police offered no further description of the killer.

We also know that the killer is black. Otherwise, they would have mentioned his race.

End stop and frisk, marginalize the police, glorify criminals, egg on violence, let lunatics run loose, and what else would you expect?

The lame joke serving as mayor predictably blames the incident on the existence of guns, confirming that he will do nothing constructive to mitigate the rising tide of violence:

‘More guns in our city means more lives lost,’ Mayor Eric Adams said during a news conference at the site of the shooting.

As if there were no guns in NYC when Rudy Giuliani was mayor and the city was quite safe.

The main reason violence is out of control in New York is that criminals do not fear consequences. If law-abiding citizens were also armed, that might change. One Bernie Goetz does more for public safety than every Eric Adams type who ever lived. The shooter had no reason to fear that witnesses would be anything but helpless.

Adams’ outfit did not fix the problem.

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Jun 29 2022

100th Arrest for Professional Shoplifter

One nice thing about our revolving door system of justice under liberal anarchotyranny is that it enables aspiring career criminals to set new records that previously would have been imaginable. This ought to make Guinness World Records:

A “professional booster” with an alleged penchant for shoplifting at Manhattan retailers notched what could be her [???] 100th bust over the weekend — and was released without bail yet again on Sunday.

Michelle McKelley, 42, was arrested late Saturday for allegedly pocketing $125 worth of goods from a CVS in Lower Manhattan, and then was freed under the state’s soft-on-crime criminal justice reforms.

Prosecutors said in Manhattan Criminal Court Sunday that McKelley has failed to appear in court 27 times on her multitude of past arrests — and has five other pending cases.

McKelley can’t be locked up thanks to New York State’s 2019 bail reform.

The intelligentsia in its irresponsible bleeding heart righteousness decided that there were too many people in prison. We live with the escalating consequences, as the price of everything goes up, merchandise has to be locked away behind Plexiglas, and the atmosphere of arrogant lawlessness drives violence ever upward.

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Jun 07 2022

Kathy Hochul Bribes Taxpayers With Their Own Money

The only thing keeping Democrats in office, other than their control of the media and Big Tech, is their tactic of bribing us with our own money. New York Governor Kathy faces a primary challenge on June 28. So she is sending out checks:

“Governor Hochul and the New York State Legislature are providing you this Homeowner Tax Rebate check that you can use to help pay your property taxes,” reads the letter accompanying a check shared with The Post.

The tax rebates are also coming much earlier than in past years.

The idea is that New Yorkers will be so pleased to get some of their own money back that they will forget that the reason taxes are so excessive in the first place is Democrat greed.

Hochul promised to make state government more ethical after succeeding the scandal-plagued Cuomo last year – a vow belied by attaching her name to a government form letter.

It’s not just the letter. For example:

Political rivals like [Thomas] Suozzi and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, who is also running in the primary, have questioned the propriety of her support for allocating $850 million in state taxpayer money for a new Buffalo Bills stadium that could benefit a company employing her husband, who has recused himself from matters before the state.

If voters get sick of corruption, they could always try voting out Democrats while it is still theoretically possible. Once these people acquire enough power to ram through “election reform,” the game is over until the next revolution.

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May 28 2022

NYC Campaign to Destigmatize Heroin Use

If abortion can be “safe” according to the moonbats in charge, why not heroin?

Abortion and heroin have a lot in common. Both senselessly destroy lives, and in the name of degeneracy, both are promoted by progressives of the type who run New York City:

NYC’s Department of Public Health empowers junkies in part by urging them to “Avoid using alone and take turns.” Sharing needles helps spread not only hepatitis but AIDS. Those with AIDS qualify as a preferred identity group due to the disease being spread mainly through degenerate behavior. There’s your empowerment.

The objective of this campaign is what social engineers call “destigmatization.” This strategy has worked wonders to get more people onto the welfare rolls, to have children out of wedlock, to engage in sexual depravity, et cetera.

That which Democrats want to make ubiquitous, they must destigmatize, because nothing they advocate is not pernicious, shameful, and morally abhorrent.

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May 25 2022

Andrew Abdullah Should Have Been in Prison

Here is how NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig describes the shooting of Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enriquez, allegedly by Andrew Abdullah Sunday morning aboard the Q train heading into Manhattan:

“The male suddenly and without any prior interactions or provocation walked up to our victim… and shot him one time in the chest.”

There was no discernable motive. Random violence has become one of the most prominent characteristics of New York, as civilization crumbles under the constant onslaught of moonbattery.

Who’s to blame? It can’t be Andrew Abdullah; that would suggest personal responsibility, which is out of fashion.

Liberals will blame the gun used. It would be more sensible to blame the liberals running a system that returns sociopaths to the street again and again until someone dies.

Abdullah, who has at least 19 arrests in more than a dozen incidents since 2015, fled the Canal Street station after the shooting and had been the subject of a police manhunt.

He had been freed after a stolen car bust in April, despite Brooklyn prosecutors asking that he be held on $15,000 bail.

In no sane country would Abdullah have been running around loose, gunning down random passengers on the NYC subway.

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May 23 2022

No Charge for Teenage Rapper C Blu Shooting Cop

Cities are degenerating into violent chaos because under liberal rule, crime pays. Ask C Blu, who was charged with shooting NYPD officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg last January while on probation for another gun offense:

The gun and assault case against Camrin Williams, a 16-year-old reputed gangbanger and rapper who goes by the stage name C Blu, “cannot be prosecuted,” the city Law Department said in a Friday statement, without elaborating.

Williams has been raking in money through the alchemy of rap, by which the degenerate entertainment industry transforms lowlife thuggery into mountains of cash.

Bronx Supreme Court Justice Denis Boyle set the up-and-coming rapper’s bond at $250,000, in February, which Williams posted, reportedly with an advance he received after signing a recording contract with Interscope Records.

Boyle is no longer handling youth cases. He has a reputation for letting violent teenagers free on bail.

One week after he made bail, Williams was hauled back into juvenile court for violating his probation.

One look into C Blu’s morally dead, psychopath eyes and any judge could have predicted this. But evidently Boyle has an agenda.

According to police, Williams’ gun went off while he was tussling with the officer after cops responded to a disorderly crowd on Lorillard Place on January 19.

It appears not to matter that he was in illegal possession of the gun. Gasps NYPD Police Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch,

“There is no dispute that this individual was caught carrying an illegal gun for the second time. If perps like this face absolutely no consequences, even after shooting a cop, we have to ask: why bother sending us out to get the guns at all?”

Why the city cannot prosecute is unclear. According to the Law Department,

“Pursuant to Family Court Law, the case is now sealed and we are unable to say more about the matter.”

Being known for shooting a cop and getting away with it will give Williams material to rap about and enhance his street credibility. Interscope Records will start shoveling real money at him now.

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May 19 2022

Kathy Hochul Unveils Naked Tyranny

For an idea of how far Democrats will take leftist authoritarianism, turn to single-party New York, where Governor Kathy Hochul continues to make even Andrew Cuomo look less alarming by comparison.

We knew she would be among the first of the vultures to flock to Buffalo. But did anyone think she would exploit the event to this extent?

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Hochul said that she would sign several executive orders to restrict access to firearms and monitor “online extremism.”

The Founding Fathers had good reason to put the first two amendments before the others. They defend the fundamental rights that tyrants are most eager to deny us: free speech and self-defense.

These include a measure authorizing the New York State Police to seize weapons from any gun owner “whenever they have probable cause to believe that an individual is a threat to themselves or others.”

That would almost sound reasonable, if authorities could be trusted to apply it reasonably. However, they take orders from people like Kathy Hochul.

That’s why fundamental rights are absolute. Exceptions will be exploited to render the rights null and void. Without due process, everyone whose politics conflict with Hochul’s may be regarded as “a threat to themselves or others.”

Hochul also announced that a new ‘Office of Counterterrorism’ would be created within the State Police with an exclusive focus on “domestic terrorism,” which would be required to monitor social media for evidence of violent tendencies and extremist ideology.

Any Stalinists who were disheartened when blowback caused Democrats to back off for now from their Ministry of Truth will be relieved to see Hochul step forward to solve the problem of free speech at the state level.

Associating “extremist ideology” with terrorism is even more alarming than suppressing it as “misinformation.” The terminology justifies government violence.

In case anyone thinks they are talking about actual terrorism:

She added that she would formally refer social media companies to the New York Attorney General [Letitia] James’s office for investigation for failing to stop “radicalization” of users towards “white supremacy.”

“White supremacy” is a blanket term for anything leftists regard as obstructing their ambitions. According to Democrat demagogues, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are white supremacists. If either had ever said anything racist, we would know about it.

At least chasing down “white supremacists” will give Letitia James something to do, now that she has effectively legalized many actual crimes.

Hochul further said that she would propose legislation requiring all semi-automatic handguns made or sold in New York to “micro-stamp” ammunition after it is fired, making weapons easier to trace by police.

You can see why Kimber got the hell out of Yonkers.

The point of microstamping is to make guns and ammo too expensive for regular Americans to afford. The strategy is similar to the $1,000 per bullet tax schemes that are sometimes floated.

Leave it to leftists to wring every drop of tyranny out of a psycho killing some people because he is crazy.

A phrase from Hemingway comes to mind: “gradually and then suddenly.” That is the Democrat plan for snuffing out liberty. Hochul isn’t alone among them in wanting to jump to the “suddenly” phase.

Watch her declare open war on the First Amendment, after absurdly claiming to defend it:

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May 16 2022

New York’s Green New Deal to Cost Hundreds of $Billions

Rule by Democrats isn’t cheap. Green New Deal lunacy will cost New Yorkers hundreds of $billions:

New Yorkers will have to pay “hundreds of billions of dollars” in higher utility bills due to the state’s “Green New Deal”-inspired plan, according to a top energy regulatory official — who accused lawmakers of hiding the true cost of the bill.

John Howard, former chairman and current member of the state Public Service Commission, claimed former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic-run legislature never leveled with the public on the costs associated with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act approved in 2019.

Why would they level with voters? Nothing having to do with the global warming hoax is on the level.

Since it was politically inconvenient to raise taxes enough to pay for this, it will be financed through utility rate increases. That will have the benefit of allowing Democrats to demonize the power company.

The law, which Cuomo signed in a ceremony with Al Gore at his side, requires New York to slash greenhouse emissions by 40% by 2030 and no less than 85% by 2050 by transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, such as hydropower, solar and wind. The state Climate Action Council, meanwhile, is charged with developing a plan to put the state on a path toward zero carbon emissions.

Zero carbon emissions would literally mean zero human activity.

For an idea of what it would mean for America as a whole to let Democrats consolidate power nationally the way they have in New York, refer to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Left unchecked, their ambitions will utterly destroy the economy, leading to the death by starvation of a large percentage of the population. Already Biden et al. have turned what should have been a post-Covid boom into a lurch toward recession.

There is zero chance that Democrats’ extravagantly expensive climate posturing will have a perceptible effect on global temperature.

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