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Apr 12 2022

Okay Groomers

A prominent talking point in the liberal establishment media is to express righteous indignation against those who use the term “groomers” to refer to the LGBT militants and their allies who hysterically oppose Florida’s much needed Parental Rights in Education law. The word hits home because it is accurate.

For example:

A transgender first-grade teacher named Ray Skyer at a Boston-area charter school was shockingly given permission by the school assistant principal to tell kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students his views on gender identity.

The “identity share” encouraged by Brooke Roslindale School Assistant Principal Sarah Hammond occurred in a Zoom call instead of in person, so there is a video record.

Here’s how Skyer instructs children who don’t know better:

“So when babies are born, the doctor looks at them and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or girl based on what they look like. Most of the time that guess is 100% correct; there are no issues whatsoever, but sometimes the doctor is wrong; the doctor makes an incorrect guess. When a doctor makes a correct guess, that’s when a person is called cisgender. When a doctor’s guess is wrong that’s when they are transgender.”

This passes for education under moonbat hegemony:

Kids are taught that the determination of whether a baby is a boy or a girl is not determined by chromosomes or genitalia, but is just a guess.

The implication is that doctors may as well flip a coin. Children are implicitly invited to wonder whether the doctor guessed wrong in their own case. The point is to destabilize children when they are at their most vulnerable, so as to render them more susceptible to recruitment into the LGBT world. It is straightforward grooming, as the Florida law is intended to prevent.

Skyer teaches first grade. The grooming starts even younger:

A preschool teacher has gone viral on social media after describing how she teaches her young, impressionable students about her personal life — including the fact that the teacher is polyamorous, gender-fluid, not identifying as either female or male — and that she is a pagan witch.

The genderfluid witch, which calls itself Lois Schwartz, gives us a glimpse of how children are instructed:

“And at one point I got a haircut, and I had gotten the sides of my mohawk shaved down and I come into work and one of the children goes, ‘Lois, are you a boy? You have short hair.’ And his sister goes, ‘No, Lois is a girl.’ And a third child, who is my favorite, suddenly yells, ‘No guys, we’ve been over this. Lois isn’t a boy or a girl. Lois is a witch. Duh.'”

People like this are molding the next generation in their image:

The only positive side to liberals controlling education is that it provides Allie Beth Stuckey with an opportunity to make fun of the Ibram X. Kendi/Robin DiAngelo type of grifter while subjecting groomers to their own woke style of rhetoric:

On a tip from Franco.


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