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Feb 28 2022

What You Vote for When You Vote Democrat

This incident encapsulates the inevitable effect of turning over public safety to Democrats, a cult that worships violent career criminals like George Floyd and that systematically sides with them against the law-abiding:

The video shows a scumbag sneaking up behind 57-year-old Department of Health research scientist Nina Rothschild at the Queens Plaza subway station. He tried to kick her down the stairs, then bashed her in the head with a hammer repeatedly before running off with her bag, no doubt in hopes of scoring a few dollars’ worth of drug money.

Fox News reports:

William Blount, 57, was arrested on Sunday. His address was listed by the NYPD as a former hotel that was transformed into a homeless shelter at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

If only a cop had kneeled on him to subdue him during the arrest. If he had happened to die of a fentanyl overdose, the liberal pantheon could have had another god.

Being homeless would add to the numinous quality of his career criminal lifestyle. Predictably, the suspect has a long rap sheet and would have been safely locked away in prison long ago if not for liberals running New York.

Blount has been arrested four times in New York City on robbery, burglary, larceny, and drug charges between 1983 and 1993.

Rothschild is in stable condition with a fractured skull and brain bleed. Blount can look forward to three hots and cot while he watches TV in prison for a year of two before resuming his life of crime — assuming the publicity will prevent sympathetic authorities from just letting him go.

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