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Feb 16 2024

Jamaal Bowman Introduces Hip Hop Task Force

After the way congresscritter Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) yelped that there would be a civil war if Republicans regained Congress, proclaimed that economic freedom is slavery, pulled a fire alarm to delay a congressional vote, and bitterly denounced Netanyahu for rescuing elderly hostages from Hamas, you might be tempted to dismiss him as a deranged moron with nothing to offer but moonbattery. On the contrary, Bowman has solutions to the country’s pressing problems — like his recently announced Congressional Hip Hop Power and Justice Task Force.

The purpose is to impose socialism and “racial justice.” Bowman made specific reference to promoting the anticivilization agenda of Black Lives Matter and to “the Ceasefire movement” — a leftist euphemism for siding with Muslim terrorists. The task force follows his support for the Restoring Artistic Protection (RAP) Act, which would prevent lowlifes who rap about the crimes they have committed from having this used against them in court.

Hats off to Bowman for demonstrating just how pernicious rap culture has been:

Artists like Eric B. & Rakim, Queen Latifah, Chuck D and Public Enemy inspired the New York lawmaker throughout his life, he said, including during his time as an educator.

During his time as an “educator,” Bowman honored racist murderer Assata Shakur at an NYC middle school.

“They were very instrumental in creating a curriculum and blueprint for my life,” Bowman told The Hill.

That rap is a cultural toxin has been confirmed. The same goes for single motherhood:

Bowman, who grew up in a single mother household, said his mother used to listen and enjoy hip hop with him as he grew up.

Get married and protect your kids from poison like rap — unless you want them to turn out like Jamaal Bowman.

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