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May 09 2023

Biden Regime Comes After Dishwashers

If it makes your life better, then liberals will take it away from you for the sake of the climate their power trip. They won’t stop at gas stoves or even cars. Now the Biden Regime is coming after dishwashers with new “efficiency” regulations:

New dishwashers imported into the United States beginning in 2027 would have to consume 27% less power and use 34% less water, while more compact models would need to implement a 22% power reduction and an 11% water use reduction, according to an analysis of the proposal released by Bloomberg Law. Energy Department officials estimate that consumers would have to spend $15 more for a new dishwasher but would witness three times as much in energy savings over the appliance’s lifetime.

Energy savings will be substantially less if dishwashers have to be run multiple times to get the dishes clean, as with the planet-saving toilets that you may have to flush twice because the federal government won’t let them hold enough water.

Reasons to abolish the evil elf Jennifer Granholm’s Department of Energy continue to accrue. It exists primarily to make our appliances more expensive and less effective, to launder our money through corrupt green boondoggles, and to wage war on the energy industry.

The Biden administration, which has established a “whole-of-government effort” to reduce carbon emissions, drafted several similar regulations over the past two years.

This is why we have to stop playing along with the global warming hoax and state plainly that carbon emissions are both inevitable and harmless. Otherwise, Democrats will continue to exploit the hoax as a pretext to micromanage every aspect of our existence.

Guard your air conditioner and your refrigerator with your life. Democrats will come for them soon.

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