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Dec 24 2020

Differences Between George Floyd and Ernie Serrano

There are not many differences between Saint George Floyd and Ernie Serrano. One is that you have probably never heard of Serrano. The Police Tribune tells his story:

Riverside County [California] Sheriff Chad Bianco said that it began when 33-year-old Ernie Serrano’s family called 911 on Dec. 14 and complained that he was “not acting rationally, and was out of control,” KABC reported.

Officers responded to the home and found Serrano “belligerent, aggressive and displaying obvious signs of being under the influence,” according to Sheriff Bianco. …

He was released on his own recognizance the next morning because of pandemic restrictions.

That night, Serrano went to the Stater Bros. grocery store on Crestmore Road in Jurupa Valley and began exhibiting bizarre behavior, KABC reported.

Serrano struggled with a security guard for nearly 10 minutes, reportedly trying to take his gun. A taser, pepper spray, and even batons had minimal effect. Four deputies were required to pin him down on a checkout counter.

Videos showed that deputies held Serrano chest down on the checkout counter for almost eight minutes and repeatedly asked him to calm down.

Sound familiar?

Suddenly, the video showed, Serrano became quiet and stopped moving, KABC reported.

Deputies and paramedics tried to save him, but…

He was pronounced dead at Riverside Community Hospital.

Sheriff Bianco said Monday that the preliminary autopsy results indicated that Serrano had died of acute methamphetamine intoxication with fatal arrhythmia, KABC reported.

With George Floyd, it was mainly fentanyl, although Floyd also had methamphetamine in his system (not to mention COVID-19).

Both Floyd and Serrano had violent criminal records. The only significant difference between them is that Floyd had darker skin. That’s why cities were looted and burned on his behalf as the liberal establishment cheered.

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