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Sep 23 2021

Daniel Craig Pooh-Poohs Affirmative Action James Bond

Daniel Craig is stepping down as James Bond. The media wants him to endorse an identity politics token as the next 007. Craig shot this down:

[The Radio Times] asked if Craig would support a “more diverse appointment as his replacement.”

Craig’s response:

“The answer to that is very simple,” he began, “There should simply be better parts for women and actors of color.”

That is, instead of transmogrifying white male characters into representative tokens of preferred identity groups in the service of cultural Marxism, modern moviemakers should try creating an engaging character of their own, who they can make black, female, transsexual, pansexual, differently abled, undocumented, or whatever they like.

This isn’t actually an option, however, because the talentless phonies infesting Hollywood are incapable of producing compelling characters. All they can do is subvert characters created by more gifted generations.

They can’t even appreciate good entertainment and leave it alone, much less create something themselves from scratch. That’s why they feed the public a starvation diet of comic book superhero sequels and lame remakes.

The world has been inherited by idiot savages, who create art by breaking into the Louvre and snickering maliciously as they scrawl stick figures on the masterpieces. Kudos to Craig for not taking part.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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