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Mar 01 2022

Disgusting NYC Subway Attack

If you aren’t convinced yet to steer clear of New York City until it has been pried loose from liberal rule, maybe this will help:

A man smeared human feces on a woman’s face in an unprovoked rush-hour attack inside a Bronx subway station, sickening new video shows.

The attack occurred as the 43-year-old woman sat on a bench on the platform at Wakefield–241st Street station. The attacker did not say a word.

At least he didn’t use a hammer, as in another recent NYC subway attack.

Whether this was an instance of “racial justice” is unclear.

Mayor Eric Adams responded by honking about mental health issues. Yes, there are a lot of crazy people out there. Some of them are running both the city and state of New York, so psychopaths feel uninhibited, knowing that the police have their hands tied and anything goes.

Fortunately, this happened outside of Manhattan, so fanatically pro-criminal DA Alvin Bragg will not be in a position to let the perp free on the off chance he is ever apprehended. Conceivably, he could serve whole months in prison.

What Giuliani did to make NYC livable, Bill de Blasio completely reversed and then some. Given the local politics, no one is likely to reverse the reversal any time soon.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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