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Feb 17 2020

New York Squeegee Men Are Back

Liberals are so unable to deal with defeat that they will not concede lost elections even years after the fact. There is no reason for them to take it so hard. When conservatives win, it doesn’t destroy decay, but only holds it off until Democrats are back in power, at which point their “progress” toward total ruin can resume.

A case in point is New York City. Living in Manhattan at the time, I witnessed a miraculous transformation when David Dinkins was replaced by Rudy Giuliani as mayor. A city that had been degenerating into a cesspool became livable again. But only temporarily. Now Bill de Blasio is making up for lost time.

As noted earlier, Grand Central Station has once again become overrun with drug-addled lunatic derelicts. Out on the street, the infamous squeegee men that Giuliani had banished are back:

Overly aggressive window washers were a mainstay of city intersections in the 1980s and 1990s, squirting car windows at stoplights without permission — and at times terrorizing motorists by threatening to break windows or windshield wipers if they didn’t receive a tip.

Giuliani used the windshield cleaners as a symbol of the general disregard for law and order when he took office in 1994 — and made them a focus of his bid to improve the quality of life in the city.

Then-NYPD Commissioner William Bratton deployed New York’s Finest to get the pesky beggars back on the sidewalk.

But under de Blasio, police ignore them or at most shoo them away, knowing that they will immediately return.

“We don’t even arrest people for pissing in the street anymore, why would we arrest a squeegee guy?” a police source griped.

“They know they won’t get arrested, so why wouldn’t they come back?”

Applying the broken windows theory worked miracles under Giuliani. De Blasio has implemented the broken windows theory in reverse.

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Feb 17 2020

Charles Barry for President

It’s not as if no one benefits from New York’s descent into anarchotyranny. After 139 arrests, Charles Barry is making out fine:

Barry walked out of Manhattan Criminal Court early Saturday after his arraignment in his most recent arrest on Thursday afternoon.

He knew that except for having to spend about 36 hours in police custody, there were no immediate consequences to his alleged crimes, which include charges he snatched cash from people trying to use MetroCard machines.

“I’m famous! I take $200, $300 a day of your money, cracker! You can’t stop me!” Barry yelled to a Daily News reporter late Thursday night as police led him out of NYPD Transit District 1 headquarters in the Columbus Circle station.

Why shouldn’t he crow? He and people like him have conquered New York State. Projections suggest that they will soon have the demographic leverage to inflict the same on the country as a whole.

“Bail reform, it’s lit!” Barry said. “It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

It is because of New York’s liberal bail reform that Barry is so quickly released to commit further crimes.

Democrats are so desperate to find a suitable presidential candidate, maybe they should try Barry. No one personifies what the party stands for better than he does.

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Feb 16 2020

Grand Central Station Reduced to Homeless Shelter

Prior to Rudy Giuliani, getting through Grand Central Station was rough. You had to step over the multitudinous psychotic bums who slept there day and night, any of which might suddenly snap awake and come at you with a knife. The beggars were so aggressive as to qualify as muggers. It was wonderful when Giuliani came in and reclaimed Grand Central on behalf of civilization. Unfortunately, under Bill de Blasio, the famous terminal has reverted to jungle. Business owners find the current situation intolerable.

From CBS New York:

Inside the world-class transit hub adorned with grand chandeliers, you’ll find men and women sleeping at tables, hunched over on benches, using drinking fountains to bathe and walking barefoot feet away from where about two dozen business owners are trying to make a living selling food.

Joe Germanotta reports that Grand Central has in effect become a homeless shelter.

Germanotta owns Art Bird & Whiskey Bar, one of the restaurants in the lower-level dining concourse of Grand Central Terminal. He says the overwhelming homeless problem has him on the brink of closing. He’s already cut staff.

Running a business in Grand Central isn’t cheap.

Germanotta says he pays about $50,000 a month to the MTA.

But the Metropolitan Transportation Authority doesn’t see a problem, so long as it can fill its leases. Expecting de Blasio to side with business owners and employed commuters against psychotic drug-addled bums would be absurd. So the standard of living in New York continues to decline, despite the booming economy.

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Jan 31 2020

New York Requires Permit to Look at Sky

When it comes to implementing anarchotyranny, New York State may top Venezuela and even California. In the Empire State, bail is no longer required for a long list of serious crimes, so that violent maniacs, bank robbers, and major fentanyl dealers roam free — yet you literally need a permit to look at the sky.

I’m serious:

In their efforts to squeeze every dime they can from the tax farm, bureaucrats in New York have devised a scheme to extort citizens who wish to use public parks to gaze upon the night sky. This extortion comes in the form of a $35.00 “Stargazing Permit.” If you are from out of state and wish to gaze upon the night sky from one of these locations that fee jumps to $60.

Be advised that the permit “allows after sunset parking for stargazing only.” That means no necking in the car. But it’s okay in New York for drag queens to groom first-graders in public schools.

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Jan 29 2020

Large-Scale Fentanyl Dealers Released in NYC

Under moonbat rule, New York lurches ever closer to anarchy:

Six suspected drug dealers who are accused of running a $7 million fentanyl distribution operation out of a Bronx apartment were released without bail under the state’s new criminal justice law early Wednesday.

As noted previously, New York’s bail reform is insane.

The operation that suffered the temporary inconvenience of a bust is large enough to destroy any number of lives:

Hundreds of thousands of the envelopes packed with the powder were spread across two tables and overflowing from boxes in the apartment, authorities said.

No worries; despite being released, the suspects won’t run away:

The judge ordered them to turn over their passports, as a number of them have connections to the Dominican Republic.

It’s not as if criminals from Latin America could disappear in the sanctuary city of New York. They would stand out in such a tiny community. There are only about 1.1 million illegal aliens in the NYC metro area according to Pew Research. Just don’t call the illegal aliens “illegal aliens”; you can be fined $250,000 per offense for that. Law & Order has to draw the line somewhere.

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Jan 28 2020

Racist Preschool Agitprop in NYC

No wonder Democrats are so big on preschool. Andrea Peyser pulls back the curtain on how leftists exploit a taxpayer-funded nursery school in Brooklyn:

In an e-mail to parents and caregivers on Jan. 16, teacher Rosy Clark lays out lessons based on the Black Lives Matter Week of Action for a pre-kindergarten class at PS 58, located in well-regarded District 15 in Carroll Gardens.

“This year, the week is Feb. 3-7. We are starting to talk about these ideas now, as we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day [which was Jan. 20], and as we prepare to go into February, Black History Month,’’ teacher Clark, who is white, writes. The student population is also mainly Caucasian.

Clark uses her classroom to promote the “13 Principles of the Movement for Black Lives.”

In general, the ideology is grounded in black supremacism, neurotic white guilt, and hatred of the police. But other forms of moonbattery are included.

Principle #6 is to be “transgender affirming.” Writes Clark:

“Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a boy or a girl or both or neither or something else, and no one gets to choose for them.”

Indoctrinating 4-year-olds with this sick lunacy is hardly constructive.

Principle #6 is to be “queer affirming.” Because 4-year-olds might not discover homosexuality if left on their own.

Kids are also conditioned to hate and fear those who allegedly oppress women, particularly black women.

When she is not brainwashing rug rats, Clark crusades as an activist to advance a black supremacist agenda. White radicals devoted to worshiping blacks and advancing their perceived interests at the expense of fellow whites have long been a prominent feature of the far-left lunatic fringe. A famous example is Patty Hearst’s Symbionese Liberation Army.

The Long March Through the Institutions strategy has worked out well for the ultra-left, especially where education is concerned. Nowadays, kids learn to hate themselves for being white long before they master the alphabet. Attitudes instilled at an early stage of development are not easy to uproot through rational argument.

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Jan 28 2020

Will New York Require a Helmet to Ride in a Car?

Would you like to be forced to wear a helmet just to ride in a car? Then New York may be the liberal dystopia for you.

Streetsblog NYC asked Governor Andrew Cuomo whether helmet laws should be extended from bicycles to automobiles. His response was alarming:

“I’m thinking,” the governor said after a long pause. “I don’t know enough. I’d like to see the data.”

Roughly 650 people were killed inside automobiles last year in New York State, the majority from head trauma, studies show.

Where does nanny state totalitarianism stop? Unless people start pushing back, never.

Soon we will be required to wear a helmet to take a shower. No doubt The Experts will be glad to tell us how many people per year slip and hit their head in the bathroom. Mandatory safety must come first!

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Jan 23 2020

New York Subway Trains Disappear Beneath Graffiti Again

Graffiti is a telltale indicator of decay, like green fuzz on food. If you see it in your neighborhood, think about selling while you can still get a good price for your house. If you see it all over your city, you may have to move a bit farther.

When Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York in the 1990s, subway cars emerged from under the layers of graffiti that had coated them. Now that the city has reverted to decline, the graffiti has reemerged.

From the New York Post:

Stunning footage shows an F train defaced from end-to-end with spray paint as it lumbered out of service this week.

The video was tweeted out by the Police Benevolent Association, which pointed to the vandalism as a sign that the city isn’t holding criminals accountable, sending the subways back to the bad old days.

It isn’t just one train.

The Post exclusively reported in December that the MTA has seen a surge in tags on trains and in stations in recent years.

The rate of overall graffiti on trains tripled between the first part of the decade and 2018.

Don’t worry, Team de Blasio has it under control:

“Major graffiti incidents in the subway are extremely rare today thanks to strong deterrence measures by both the New York City Transit Department of Security and the NYPD,” said spokesman Shams Tarek.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, there were only 298 “major graffiti” incidents last year, a big improvement on the 443 the year before. “Extremely rare” is a relative term.

Knowing how things are done in New York these days, the improvement is probably the result of adjusting the classification so that this would count as “minor graffiti”:

Before long, the trains will look as bad as they did before Giuliani. This will delight moonbats, who have taken to Twitter to proclaim that law and order rather than graffiti represent decay, and that defacing property that does not belong to you with graffiti is no different from paid advertising.

It costs up to $3.50 per square foot to clean up graffiti. The costly cleanup presents vandals with a blank canvas that they will quickly cover in more graffiti, given the lawlessness that prevails on the streets under liberal rule.

Eventually, the Democrats in charge will realize that the money is better spent buying votes from welfare recipients. Graffiti will swallow up the city.

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Jan 17 2020

New York Policies Kill 92-Year-Old Woman

The breakdown of law and order in New York regarding both illegal immigration and crime produces real victims. One of these was named Maria Fuertes. She is dead now, murdered at age 92 by a Guyanese Muslim named Reeaz Khan who is in the country illegally and whom local authorities had let run loose despite federal immigration officials asking them to hold him after he was arrested on assault and weapons charges.

From Fox News:

Khan, an illegal Guyanese immigrant, is accused of attacking Maria Fuertes as she walked home on Jan. 6. Fuertes lay half-dressed in 32-degree weather, conscious but “incoherent” at 2 a.m. She was taken to a hospital, where she died from injuries that included a broken spine, according to The New York Post.

Other injuries included rib fractures. She had been strangled.

Khan was arrested and reportedly told detectives that he found Fuertes lying on the ground and was trying to help when he “fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina.”

Maybe that story would float in Guyana. At the rate moonbattery is rotting the country away, soon it may float here.

A maniac, Khan had been released without bail after assaulting his own father, putting him in the hospital with a slashed chest. Six weeks later, he sexually abused and murdered Maria Fuertes.

Government was instituted to protect decent people from sociopaths. Under liberal rule, it works the other way around. Criminals and illegal aliens are openly favored over law-abiding citizens in progressive bastions like San Francisco and New York. The results are predictable.

Not only de Blasio but every fool who voted for him is complicit in Maria Fuertes’s horrific death.

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Jan 13 2020

Maniacs, Bank Robbers Run Loose as New York Disintegrates

Its system of government — namely, anarchotyranny — is making New York State unlivable. Regulations make life hell for anyone trying to open a small business or even supply electricity, whereas sociopaths know that the liberals in charge take their side.

Eugene Webb is a case in point:

Webb, 26, was arrested Friday night for aggressive panhandling near a bank entrance in Greenwich Village, just one day after he was hauled in for allegedly slugging a 23-year-old woman in the face so hard that two of her teeth were knocked out.

Webb, who police say is homeless, also attacked a second woman near Grand Central Terminal just hours after the Wednesday attack, punching the 35-year-old and kicking the back of her head, prosecutors said.

Webb has a long rap sheet, but this was rendered irrelevant by New York State’s demented bail reform.

It isn’t only psycho bums who benefit from the collapse of civilization in the erstwhile Empire State. Via Daily Mail:

A serial bank robber targeted four New York banks, was released under the city’s new law which requires no bail for holding suspects, only to strike a fifth financial institution, police claim.

The suspect, Gerold Woodberry, 42, is alleged to have robbed banks in New York’s Midtown Manhattan, Harlem, West Village and the Upper West Side, since December 30, sources said.

However, under the new ‘no bail’ law, he was released on Thursday.

Progressives might argue that banks have lots of money, so what’s the big deal?

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens are prevented from defending themselves. They are advised to avoid New York at all costs, as they would any other hellhole that is succumbing to the Democrat Death Spiral.

The face of the new New York.

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Jan 03 2020

Anarchotyranny Files: Farkell Hopkins

No need to travel all the way to Venezuela to observe the fascinating paradox of leftist politics known as anarchotyranny. New York City is much closer. There you can witness a regime so oppressive that using the term “illegal immigrant” has been criminalized; meanwhile, drunk-driving maniacs like Farkell Hopkins are allowed to run loose.

From the New York Post:

A man who allegedly hit and killed a pedestrian while driving drunk in East Harlem is back on the streets for now — thanks to the state’s new criminal justice reforms, authorities said Thursday.

Farkell Hopkins, 23, was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and DWI at the scene of the deadly New Year’s Eve collision, but was cut loose before he was even arraigned.

Manhattan DA spokesman Danny Frost explains how the moonbats in charge hamstring prosecutors on behalf of criminals:

“Under the new mandates, prosecutors must obtain and provide charged persons with a variety of materials within 15 days of arraignment,” he continued. “Accordingly, in a number of cases, prosecutors will defer charges until they are confident that discovery obligations can be fulfilled within fifteen days of arraignment on those charges.”

NYC has gone out of its way to welcome into its bosom at least 535,000 illegal aliens. When they break laws and are temporarily cut loose for bureaucratic reasons, what are the odds of ever finding them again? They will be lucky to find Hopkins, if they ever go through with his prosecution.

Being a prosecutor in a city run by moonbats could be the world’s most thankless job. The deck is always stacked against you — unless you work in the DA’s office in San Francisco, which is explicitly and aggressively on the side of the criminals under terrorist offspring Chesa Boudin.

Even if Hopkins is arraigned, he will likely be released again anyway under the new rules that took effect on New Year’s Day. Aggravated vehicular homicide is on the long list of crimes, many of them serious, for which NYC will now release culprits without bail.

On a tip from Sean C.

Jan 01 2020

Avoid the Hot Food Bar in Cities Run by Moonbats

In cities run by moonbats, supermarkets are not only convenient places to crap on the floor; they provide excellent opportunities to chow down on free food.

The New York Post reports from NYC:

A drooling and pungent homeless man made double-dipping look like child’s play at a Midtown Whole Foods, grabbing from the hot food bar with his bare hands to stuff his bearded face — as employees just chuckled and said they were powerless to stop him.

A Post photo editor had just plunked down $17 for a jerk chicken dinner at the store across from Bryant Park on Sunday night when he spotted the grungy gourmand ignoring numerous “No Sampling” signs to treat the bar like his personal feed bag.

Homeless people qualify as “oppressed.” That means the whole city is their personal feed bag.

Sometimes he used the serving spoons to shovel food into his own cup…

But at other points, he simply dug in with his visibly dirty mitts, grabbing food from the trays and shoving it directly into his mouth, wet with drool and framed by a scraggly beard.

In the closest thing to a display of personal hygiene from the man, he stopped every now and then to lick his fingers clean.

No one moved to stop him. That would have been oppression. One employee reported that he comes in there and behaves like that “all the time.” It’s DeBlasioLand, what are you gonna do?

Diseases spread by the homeless include tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhus, shigellosis, trench fever, skin infections, and potentially even bubonic plague.

When supermarkets stop having food bars, and then when all the food is displayed in locked Plexiglas cases, we will know why.

In the meantime, the tainted food supposedly gets tossed (although apparently not right away). Law-abiding normal people pick up the tab through higher prices.

Another word for liberal rule is anarchotyranny. If you try to make an honest dollar, Big Government will break your kneecaps and empty your wallet. But if you are a hooligan or drug-addled bum, you are welcome to behave however you please.

A few postcards from New York under the rule of social justice warriors like Bill de Blasio:

Don’t let this happen to your town. Vote for whichever candidate is the least liberal.

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Nov 29 2019

How New York City Exports Its Welfare State

Put a left-wing punk in charge of a city and you don’t get government. You get a looting spree. New York City presents welfare state liberalism approaching the last extremes of extravagance:

From the tropical shores of Honolulu and Puerto Rico, to the badlands of Utah and backwaters of Louisiana, the Big Apple has sent local homeless families to 373 cities across the country with a full year of rent in their pockets as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Special One-Time Assistance [SOTA] Program.” Usually, the receiving city knows nothing about it.

Neither do taxpayers, or they would rebel. Oh wait, it’s right here in the newspaper, in a story dated last month, yet this is the first I’ve heard about it because no one is making a significant stink. New York taxpayers will never rebel, so long as they are being robbed blind in the name of moonbattery.

City taxpayers have spent $89 million on rent alone since the program’s August 2017 inception to export 5,074 homeless families — 12,482 individuals — to places as close as Newark and as far as the South Pacific, according to Department of Homeless Services [DHS] data obtained by The Post. Families who once lived in city shelters decamped to 32 states and Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, the city ostentatiously opens its doors to needy Third Worlders who are in the country illegally, freeing thousands of criminal illegal aliens, literally making the term “illegal alien” illegal lest it offend them, creating an ID card that helps them collect taxpayer-financed benefits, promising them free healthcare, moving toward granting them voting rights, et cetera.

The city also paid travel expenses, through a separate taxpayer-funded program called Project Reconnect, but would not divulge how much it spent. A Friday flight to Honolulu for four people would cost about $1,400. …

Add to the tab the cost of furnishings, which the city also did not disclose. One SOTA recipient said she received $1,000 for them.

Bureaucrats say this is actually cheaper than keeping them in city shelters. When the year is up, the lucky recipients will demand that taxpayers provide them with free housing again, but it will be someone else’s problem. Unless of course insanely generous welfare handouts draw them straight back to New York.

[H]undreds of the homeless families are returning to the five boroughs — and some are even suing NYC over being abandoned in barely livable conditions.

That is a characteristic means of expressing gratitude for handouts: sue for abandonment if the torrent of free money slows down.

DHS said 224 SOTA families have ended up back in New York City shelters.

But at least some of them are in other cities’ shelters.

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Nov 27 2019

Women Beaten for Being White in New York

There isn’t much punishment for pimps who dismember their “girlfriends” in New York, but the penalty for the more serious crime of being white keeps getting stiffer.

Via the New York Post:

Actress Jennifer Agostini, 43, and swimsuit model Prendinellys Garcia, 47, ran up a nearly $1,000 tab at Midtown lounge Sky Room for their friend’s birthday Saturday night before leaving around 3 a.m. Sunday, their Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit says.

But on their way out of the West 40th Street club, they got jumped and beaten to the ground by a group of 10 to 15 people who were yelling “white motherf—ers,” “dirty white b—-es” and “f—k those white b—-es and their money,” the court papers say.

Their suit is to force the bar to “keep surveillance video and other records of the incident” on the off chance that they can get some justice even in the moonbat dystopia New York. Good luck to them.

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