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May 02 2024

Democrats Plan to Bring Gaza to USA

Not even moonbats are crazy enough to go to Gaza, a society so sick that it chooses to be governed by Hamas. This countermoonbat confirms it:

So the Biden Regime will bring Gaza here:

A single colonist from Gaza passing the supposed background checks would confirm them to be a farce.

Democrats are not satisfied to give Hamas our money. They want to help Hamas infiltrate the homeland. They may as well release rattlesnakes in nursery schools.

We already have Muslim colonists chanting “Death to America!” with the tacit support of top Democrat politicians. Importing Palestinians from Gaza in the aftermath of October 7 suggests Democrats want the next Islamic atrocities to feature the systematic rape and murder of American women and the mutilation and murder of American children.

This is beyond anything that could be passed off as mere foolishness. Our rulers do not mean us well.

On tips from Varla, Dr. Kufi Tutite, and Chuck A.


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