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Jul 15 2023

Disney’s Snow Nonwhite and the Six Nondwarves

To erase American society, moonbats pervert cultural landmarks, turning everything upside down and inside out until it is unrecognizable. For example, the social engineers running Disney are remaking Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In the new version, Snow White isn’t white and only one of the dwarves is a dwarf:

If only Disney would stop reinforcing the stereotype of the entertainment industry as relentlessly, insufferably, suffocatingly woke.

Despite all the pointless remakes, not everything out of Disney is a sneering deconstruction of something created by better people in a better time. Here’s some new fiction from the most fantastic reaches of Never-Never Land:

Bet you never heard that from Walt Disney.

It is Bob Iger’s lie that is not only inaccurate but preposterous, or he wouldn’t have to tell it. Not the Bee has the receipts.

More receipts:

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If you value children’s innocence, do not let them near anything excreted recently by Disney. These people are sick:

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