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Jun 22 2024

Dog Attack Coverup and Biden’s Character

We are told not to vote for Donald Trump because he lacks character. We are told to vote for this guy instead:

The 81-year-old president reportedly accused a Secret Service member of lying about being attacked by Major during his first year in office, but was present for at least three separate attacks involving Commander, files released to Judicial Watch under Freedom of Information Act litigation show.

Major and Commander are unusually vicious dogs Biden has inflicted on Secret Service agents. At least that isn’t as bad as forcing female agents to watch him swim naked.

No worries. The Secret Service is loyal enough to cover for him on command:

The Secret Service says it “destroyed” video footage of President Biden’s German shepherd Commander attacking one of its agents — just days after additional evidence of a potential cover-up emerged in a batch of documents showing a request to delete logs of a different attack.

The attacks have required hospitalization on multiple occasions.

The presidential protection agency said it no longer has video of a June 15, 2023, attack that forced the White House to suspend tours to mop up an agent’s blood — one of the most severe incidents involving Commander — in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

No doubt the janitor who mopped up the agent’s blood was instructed to keep his mouth shut. If you aren’t good at holding your nose and zipping your lips, you don’t belong in a White House infested with Democrats.

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