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Jan 19 2024

Democrats Move to Prevent Rat Control

Democrats look out for their own. In Colorado, convicted criminals may get $3,000 handouts. At the national level, rats with two legs defend those with four:

The Glue Trap Prohibition Act, introduced Wednesday, is a bill that bans the use of glue traps to catch rodents.

The numberless rats that seem to thrive on liberal rule will breathe a sigh of relief before going back to spreading disease.

The bill was introduced by leftist congresscritter Ted Lieu and cosponsored by Adam Schiff of Russia collusion hoax infamy. The two of them really put the rat in Democrat.

Many individuals choose to use these traps because they are inexpensive. That especially matters today when families are struggling to make ends meet due to failed Bidenomics.

But what matters to Democrats is that the traps are hurtful to rats. America first? Moonbats won’t even put humans first.

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