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Jun 01 2019

Virtual Visit to New York City

Hotels are expensive in New York City. Potential tourists may find it more economical to visit via the Internet. Here we take a virtual ride on the world-famous subway system. Sorry about the language:

If you enjoyed that ride, take a couple more here and here.

The progressive future is now in New York City.

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May 29 2019

De Blasio to Triple Release of Violent Teen Criminals

Why is Bill de Blasio running for president when he hasn’t even finished turning New York City into Venezuela yet? Because his job as mayor is almost complete:

Bill de Blasio hopes to “more than triple” the number of teens who are released from city jails with no bail on charges as serious as armed robbery, assault and burglary, The Post has learned.

New guidelines from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will also “significantly” expand the number of adults eligible for de Blasio’s no-bail Supervised Release Program…

The expansion of the city’s Supervised Release Program is part of de Blasio’s controversial plan to shut down the Rikers Island jail complex, an effort he has been touting on the campaign trail as part of his long-shot presidential bid.

What do you need a jail complex for when you can advance social justice by letting the criminals run free?

“In our city, we have reduced our jail population about 30 percent already … We are ending the era of mass incarceration in New York City,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

A local increase in violent crime is a small price to pay for de Blasio’s pandering to a certain national constituency.

It isn’t just de Blasio. The entire state is circling the drain under increasingly radical left-wing rule.

De Blasio’s new policies set the stage for the statewide elimination of cash bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent offenses next year.

No wonder Democrats want felons voting — even from prison. No party could be more loyal to a key segment of its base than Democrats are to lawbreakers. Criminals would be fools not to return the favor.

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May 21 2019

New York May Use Unemployment Insurance to Subsidize Strikes

In New York, leftism and corruption reach their apotheosis and blend together so it hard to say where one leaves off and the other begins. For example, leftist politicians and unions, working in sync as usual, are on the verge of usurping unemployment insurance and using it to subsidize strikes, rather than as emergency assistance to those who are jobless through no fault of their own.

Even in New York, strikers have to be out of work at least 8 weeks before they can receive unemployment benefits…

But on May 1, New York’s state Senate voted to let strikers get benefits one week after walking off the job—essentially putting them on equal footing with those who are laid off.

May 1, the communist holiday. Some coincidence.

If Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs this bill, he’ll effectively be using New York’s unemployment-insurance program to subsidize union strikes, upending the balance of power between workers and management.

That would force employers to pay people who refuse to work. Yet again we see that leftism is where tyranny and insanity intersect.

Subsidizing strikes will of course produce more strikes, adding to the dysfunctional business-hostile climate that has the productive class bailing out of New York.

The subsidy, like all pernicious things inflicted by Big Government, would grow:

New York is already increasing unemployment benefits, scrapping its $450-a-week cap in favor of a formula set to rise each year until 2026, when recipients will get up to 50% of the state’s average weekly wage, which is currently about $1,401.

Staying in business while paying people to march around with picket signs instead of working won’t be easy.

This would save Big Unions a fortune. That’s where the corruption comes in.

Many unions provide members with strike benefits to make up for lost wages… U.S. labor unions have paid out more than $149 million in strike benefits in just the past three years, federal records show.

Letting strikers collect unemployment benefits would relieve unions of much of those costs, freeing money up for other purposes—such as campaign contributions.

It is still possible for employers to escape from New York. But an idea this bad can’t escape the attention of Bernie Sanders for long. Once he demands this be imposed at the national level, the other Democrat candidates will launch into their habitual me too chorus.

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May 20 2019

NYC Schools Throw Hatred of Whites Into Overdrive

The sort of moonbats who run NYC schools hate us not for our flaws, but for our virtues — the very virtues that made us successful:

The city Department of Education has spent more than half a million bucks on training in combatting “white supremacy culture,” teaching of such sins as “perfectionism,” “a belief in meritocracy” and “the Protestant work ethic,” as one seminar-goer told The Post’s Susan Edelman. Any whites who object to being accused of deep-rooted bias, that same DOE executive reports, get called “fragile” and “defensive.”

Imagine the shrieks of indignation if anyone suggested that the belligerently sensitive protected groups that achieve power by taking theatrical offense over “microaggressions” are fragile and defensive.

The training is just part of Chancellor Richard Carranza’s drive to root out the bigotry that he claims dominates the school system — a system that in reality is packed with progressives.

Speaking of bigotry, Carranza stands accused of demoting administrators for being white.

To ensure ideological compliance, Carranza has purged more than a dozen mostly white top DOE officials. Imagine how far left you would have to be to escape a purge in such an environment of pure moonbattery.

The DOE’s Office of Equity and Access reflects how taxpayer money is spent under the rule of presidential candidate Bill de Blasio:

…the office is spending more than 700 grand on “Courageous Conversation” training on racism in the workplace — a protocol centered on the “white supremacy culture” nonsense.

The office is spending another $175,000 on consultant Darnisa Amante, who says she works to “change mindsets around equity and dismantling systemic oppression and racism.”

Hating whites and the culture created by whites is a profitable business these days. For the most part, the industry is coercively funded with our money.

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May 18 2019

What Bill de Blasio Blames for Blacks Attacking Jews

What does Mayor Bill de Blasio blame for the epidemic of blacks attacking Jews in Brooklyn? Global warming? No — not even that would be preposterous enough. He blames white supremacy:

In a recent spate of hate crime attacks on Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, virtually all the perpetrators have been African-American, according to local activists, elected officials, and victims.

So much for reality regarding the 82% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in NYC. Now let’s hear the liberal spin:

“It’s really clear that forces of white supremacy have been unleashed,” de Blasio said in a press conference earlier this month. “A lot of folks used to be told it was unacceptable to be anti-Semitic, it was unacceptable to be racist and now they’re getting more permission.”

They sure have gotten permission — from Democrats in Congress.

Crown Heights is where Democrat kingmaker Al Sharpton whipped up a pogrom that killed Yankel Rosenbaum for being Jewish. This violence is a boon to the progressives who control the media. It lets them point to a rise in hate crimes and blame it on conservatives, despite conservatives not being involved in any way where Crown Heights is concerned.

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May 15 2019

Take a Ride on the NYC Subway

When Rudy Giuliani became mayor, he temporarily reversed progress. One of the conspicuous results was that the NYC subway system became much cleaner. But voters changed course. They rejected everything Giuliani stood for by electing the quintessential progressive, Bill de Blasio. Again, the condition of the subway is emblematic:

It is doubtful that any thought criminals will commit oppression by getting people in trouble for “eating while black” on this southbound #2 train in the Bronx.

One of the great things about the NYC subway system is that it allows you to take a ride into our utopian future.

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Apr 25 2019

De Blasio Cracks Down on Hot Dogs

There is nothing the Bill de Blasio and the rest of the envirocommies running New York won’t ban or at the very least severely restrict in the name of the increasingly farcical global warming hoax. Not even skyscrapers in Manhattan. Not even hot dogs.


Mayor Bill de Blasio approved an ambitious $14 billion Green New Deal on Monday, April 22, to combat climate change. The plan will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities. The new commitment builds off of the Meatless Mondays campaign that was adopted by all NYC schools in 2017.

Processed meat will be eliminated altogether. Because hot dogs make it be too hot out according to liberal dogma.

We are literally dealing with lunatics.

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Apr 24 2019

De Blasio Declares War on Skyscrapers

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, proclaimed at an Earth Day press conference his intention to impose a local version of the Khmer Vert’s Green New Deal. It rigidly restricts building glass and steel skyscrapers in the forest of such skyscrapers that is NYC:

“We are going to introduce legislation to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers that have contributed so much to global warming,” de Blasio said.

“They have no place in our city or our Earth anymore.”

The assertion that skyscrapers ever have or ever will measurably influence world temperatures is preposterous. But moonbattery is all about symbolism, even if its disastrous effects are concrete. Skyscrapers represent the triumph of man over his environment. Radical environmentalism represents reverting back into subsistence level savages lest our accomplishments affront the weather gods. A progressive will naturally want to sacrifice the former to the latter.

Since skyscrapers have no place in his city or on earth, it isn’t enough to forbid building new ones. It stands to reason that the ones already standing should come down, lest the climate find them offensive.

You might think this raging hatred for skyscrapers would touch a nerve with New Yorkers who remember 9/11. But New Yorkers have forgotten all about 9/11; otherwise, they could never have elected AOC, who squeaks that we should have just let the terror attacks slide.

The legislation de Blasio is pushing would not actually ban skyscrapers. It would only make them prohibitively expensive to build. But we know where he and the people who elected him are coming from. The very concept of achievement should be torn down, leaving us to curl up in the corner of a dark cold cave and feel guilty about nothing. That is liberalism in a nutshell.

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Apr 09 2019

Decriminalizing Prostitution in NYC

In utopia, contributing to harmless CO2 emissions will be a crime — or at the very least result in draconian fines. However, the social engineers in charge will balance this tyranny by legalizing anything associated with degeneracy — e.g., reducing yourself to a vegetable or engaging in prostitution:

He’s decriminalized marijuana and now Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez wants to do the same for prostitution — and is even open to making sex work legal.

“I believe in decriminalization,” Gonzalez told an April 4 forum sponsored by Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn. …

He said he would also consider supporting a law to outright legalize sex work — as long it doesn’t let sex traffickers off the hook because that’s “obviously a big issue.”

For now. But progressivism always progresses. Once the ratchet has secured a notch, it moves on to the next notch.

The strategy is effective. Consider the level of degeneracy that has been established over the past 60 years, and ask yourself how people would have reacted if it had been imposed all at once in the year 1959.

Official decriminalization or legalization is up to the state legislature. Prostitution is not prosecuted in the rotting Big Apple anyway. Prostitutes are at most asked to do community service and then their cases are dismissed.

As a spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney puts it,

“Our policy is to ensure that those engaged in prostitution are not further marginalized by having a criminal record.”

Already, prostitutes are “marginalized.” If they continue to climb the Cultural Marxist totem pole, social engineers will bestow upon them the cherished status of “oppressed.”

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Mar 26 2019

Don’t Work as a Delivery Man in NYC

Civilization only works because most of us are civilized. Where a critical mass of barbarity is achieved, civilization breaks down. Bill de Blasio’s New York City is a case in point. It is a poor place to work as a delivery man:

Surveillance cameras in the Bronx caught a brutal assault and robbery of a delivery man by a violent group of attackers.

Police say the 36-year-old victim was making a delivery for Uber Eats when four men ambushed him and pushed the worker off his bike.

The group then punched the victim to the ground and allegedly threatened him with a knife before getting away with his electric bike and iPhone.

It was hardly an unusual occurrence.

The gang-style ambush is the latest report in a disturbing and growing trend of groups beating other New Yorkers throughout the city.

Law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by their government, leaving them completely at the mercy of packs of young savages that are bred for their votes by the welfare state.

It took many thousands of years to climb out of the jungle. It is only taking a few decades to slide back into it.

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Mar 23 2019

Virtual Visit to NYC Subway

Why travel all the way to New York City when you can see the sights from the safety of your computer or phone? Here we take a ride on the world-famous NYC subway:

You know you are in New York because no one lifts a finger to help the old woman being kicked in the head. The goon’s kaffiyeh is a nice touch, accentuating the role of moonbattery in the city’s decay.

This is what North America in general will look like when liberal objectives have been achieved.


Mar 04 2019

Put Jumaane Williams in Charge of Mental Health in NYC

Given that lesbian poet co-mayor of color Chirlane McCray has flushed $850 million down a toilet labeled “Mental Health” and no one can say where the money went, maybe New York should put its new public advocate, firearms expert, and possible next mayor Jumaane Williams in charge of the issue. He does have relevant experience:

“I want to speak out on this because it’s important,” Williams said on Election Night. “I’ve been in therapy for the past three years. I want to say that publicly. I want to say that to black men who are listening.”

A few more years of therapy might cure him of moonbattery. I wouldn’t count on it though.

Whoever said that people get the leadership they deserve must have had it in for New Yorkers.

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Mar 02 2019

De Blasio and Chirlane McCray Waste $Billions

Bill de Blasio was a great deal for NYC leftists because as with Bill & Hillary Clinton, they received two moonbats for the price of one. In addition to the smirking communist de Blasio, they also got a co-mayor in his wife, politically active lesbian poet of color Chirlane McCray. However, this was not such a great deal for taxpayers:

Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray cannot explain where $850million given to the mental health program she champions has gone, according to reports.

In the three years it has been running, organizers at ThriveNYC have largely failed to keep records of the initiative’s achievements…

That could be because the main achievement has been siphoning money from the pockets of hard-working New Yorkers to bestow upon the city’s corruptocracy and its beneficiaries.

Despite that, the program has been granted an even bigger budget going forward and is now on track to spend $1billion over five years.

There is nothing Big Government loves more than failure. That’s why it is rewarded so lavishly with ever more public money.

Mental illness has reach epidemic levels in NYC, or Chirlane McCray would not be where she is. Putting her is charge of curing it through ThriveNYC is itself a symptom of mental illness.

In other NYC tax & spend news,

Meanwhile de Blasio announced earlier this week that he is mothballing his failed Renewal school program after spending $773million.

Great, now taxpayers will get their $773 million back. Just kidding. The loot has already been dispersed to the four winds.

There is plenty more waste where that came from:

How many other big-bucks initiatives are in similar straits is unknowable — mostly because bureaucrats never blow the whistle on themselves and also because Gotham’s formal watchdog, city Comptroller Scott Stringer, is among the most incurious individuals ever to hold the office.

You might say it is his job to be incurious.

New Yorkers voted for this and will do so again next election.

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Feb 27 2019

Portraits in Moonbattery: Jumaane Williams

In New York City, the public advocate is next in line to the mayoralty. The position is a launching pad to run for mayor. Sane people who have not yet escaped the rotting Big Apple will not like what’s coming down the pipe. Introducing Jumaane Williams:

City Councilman Jumaane Williams, an outspoken advocate for police reform who has been critical of Mayor de Blasio for not being progressive enough, won a special election to be the city’s next public advocate. …

He has a history of being arrested for civil disobedience, most recently for blocking an ambulance in protest of plans to deport immigration activist Ravi Ragbir.

Not exactly a moderate. But then, New York is no place for moderates anymore.

Apart from the activism, Williams was also arrested following a fight with his girlfriend; details are unclear.

Already he has been challenging de Blasio, who himself was the public advocate when he ran for mayor:

“The mayor I endorsed in 2013 is not the mayor I have seen lately,” Williams said at a debate last week.

Williams first ran for City Council with the lunatic left Working Families Party, which is delighted with his win. Crows state director Bill Lipton,

“This is another big victory for the progressive movement that swept away the corporate Democrats in the IDC and ousted Republicans from the State Senate.”

IDC stands for the Independent Democratic Conference. This is now defunct, its members having been defeated at the polls by challengers to their left.

In New York, the unfolding options are far left and even farther left.

Why did people vote for Williams? This gives an idea:

Voter Sherman Forbes, 46, of East Harlem, said he voted for Williams…

“Because he’s always out there. He’s always on the front lines. He’s the one getting arrested,” Forbes said.

Being the type who gets arrested on a regular basis will soon be an entry-level qualification to hold office in New York.

Another relevant qualification is that Williams has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. Via MedicineNet:

Complex motor tics might include facial grimacing combined with a head twist and a shoulder shrug. Other complex motor tics may actually appear purposeful, including sniffing or touching objects, hopping, jumping, bending, or twisting. Simple vocal tics may include throat-clearing, sniffing/snorting, grunting, or barking. More complex vocal tics include words or phrases. Perhaps the most dramatic and disabling tics include motor movements that result in self-harm such as punching oneself in the face or vocal tics including coprolalia (uttering swear words) or echolalia (repeating the words or phrases of others).

The grunting, barking, echolalia, and coprolalia will be particularly useful for barking left-wing talking points and grunting insults at those accused of not being sufficiently progressive.

Rudy Giuliani was the last arguably right of center mayor of New York. Michael Bloomberg was the last right of Karl Marx mayor. Bill de Blasio was the last Caucasian mayor. Who knows what milestone Mayor Jumaane Williams will personify?

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