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Sep 17 2021

Kathy Hochul Forces Pointless Masks on Toddlers

Evidence accrues that New York Governor Kathy Hochul is even worse than the disgraced tyrant she replaced. Now she forces toddlers to attempt to breathe through snot-encrusted masks all day for no legitimate reason:

Wearing masks is particularly unhealthy for children (see here and here). There is no significant upside to making kids wear masks to counter the negative impact. Suppose the masks — which are probably rarely on their faces straight anyway — actually do protect toddlers from Covid; so what? Even the leftists at NPR admit Covid is no more serious than everyday viruses for small children. Only a lunatic would impose the masks in the name of the flu. Mask mandates are child abuse.

Speaking of leftists, here Wuhan gain-of-function funder and liberal icon Anthony Fauci reminds us that the masks are a silly waste of time even for adults:

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Sep 15 2021

Kathy Hochul Attacks Transportation, Free Speech

It seemed no replacement could be worse than the arrogantly tyrannical Andrew Cuomo. But progressives always manage to progress still further into dysfunctional authoritarian madness. Kathy Hochul tops even Cuomo by banning normal vehicles and calling on Facebook to censor opponents of abortion.

Via Newsmax:

Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-N.Y., last week signed legislation banning the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035.

Mandating the use of economically inefficient electric vehicles in the name of the climate allows Democrats to adopt the posture that they control even the weather. The policy also has a real world application: to make vehicles unaffordable to many Americans, denying them independent transportation. All things independent are anathema to Democrats.

By 2035, the last sane Americans will have escaped the People’s Republic of New York anyway. But Hochul et al. would like to see authoritarian ecolunacy imposed nationwide:

New York, California, and 10 other states asked President Joe Biden in April to set standards to ensure that all new passenger cars and light-duty trucks are zero-emissions by 2035.

Censorship is something else Hochul would like to impose beyond the borders of the Empire State. Via The Blaze:

In a letter to Facebook founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the governor requested “information on any and all existing efforts to combat misinformation regarding abortion laws, procedures, and their availability.” She also pressed for Zuckerberg to, “Take additional action to curb the spread of this misinformation, as Facebook has with information related to COVID-19, vaccines, and voting rights.”

If information regarding Covid and election integrity that Democrats want suppressed constitutes “misinformation,” so does anything that might dissuade expectant mothers from aborting their children.

New York’s next governor will likely be even worse than Hochul, difficult as that might be to imagine.

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Sep 05 2021

Yusef Salaam of Central Park 5 Running for State Senate

Did you think the political leadership in New York could not possibly get worse? Wrong. Progressives will always find a way to progress still further into hitherto unimagined depths of sociopathic depravity. Even in light of the chaos unleashed by bail reform, New York’s rulers could become still more pro-criminal. Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5 is running for State Senate.

Salaam’s claim to fame is being convicted of raping a white woman and beating her into a coma.

From the liberal Daily News:

Nearly 20 years after a judge vacated convictions against him and four of his buddies in one of the most sensational criminal justice cases in city history, Salaam has told associates that he is running to fill the seat being vacated by Harlem state Sen. Brian Benjamin (D), who was nominated last week to be New York’s next lieutenant governor.

The lieutenant governor is next in line to become governor; that’s how the godawful Kathy Hochul got her current job. Maybe if Salaam wins — and with his qualifications, he is likely to in Harlem — he will be next in line for lieutenant governor.

Associates said Salaam, 47, plans to focus, in part, on issues that made his name synonymous with wrongful conviction: criminal justice and prison reform, police brutality and the abolition of juvenile solitary confinement.

What did you expect him to do, make the city safe for white women to go jogging?

Background on the Central Park 5, via

When Trisha Meili’s body was discovered in New York City’s Central Park early in the morning on April 20, 1989, she had been so badly beaten and repeatedly raped that she remained in a coma for nearly two weeks and retained no memory of the attack.

The brutal assault of the 28-year-old white investment banker, who had been out for a jog the night before, led to widespread public outcry and the quick arrest and subsequent conviction of five black and Latino teens…

These included Yusef Salaam, who served almost 7 years for first-degree rape and robbery.

Meili’s rape and attack was so severe, she lost 75 percent of her blood, suffering a severe skull fracture among other injuries. The woman, identified in the media as the Central Park Jogger until she made her name public in 2003, had been bludgeoned with a rock, tied up, raped and left for dead.

Later, Matias Reyes claimed to be the lone culprit. The five wilding teens had their convictions voided and were handed a $41 million bonus courtesy of taxpayers, because they were said to be the victims of “racial discrimination.” The wolf pack of savage youths were paid about $1 million per year each for cooling their heels in prison.

Revisionist propaganda has deified the Central Park 5. Yet they almost certainly participated in the rape of Trisha Meili, as well as robbing and beating other innocent people that night. As former sex crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein notes,

Salaam took the stand at his trial, represented by a lawyer chosen and paid for by his mother, and testified that he had gone into the park carrying a 14-inch metal pipe—the same type of weapon that was used to bludgeon both a male schoolteacher and Ms. Meili. Mr. Reyes’s confession changed none of this. He admitted being the man whose DNA had been left in the jogger’s body and on her clothing, but the two juries that heard those facts knew the main assailant in the rape had not been caught. The five were charged as accomplices, as persons “acting in concert” with each other and with the then-unknown man who raped the jogger, not as those who actually performed the act. In their original confessions—later recanted—they admitted to grabbing her breasts and legs, and two of them admitted to climbing on top of her and simulating intercourse. Semen was found on the inside of their clothing, corroborating those confessions.

Even if he really were innocent, Salaam would not be the one to bring safety to the streets of New York. He holds a bitter grudge against law enforcement:

“The overwhelming feeling that I have towards the police and prosecutors is that they knew that we had not done this crime,” Salaam told NPR earlier this year. “They knew it, but yet they chose to move forward. They built their careers off of our backs. And the law of karma caught up to them.”

The law of karma is catching up with all New Yorkers, as their deranged liberalism places maniacs in charge.

Salaam has one other bullet point on his resume. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Barack Obama. I’m not kidding.

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Sep 03 2021

Bail Reform Enables Flashing Children in New York

Allowing moonbats to control the government has consequences, and the consequences have consequences. Letting Democrats achieve total dominance in New York resulted in bail reform, which in turn resulted in Harry Zucker repeatedly exposing himself to children at a Brooklyn school.

The New York Post reports:

Zucker, a scraggly, white-haired 77-year-old with an apparent penchant for fondling himself in public in front of children, has exposed himself five times since April 27, according to court records.

But the creep keeps getting sprung because judges are largely barred from imposing bail on the misdemeanor charges, the filings show.

He lives across a narrow alley from the playground of PS 199. The school hung up netting to block children’s view of his exposed privates, but this isn’t working. He has been seen masturbating inside the schoolyard.

Like all scoundrels and sickos these days, he portrays himself as a victim:

Zucker had suggested he had a past history of sexual abuse and claimed he couldn’t “control” himself, court records show.

“I’m sorry I was sodomized by the black man,” Zucker claimed to the judge during the hearing, records show. “It affected my brain and my body. I can’t control what the black man did to me, I cannot control my brain, I cannot control the sexuality of my body, I am very sorry.”

A mother who does not dare send her 4-year-old to PS 199, and who hasn’t gotten the memo that “Love Is Love,” fails to empathize with Zucker’s plight.

“He hasn’t touched a child, right? He’s only touched himself. Are we waiting for that? … Because if that’s what we’re waiting for, we’re sicker than he is, as a society.”

We are sick as a society, all right — or at least, the deep blue states are. From there the rot will continue to spread.

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Sep 02 2021

NYC’s Tiffany Cabán Wants to Inflict “Restorative Justice”

When liberal rule makes the inversion of justice complete, Big Government will force victims of crime to help their assailants — as may soon be the case in New York:

The radical “public safety” plan put forward by socialist candidate Tiffany Cabán, who’s a shoo-in for a Queens City Council seat in November’s election, would essentially re-victimize the victims of violent crimes in the name of “restorative justice.”

Cabán has already won the Democrat primary, which in single-party New York generally means it’s over.

When it is up to moonbats, we won’t need police and prisons, just lots of social workers to oversee criminals and their victims holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

“Example of Use: A person is beat up, suffers a broken rib, and is robbed of his wallet. First, his needs are heard and affirmed, and he works with trained staff to develop a services and healing plan,” Cabán’s proposal reads.

“Then, when he is ready, he participates in restorative justice circles with the person who harmed him and their respective support systems. He asks questions and gets answers, and they develop an accountability and consequences plan.”

If only “accountability and consequences” meant stiff prison sentences. But that’s not what leftists have in mind by “restorative justice.”

The exploding crime crisis in places like New York is the direct result of Black Lives Matter moonbattery. Characteristically, liberals intend to make matters worse by addressing the crisis they caused with more moonbattery.

There are plenty more where AOC came from.

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Sep 01 2021

March Toward Marxism Continues in New York

The most absolute form of tyranny yet devised is communism. It is based on depriving the individual of property rights. Authoritarians understand that all rights rest on property rights; without them, you effectively have no rights at all. That’s why incremental communists — i.e., Democrats — are waging war on property rights at the national level and at the state level in single-party New York under leftist Governor Kathy Hochul:

Hochul announced late Tuesday that she’s summoning legislators for a rare special session to extend New York’s expiring eviction moratorium and allocate more financial relief for renters in a bid to stave off an avalanche of evictions at a time when the coronavirus is resurging in the state.

We see once again why Jane Fonda calls Covid “God’s gift to the Left.” A bug goes around and suddenly landlords have no right to determine who lives on their property; they must allow deadbeats to live there for free. This confirms that if you provide housing by renting out your property to supplement your income or as a means of making a living, it is not your property after all but the government’s property, and can be seized at any time on the thinnest of pretexts.

The “financial relief for renters” sweetens the deal for the deadbeats and parasites who comprise the Democrat Party’s voter base. If all goes according to plan, we will become a nation of deadbeats and parasites.

With apologies to those who really have been put out of work by Covid, this is not about Covid. It is about Marxism. There are a record number of job openings in this country.

The Supreme Court just confirmed that Covid does not grant Big Government the rightful authority to prevent property owners from charging rent. However,

Hochul called the top court ruling “heartless” and said New York taking matter into its own hands is crucial because “the pandemic is not over.”

Nor will it ever be over so long as leftists can exploit it.

No word from the heartless Hochul on the landlords whose lives have been destroyed by tyrannical eviction moratoriums. Landlords have always been a favorite scapegoat of Marxists.

Meanwhile, only a fraction of the $2.7 billion allocated to New York’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been allocated. This is not about helping renters. It is about destroying the concept of property. In utopia, you will own nothing and be happy, as the globalist liberal elitists who will own everything through the government like to tell us.

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Aug 19 2021

Why It’s a Wonderful Time to Be a Criminal in New York

In New York nowadays, criminals are one constituency that is represented by the lowlifes in charge at both the city and state level.

At the city level,

In July 2020, following the George Floyd riots, Mayor Bill de Blasio disbanded the NYPD’s anti-crime unit, which led to a sharp rise in murders and shootings across Gotham. In response, Hizzoner called a news conference in Harlem in which he vowed to address crime’s “root causes.”

Brace yourself. The only thing more devastating than the problems Democrats create is their solutions to those problems.

Through an outfit called Advance Peace, the city will offer a stipend of $1,000 per month (“transformational opportunities”) to “young men ­involved in lethal firearm ­offenses,” at the same time pairing them with “neighborhood change agents” [this apparently means older ex-cons] — “credible messengers, meaning they bring life experience, conflict mediation and mentorship skills to the target population.”

A stipend for criminals, financed with money taken by force from people who are not criminals. We are reaching peak liberalism.

At the state level,

Days after giving two weeks’ notice that he would resign his office amid a serial sexual harassment scandal, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is using the unprecedented lame-duck period to grant clemency and pardons to 10 felons — including three convicts tied to killings.

With friends in high places, you can get away with murder. Every criminal has friends in high places with Democrats in charge.

Cuomo and de Blasio will be off the stage soon. But they are effects, not causes, of the disease killing New York. Both will be replaced by other leftists just as bad or — if this is even conceivable — still worse.

Behold the culture that is being created in place of civilization:

[Aaron Garcia] has been busted in the terrifying, caught-on-camera hatchet attack on an ATM customer in Lower Manhattan — and is also suspected in two other incidents involving strangers earlier this month, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday. …

Shocking surveillance video from Sunday’s attack allegedly shows Garcia using a hatchet to repeatedly slash a 51-year-man during an unprovoked, sneak assault that began when the victim was using an ATM machine around 5:20 p.m. …

At one point, Garcia is allegedly seen bringing the hatchet down on the already bloodied victim’s head during the unrelenting rampage.

Garcia then allegedly smashed the screens of the ATM machines before leaving the hatchet behind when he fled the scene, cops said.

If he shouted “Black Lives Matter” while wreaking righteous vengeance on these symbols of capitalism, expect a pardon from Cuomo’s successor.

Another current New York story:

A stranger pummeled a 32-year-old man in a Brooklyn subway station over the weekend — breaking bones in his face, new video released by police shows.

The assailant — whom the victim did not know — approached him inside the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station at 6:50 p.m. Sunday and socked him in the face multiple times, authorities said. …

Police are still looking for the suspect.

It won’t help that he was conveniently wearing a Covid mask. At least the respective skin tones of assailant and victim offer a clue as to the motive.

The progressives who run both the government and the media egg on and glorify criminals and the behavior that defines them. The results are inevitable.

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Aug 13 2021

Handcuffed and Caged for Walking Dog in NYC

Under moonbat rule, crime is essentially legal. Shoplifters fill garbage bags with merchandise and walk out of the store unmolested. Walking your dog, on the other hand…

From New York City:

An Upper West Side woman was handcuffed, tossed into a police holding cell and treated like a criminal all over a minor infraction — walking her two dogs without a leash in Riverside Park…

Since the dogs were engaged in impermissible activity, they qualified for the same treatment:

Though unleashed, Comet and Sophie also stood obediently nearby, circling around their owner as one of the officers tried in vain to herd them into wire cages. […T]he officer who initiated the arrest gleefully explained how he’d use an electric stick to shock them into compliance.

Fortunately, her boyfriend arrived to rescue Comet and Sophie.

Once at the precinct, Marchand said she was treated like a “real” criminal — officers stripped her of her shoes and made her remove the strings from her pants as she sat in a holding cell…

On the contrary, if she were treated like a real criminal in New York, she would be awarded $millions in damages to compensate her for psychological trauma, and AOC would deliver tearful speeches on her behalf.

If only she had thought to throw a brick at the park cops and scream, “Black Lives Matter!” Then authorities would have left her alone.

The term for the liberal system of government is “anarchotyranny.”

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Aug 04 2021

Curtains for Cuomo?

The jig could be up for the vainglorious tyrant who set himself up as the fascist dictator of the Empire State. Andrew Cuomo may skate for killing thousands by forcing nursing homes to take in Covid patients and then covering it up, but having enemies even further to the left could result in his #MeToo defenestration:

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) announced on Tuesday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) sexually harassed current and former state employees, violating both federal and state law, as determined by the months-long investigation.

James is a radical leftist. Cuomo may be standing in the way of her ambitions.

The investigation determined that Cuomo and his senior team, on at least one occasion, actively worked to retaliate against a former employee after she stepped forward.

Like Joe Biden exposing himself to female Secret Service agents, Cuomo has allegedly repeatedly molested a State Trooper assigned to protect him. Speaking of Handsy Joe, Biden declared that Cuomo should resign if the investigation were to turn out like it just did. Three House Democrats from New York (Tom Suozzi, Hakeem Jeffries, Gregory Meeks) agree that he should resign.

Rep Elise Stefanik (R-NY) tops that by calling for Cuomo to be arrested. However, he faces no criminal charges from James’ office, even if he did indulge in unlawful sexual harassment and retaliation against multiple victims.

Cuomo shares his guilt with the media establishment:

Several media outlets knew that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was trying to destroy one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment.

These outlets include the Associated Press, the New York Times, the New York Post, the Hill, CBS, NY1 News, and the New York Daily News.

Someone else in the media went further to protect him — namely, his brother Fredo:

The AG report also included an email in which Chris Cuomo appeared to draft a statement for his brother responding to the allegations. …

The governor gave a speech the same day that the email was sent that was almost identical to the draft his brother wrote for him.

Fredo’s involvement would represent a major conflict of interest for the CNN propagandist — except that no one expects unbiased reporting from CNN.

Characteristically arrogant, the erstwhile Luv Gov denies everything and refuses to step down.

It would be wonderful to see this ham-fisted authoritarian pried loose from power. Seeing who replaces him in a state that has gone off the rails into moonbattery may be less wonderful.

Biden was for him before he was against him.

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Aug 04 2021

Open Thread

To be clear... no one is above the law. - Andrew Cuomo
Jul 26 2021

Andrew Cuomo Still Sounds Like a Tyrant

Incredibly, Andrew Cuomo is still Governor of New York, despite having killed thousands by forcing nursing homes to accept Covid patients and then covering it up. He isn’t lightening up on the Covid tyranny either, even with the virus on the wane. Looks like he is on board with the Biden plan to send vaccine Strike Forces from door to door:

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Jul 12 2021

Life as a Landlady in NYC

If your problems start to seem overwhelming, just be thankful you aren’t a landlord in a place overrun by moonbats like New York City. No task could be more thankless than providing housing to those who regard it as a human right, especially now that Covid has provided a pretext for the leftists in control to crank the ratchet toward utopia.

Via The Blaze, the New York Times reports on how the Covid eviction moratoriums that have been imposed on both the federal and state level have affected Queens landlady Vanie Mangal:

The first-floor tenants have not paid rent in 15 months, bang on the ceiling below her bed at all hours for no apparent reason and yell, curse and spit at her, Ms. Mangal said. A tenant in the basement apartment also stopped paying rent, keyed Ms. Mangal’s car and dumped packages meant for her by the garbage. After Ms. Mangal got an order of protection and then a warrant for the tenant’s arrest, the woman and her daughter moved out.

At least she managed to get them out of her house. These days, that isn’t always doable.

Ms. Mangal — who has captured many of her tenants’ actions on surveillance video — has not only lost sleep from the tensions inside her two-story home but also $36,600 in rental income.

Among the incidents captured on video, one tenant pulled up her oversized shirt to present Mangal with her buttocks, after screaming obscenities at her and accusing her of stealing the mail.

Odds of ever collecting the money her tenants owe her are slim.

Usually, after Big Government breaks your leg, it hands you a crutch that it forced someone else to pay for and then expects gratitude. However, to receive any financial assistance, Mangal would have to let her tenants stay for at least a year from the time she gets the aid, without raising the rent.

Even with the eviction moratoriums, she can take them to court for their behavior. She filed a law suit back in December. But there is a massive backlog. Big Government is quick to create problems, slower to provide redress of grievances.

Wait until all other goods and services come to be seen as human rights. Then everyone who provides them can expect the treatment landlords receive in liberal jurisdictions. By then, such people will be a shrinking minority.

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Jul 11 2021

Next Menace Ahead: Alvin Bragg

Buffalo can look forward to the chaos unleashed by a radical mayor. At the opposite end of the Empire State, NYC will soon face Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who like India B. Walton has won the Democrat primary in a single-party jurisdiction. This represents a setback for civilization:

That he wants the Manhattan DA’s Office to emulate the prosecutors’ offices in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and San Francisco should alarm the NYPD and law-abiding citizens.

For example, the San Francisco’s DA is Chesa Boudin, offspring of cop-killing terrorists Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert. He was raised by two other Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Boudin ran on a platform of openly siding with criminals against law enforcement. As you would expect, San Francisco is degenerating into dysfunctional anarchy.

Under antipolice, pro-Black Lives Matter Bill de Blasio, New York City has set off on the same path. Bragg looks likely to accelerate the decay.

Bragg will immediately begin de-prosecuting certain offenses, refusing to punish violations of duly enacted criminal laws. These include resisting arrest, trespassing, fare evasion, marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license and any traffic violation.

Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton applied broken windows theory to clean up the mess left by earlier administrations and make the Big Apple safe and livable again. The strategy calls for preventing big crimes by cracking down on small ones.

Lately, Democrats have been applying broken windows in reverse, deliberately creating explosive crime rates for motives that are not yet clear but that could not possibly be benign.

Liberal bail reform has flooded New York streets with criminals, placing law-abiding citizens at great risk. Expect more of this malevolent lunacy under Bragg:

“Non-incarceration is the outcome for every case, except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim, a class-B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury or felony sex offenses,” his campaign materials read. … Bragg proposes virtually the same non-incarceration path for both bail and criminal convictions. Thus, these offenders will walk out of jail the same day they are arrested and apparently will never return.

This will be imposed on the public under cover of the usual leftist claptrap:

Bragg tops off these detailed proposals with the usual progressive mantra of ending mass incarceration, racial disparities and police misconduct.

He is serious about putting even more criminals on the streets, promising to hire a senior staff member to “oversee implementation of new policies relating to declination and diversion, alternatives to incarceration, reentry and restorative justice.”

The $5 words, manufactured at great public expense by pernicious chin-pullers in academia, are euphemisms for letting criminals run loose.

Bragg won’t go after criminals, but he will prosecute Donald Trump.

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Jun 11 2021

Bank Robber Released, Robs Another Bank the Next Day

Democrats screech that America has excessive incarceration rates and that this is racist. Their solution: let criminals out of jail, in the name of Covid, overcrowding, bail reform, or simply sheer moonbattery. New York City demonstrates how this works in practice:

An alleged thief was collared shortly after sticking up a Manhattan bank on Thursday — just one day after he was cut loose in an earlier bank heist, The Post has learned.

Chi Ngo is accused of pulling off the robberies at two separate Chase Banks in as many days, according to sources and court documents.

After stealing $2,300 from a Chase branch on Canal Street, Ngo was charged with third-degree robbery and possession of a weapon and burglar’s tools. But that was no reason not to let him loose on “supervised release.”

Good thing the release was supervised. Otherwise, he might have really gotten up to trouble.

You can see why the lavishly establishment-backed Black Lives Matter wants to abolish police and prisons. What’s the point of arresting people and locking them up if they are just going to be set free again to resume their criminal activities? If we let criminals run riot, they will soon steal everything worth having, and we won’t have to worry about theft anymore.

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