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May 04 2023

Now Global Warming Makes Volcanoes Erupt

Shriek moonbats, “It’s the Science!” To get an idea of what the liberal establishment means by “the Science,” consider the recent revelation that global warming causes volcanoes to erupt by making it rain.

We are told by the federal government and prestigious universities that global warming makes it not rain. Yet apparently global warming is to blame for it raining too much in Hawaii in 2018. That same year, the Kilauea Volcano erupted, creating 875 new acres of valuable land but also destroying 700 homes. Well-motivated researchers connected the dots in a study published by Nature, finding that Kilauea is more likely to erupt after it rains.

Key quote:

“Critically, as our climate continues to change, the occurrence of prolonged periods of extreme rainfall is predicted to increase in many parts of the world, increasing the potential for rainfall-triggered volcanic phenomena,” the study stated.

If you fail to vote for Democrats as they jack up taxes and inflate the currency to finance corrupt green boondoggles, wage war on the energy industry, and suppress natural gas, proper stoves, air conditioning, refrigeration, and nonmoronic vehicles, let it lie heavy on your conscience that you are making volcanoes erupt.

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