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Feb 13 2024

Democrat Fumes Over Netanyahu Rescuing Hostages

A war is taking place between civilization and savages who systematically rape and mutilate civilians as a tactic to instill terror. Superficially, the Democratic Party has tried to take both sides, ostensibly supporting Israel but spouting Islamist propaganda, shoveling our money at Hamas, and calling on Israel not to retaliate in the wake of October 7. But it is obvious where the base’s sympathies lie:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) scolded Israel — specifically Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — after Israeli forces launched a coordinated strike on Sunday to free two hostages.

Bowman is best known for preventing votes from taking place by pulling the fire alarm.

“While we watched the Super Bowl, Netanyahu launched a wave of attacks and killed innocent civilians in Rafah — a place where many refugees fled for relative safety — despite warnings from Biden. Netanyahu’s government is unfit to lead anything and cannot receive support,” Bowman claimed.

By “innocent civilians,” he means the terrorists who kidnapped the elderly hostages on October 7. The nerve of saving them during a football game!

Democrats have been trying to take down Netanyahu since Obama was officially president. Bibi is on the wrong side.

It would be difficult to overstate just how malevolent the Democratic Party has become.

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3 Responses to “Democrat Fumes Over Netanyahu Rescuing Hostages”

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