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Jun 07 2024

Democrat Candidate Proposes Reeducation Camps

What’s next for New York Democrats after finding the leading presidential candidate guilty on 34 felony counts of being their opponent? How about throwing his supporters into North Korea-style reeducation camps? No seriously:

The New York Democratic congressional candidate running against GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik suggested “MAGA” supporters should attend a “re-education camp” after the 2024 election — even if Democrats see a “resounding blue wave.”

Paula Collins is from New York City. But she did stay in a Holiday Inn Express in Stefanik’s upstate district last night — or rather, she is renting a bed and breakfast room.

Collins realizes that her fellow Democrats will need a euphemism before the policy of incarcerating supporters of their opponents so as to inflict brainwashing is actually imposed:

“Even if we were to have a resounding blue wave come through, as many of us would like, putting it all back together again after we’ve gone through this MAGA nightmare and re-educating basically, which, that sounds like a rather, a re-education camp. I don’t think we really want call it that,” she said during the Zoom townhall. “I’m sure we can find another way to phrase it.”

You know, the way they found another way to phrase illegal aliens (asylum seekers), abortion (choice), sex change operations (gender-affirming care), insanity (neuroqueerness), fake (authentic), exclusion (inclusion), et cetera. A suitable way to phrase reeducation camps might be “fun centers.”

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Jun 04 2024

Anti-Car Democrat Is Scofflaw Driver

No one is above the law,” sneers the conspicuously corrupt figurehead of the liberal establishment, by which he means, “We own the law.” Democrats do not regard law as applying to themselves, as you can confirm by visiting a jurisdiction where they have achieved total hegemony — like New York City:

Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher (D-Brooklyn) — who has demonized drivers for years as she calls for “safer streets” — has racked up at least 46 traffic tickets totaling over $4,000 over the past two-and-a-half years, a review of public records by The Post found.

The socialist pol’s 2014 White Buick Encore was caught on camera blowing through a red light in the Bronx in November 2022, and ticketed for parking in front of fire hydrants at least six times, according to city records.


The scofflaw lawmaker backed a bill known as “Sammy’s Law,” which allows the city to lower speed limits to as low as 10 mph on some streets.

That’s why the system of government where Democrats prevail is known as “anarchotyranny.”

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Jun 03 2024

Illegal Alien Shoots NYPD Officers

Because they are irregular troops, the authorities refrain from using the time-honored tactic of shooting the invaders who have been pouring across the border to conquer us. The invaders shoot the authorities though:

A teenage Venezuelan migrant has been arrested for allegedly shooting two young NYPD cops after they tried to pull him over while he was riding a scooter.

The heart bleeds for justice-involved teens.

Police approached Bernardo Raul Castro-Mata, 19, as he drove the unregistered motorbike the wrong way down a one-way highway in Queens overnight.

He allegedly responded by opening fire on the officers using an unlicensed gun before fleeing on foot at around 1.40am, NYPD said. One officer was struck in the leg while the other sustained a shot to their bulletproof vest.

Castro-Mata illegally crossed the undefended border at Eagle Pass last year and has been living at taxpayer expense at a migrant shelter near where he opened fire on police. Although he had been accused of attacking a woman and stealing her credit card, this is his first arrest in NYC. It won’t be his last.

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May 31 2024

Letitia James Tries to Dictate to Texas

Yesterday’s preposterous Trump verdict demonstrates that the leftists running states that have succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral can inflict their malevolent will on a national level. Now Letitia James & Associates are dictating to Texas:

New York Attorney General Letitia James, along with 13 other state attorneys general, asked the U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday to open a civil rights investigation following the pardon of Daniel Perry by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.

In one of the alarming miscarriages of justice that are becoming increasingly commonplace, Perry was sentenced to 25 years for using lethal force to defend himself from armed Black Lives Matter rioter Garrett Foster. Fortunately, sanity prevailed, and Perry was pardoned.

Not good enough for Letitia James. Any enemy of BLM is her enemy. Intervening in someone else’s jurisdiction to imprison such people is framed as “civil rights.”

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May 26 2024

Court Forces Christian Institutions to Fund Abortion

Although the greatest threat to Christianity is subversion from within, its enemies still lay siege to it from without. For example:

New York’s highest court ruled on May 21 that it would uphold legislation requiring insurance companies to cover abortions.

This forces anyone providing health insurance to pay to snuff out innocent life in accordance with the proclivities of the morally depraved ruling class — including those who regard it as a grave moral sin.

The Diocese of Albany plans to appeal to the US Supreme Court:

The Diocese argued that “regulatory action by the state to require religious organizations to provide and pay for coverage of abortion in their employee health plans” is “unconstitutional” and “involves government entanglement in the fundamental rights of free exercise of faith and conscience.”

The effect of the ruling is to coerce the Church to abandon its own credibility by participating in sin that it explicitly condemns. Leftist-infested courts may as well issue a decree that priests must publicly praise Satan.

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May 24 2024

Biscuits and Gravy Are Now Racist and Offensive

Ever since George Floyd took too much fentanyl, the liberal establishment has been shrieking that criminals ought to be allowed to run riot because local police are racists. At last there is proof. From the People’s Republic of New York:

A veteran Westchester County corrections sergeant is under investigation for a “racist and offensive” social media post ridiculing Georgia jail guards, officials told The Post.

Behold the thoughtcrime of Sgt. Michael Bourhill:

Look out, Sergeant. Here come the crybully thugs with their clubs:

A Westchester County black corrections officer group took even more umbrage, calling the post racist.

“The Westchester Correction Association strongly condemns the racist and offensive social media post shared by a Westchester Correction Sergeant,” the group said on Facebook.

This lynch mob has demanded that “immediate steps” be taken against Bourhill. They will of course get their way.

“Posting or reposting inappropriate images is a violation of Westchester County employee policy,” [county communications director Catherine] Cioffi said. “Employees who violate this policy will be subject to formal disciplinary charges.”

As leftists become increasingly desperate to find racism against allegedly oppressed blacks, ever more anodyne terms become forbidden. Punishment is retroactive; just because everyone used to say “biscuits and gravy” doesn’t mean the last person to say it before it was struck from the Newspeak Dictionary won’t get canceled. So how are you supposed to know what speech is permitted?

Here’s a rule of thumb: if you are the sort of guy liberals wouldn’t like, whatever you say is racist and offensive, so don’t say anything. Fade away and stop existing. You are a speed bump on the road to moonbat utopia.

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May 17 2024

Eric Adams Starts Monitoring Meat Consumption

Liberal rule means totalitarian control by mentally defective kooks. Does that sound like hyperbole? Then consider a city where it encounters no resistance — New York, where this guy is the mayor:

According to this moron’s screwball ideology, eating a normal human diet oppresses animals and makes it be too warm outside.

Measuring meat consumption is the equivalent of registering guns. You know where it is headed.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Apr 28 2024

NYC Dictates Warning Labels for Soda and Hot Chocolate

Anarchotyranny means that even as the streets devolve into such violent chaos that the homicidal maniac John Hinkley Jr steers clear of New York City, businesses like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are not permitted to sell their harmless products without warning labels:

Fast-food chains and coffee shops in New York City would have to slap a warning on menu boards and packaging under a new rule from the Adams administration.

The city Health Department’s first-in-the-nation edict will mean labels warning on food and drinks with more than 50 grams of added sugar, including frozen coffee drinks from places like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, fountain sodas and even hot chocolate.

Hordes of sociopathic scumbags looting and burning in the name of antiwhite race hate? No problem. Gangs of illegal aliens beating up police officers just off Times Square? No problem. People drinking soda and hot chocolate? Big problem, but no worries; Eric Adams is on it.

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Apr 28 2024

Violent Maniac John Hinckley Finds NYC Too Dangerous

New York City has succumbed to end-stage liberalism, a state of societal decay characterized by an incongruous combination of savage lawlessness and authoritarian micromanagement. Regarding the lawlessness, even John Hinckley Jr, a violent maniac who is running around loose despite having shot Ronald Reagan during his presidency, is sensible enough to avoid the place. He has been cashing in on his infamy by performing as a folk singer — but he won’t warble in the rotting Big Apple.

Frets Hinckley:

“I’m afraid of New York City and I just don’t want to go there right now.”

He says NYC is a “dangerous mess” and has “a bad vibe.” He accurately describes the ultraliberal city as a “cesspool of crime.”

Hinckley got away with shooting Reagan and others compliments of the absurd insanity defense. This is revealed as all the more unjust, now that we know he is less crazy than the millions who have yet to escape from New York.

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Apr 25 2024

Watch Pro-Hamas Mob Bully NYPD

Societal collapse happens the way Hemingway described bankruptcy: gradually, then suddenly. Only 23 years ago, Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 while destroying the World Trade Center. The police responded heroically and were accorded appropriate respect. Here is the respect accorded the NYPD now that the city is run by moonbats who grovel before Islam and the streets are controlled by left-wing militants who rally in support of Muslim terror atrocities:

This occurred Monday at the outrageously overpriced daycare center for spoilt liberal brats known as New York University.

The New York Post reports:

The viral video, shared on X, shows NYPD Assistant Chief James McCarthy and his officers being chased and surrounded by protestors Monday night while trying to get inside the NYU Catholic Center after arresting one of them.

The police were attempting to seek shelter from the lawless mob.


The students had created their own “tent city” in solidarity with the sprawling encampment set up at Columbia University, with NYU students demanding their own school divest holdings tied to Israel over the war in Gaza.

The “war in Gaza” is a reference to Israel’s attempts to defend itself following the worst terror atrocities since 9/11. More on the appalling spectacle at Ivy League Columbia here.

During Monday night’s clash with police, some protesters pelted NYPD officers with bottles as they worked to clear the encampment, with one demonstrator hitting a cop in the head with a chair, the NYPD said.

This isn’t the first time since 10/7 that a pro-Hamas mob has demonstrated its contempt for the increasingly irrelevant NYPD.

As goes a nation’s first city, so will go the whole country. We are running out of time to change course dramatically.

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Apr 24 2024

Even Eric Adams Left Behind by Radicalized Liberals

Never mind Alec Baldwin. He may spout moonbattery, but as Mayor of New York, Eric Adams actively inflicts it. Adams has been bankrupting the remnants of America’s greatest city by showering vast riches upon illegal aliens, who have contributed notably to the collapse of public order. Yet even Adams is set upon ferociously by the rabid hounds of hell emerging from the tenebrous depths of leftist lunacy:

Democrats’ Overton window is moving leftward so fast, not even Eric Adams can keep up. Obama’s radicalization of the party now has a momentum of its own. The Frankenstein monster is turning on its creator.

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Apr 22 2024

New York to Ban Individually Wrapped Cheese

There is nothing liberals will not take away from you, from the most essential (e.g., cars, electricity, toilets) to the most trivial, like individually wrapped cheese. If you want to see how absurdly repressive the whole country will soon be if Democrats further consolidate power, look to deep blue states like New York:

Individually wrapped cheese would be largely banned under a far-reaching bill getting pushed by New York environmentalists and politicians to reduce the use of plastics…

Plastic represents the greatest advance in materials science since the bronze age. It makes modern life possible. Applied to food, plastic benefits public health by preventing spoilage and contamination. But it is petroleum-based, so liberals regard plastic as ideologically unclean.

The state bill — called Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act — would require companies with net incomes over $1 million who sell or distribute food or products to reduce plastics and other packaging that ends in landfills or waterways by 50% over the next 12 years.

If the waterways are full of waste, New Yorkers should elect representatives who will clean them up, rather than banning anything that might conceivably end up as litter. But that’s not the approach the left-wing activists calling the shots prefer:

One leading environmentalist backing the bill confirmed that the goal is to eliminate single slices of cheese packaged in non-reusable plastic, as well as other wasteful packaging.

“We have to do something about the plastic crisis,” said Judith Enck, president of the group Beyond Plastics.

As it is submersed beneath a tsunami of needy illegal aliens and crime spirals out of control, New York has bigger crises than individually wrapped cheese slices. But the liberals who caused its problems have no interest in solving them. Their focus is on exerting power over every picayune aspect of life until the ultimate objective is achieved: a world in which everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.

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Apr 19 2024

African Invaders Complain That Americans Speak English

On Tuesday some of the numberless hordes of illegal aliens from Africa pouring into New York City swamped the area around City Hall and aired their belligerent grievances. As noted at the time:

Their dissatisfaction will be easy for Democrats to weaponize against the native population the newcomers have been imported to displace.

What could they possibly have to complain about, considering they have invaded our country in contravention of our laws, yet instead of being kicked out are provided with free food, housing, and even prepaid debit cards? For one thing, we keep speaking English instead of learning Africa’s many languages:

Via Modernity:

At another point in the hearing migrants began complaining about the free food and housing they have been provided, saying it isn’t good enough.

They described the situation as “unacceptable,” and “shameful,” and even calling New York City “Anti-African, racist and Xeonophobic,” charging that the council is “responsible for this pain and suffering” that will affect migrants “for generations to come.”

They will certainly be dissatisfied for generations to come, making it easy for the liberal establishment to find participants when it is considered politically expedient to launch another wave of race riots.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 17 2024

Invaders From Africa Swarm New York City Hall

The problem with leftists’ race-based strategy is that blacks make up only 13% of the American population. But Democrats are working on that via welfare and immigration policy. New York represents a microcosm of the progress they are making:

The New York Post reports:

About 1,300 African migrants gathered outside City Hall Tuesday morning hoping to appear at a hearing on the black experience in the city shelter system — with some saying they were promised work visas or green cards if they showed. …

The crowd was mostly made up of new arrivals from Guinea, in West Africa, and were apparently drawn to City Hall by an activist group, a source told The Post.

The newcomers have gripes. For example, they don’t like their free cheese, according to Assitan Makadji of African Communities Together:

“They’re not used to cheese but they don’t have no choice because in the shelter that’s what they serve. If they go to the pantry they can get food but it’s not cooked food and they can’t cook in the shelter. So we’re looking for cooked food for them,” she told The Post.

What, no room service?

Western Journal reports on their disappointment:

“They all are saying that this is not what they were expecting,” CBS News New York’s John Dias said in a live report on the scene of the protest.

What are they going to do now, return home? Not likely.

Their dissatisfaction will be easy for Democrats to weaponize against the native population the newcomers have been imported to displace. New York City Councilmember Alexa Avilés is already at it:

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