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Nov 24 2020

Giant Rats Overwhelm New York City

Rats continue to emblematize New York City’s moonbattery-induced decline. From the New York Post:

Rats as big as bunnies are roaming the streets in broad daylight, nesting in trees and chewing through car engine wires that can cost thousands to fix. … Complaints about rats to the 311 hotline have totaled 12,632 so far this year, a third more than the 9,042 for all of 2019.

Note to New Yorkers: if you don’t want your city overrun with rats, stop voting them into office.

Shoddy street cleaning, failure to collect trash, outdoor dining compelled by coronavirus restrictions, and hordes of the homeless are blamed for the rat plague. All are problems that could be mitigated or resolved completely by voting more sensibly. However, most of the sensible people have already left, driven out by left-wing radicalism and mismanagement.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.


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