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Aug 14 2021

Democrats Are Spending America From Freedom to Socialism

There are over 10 million open jobs in the USA. Small businesses are going under because they can’t get people to work. This is because the federal government is paying them not to work with other people’s money. To state the obvious, socialism does not work.

The Washington Examiner reports on the economic insanity imposed by the Marxists who now control the federal government:

Joe Biden may be too cognitively disadvantaged to understand what they are doing to this country, but his handlers aren’t. They know about Weimar Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and other countries that have pursued similar economic policies. They are destroying the American economy on purpose so as to reduce us to government-dependent slaves under socialism.

A crucial step is to erase our savings by inflating the dollar to worthlessness. This is the ultimate objective of the ongoing unfunded spending spree. No matter how high they raise taxes, there will be no other way even to pay interest on the debt they are running up than to print ever more money that is worth ever less.

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