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Mar 11 2023

New York City Rats Infected With Covid

The moonbat dystopia New York City is even more dystopic than we knew. The rats that have overrun the place carry Covid.

As noted earlier,

Giant rats have come to symbolize the Big Apple’s decay due to moonbattery. In an emblematic incident, a man waiting for a bus fell through the sidewalk into a sinkhole filled with rats.

Even the home of Mayor Eric Adams has been infested with rats. He ignored a summons and was fined $300, but refused to pay.

Now we read this:

A new study found that rats in New York City are carrying COVID-19, and researchers have sounded the alarm that they could infect humans with it.

Published Thursday in the American Society for Microbiology’s mBio journal, scientists at the University of Missouri said that they trapped 79 rats from the city’s sewer systems and found that 13 had the virus previously, with four currently infected.

That suggests that 5% of NYC rats are currently infected with Covid. But don’t worry, there are only 2 million rats in NYC, not counting municipal bureaucrats.

Not even Snake Plissken would set foot in New York now that Democrats have undone Rudy Giuliani’s achievements.

Countermoonbat Curtis Sliwa suggests deploying feral cats against the rat menace. Cats might have spared Europe from the Black Death. The population of disease-spreading rats spiraled out of control due to people killing cats out of superstition, those being dark times. Because current times are even darker, bureauweenies seriously considered killing every cat in the UK, thinking that it might reduce Covid. New York’s Covid-infected rats suggest this could have had the same effect it did during the plague.

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