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Apr 21 2022

Devotion to Wokeness Sends Netflix Into Tailspin

People are tuning out the endless barrage of moonbattery that gushes out of their TVs like a leaky sewer main. The woke are going broke: Disney, CNN, the odious Jon Stewart, and best of all, one of the most pernicious forces in modern society, Netflix:

Netflix saw its stock tank 25 percent after it reported losing 200,000 subscribers in the company’s first quarter – the sharpest decline in a decade. …

With the closing of the second quarter, Netflix is projected to lose 2 million global subscribers.

In desperation to raise revenue, Netflix is going to try inflicting ads. That will not increase viewership, but refraining from producing crap like this might:

Then again, it might be too late. The public already associates Netflix with in your face and down your throat moonbattery. As Elon Musk notes,

“The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.”

This is the cancerous company that created Cuties, a series sexualizing prepubescent girls, and Dear White People, devoted to denouncing whites as bigots. It has worked with and/or glamorized the most reprehensible representatives of the ultraleft, including professional haters of whites and America Ibram X. Kendi and Colin Kaepernick. It gave $50 million to the Obamas out of Democrat cronyism.

Speaking of the Obamas,

What, people don’t want to listen to the Moonbat Messiah drone about how wonderful he is? Who would have guessed?

Wokeness has reached maximum saturation. At last, the floodwaters can begin to recede.

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