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Apr 21 2022

Democrats Cling to Insane Mask Mandate

Americans erupted into cheers when Republican-appointed US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the CDC does not have the authority to impose mask mandates on flights. In contrast, liberals panicked, fumed, and threw tantrums, confirming that the obviously senseless mandate would be imposed indefinitely were they to have their way. Also confirmed is the purpose of the mandate:

[W]hen given the opportunity to explain and justify the Biden administration’s decision to appeal the federal judge’s invalidation of the CDC’s federal mask mandate, [White House spokesmoonbat Jen] Psaki admitted that the White House would fight the ruling in order to “preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future.”

If the CDC has the right to suspend fundamental property rights in the name of “public health,” as it did when it dictated that landlords must house tenants at their own expense, surely it can command air travelers to wear masks as a symbol of submission, despite the highly filtered air brought in from high altitude making airplanes a safer indoor environment than you could find on the ground.

This was never about health. Lockdowns did not benefit public health. It was always about tyranny as an end in itself. That’s why the Injustice Department is appealing the ruling. As Psaki openly admits, they intend to continue exploiting the CDC to inflict new outrages against our dwindling liberty.

As Christopher Bedford notes,

The architects of America’s disastrous Covid policy — the experts, the elites, the left-wing political class — have long had the luxury to demand an orthodox adherence to their ever-shifting safety regime. They’ve borne neither the brunt of their policies nor the blame for them. Until now: The folly of the airplane debacle has finally and completely exposed the little men and women behind the curtain.

Even while vulnerable Democrats break from the White House’s mask line ahead of the November midterms, the heads of the Democratic Party are championing nonsensical Covid restrictions — and finally beginning to earn the blame they’ve deserved for years now.

The malevolent rodent Merrick Garland is encouraged to push hard to overrule Mizelle and reimpose obviously senseless mask mandates. If we have free and fair elections, Democrats will pay for their arrogance and political incompetence.

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