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Oct 15 2021

Ecowarrior Bill Gates Arrives by Helicopter

Zillionaire social engineer Bill Gates wants us to change our way of life so as not to offend the climate. For example, he has declared we must eat synthetic beef. He is so worried about global warming that he has even funded a project to blot out the sun’s rays. He has written a book entitled How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. Gates has squeaked that “We need to transform the way we do almost everything” in order to reduce supposedly warmth-causing carbon emissions. But because he is an ecohypocrite extraordinaire, there is no need for Gates to change his own carbon-spewing jetsetter lifestyle. He likes it just fine the way it is:

Bill Gates has touched down in New York City for his daughter Jennifer Gates’ wedding this Saturday.

The Microsoft founder, 65, grinned as he exited a helicopter at an NYC heliport with a small group of family and friends Thursday, dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt and carrying a brown leather bag. Sadly, Gates’ outfit was considerably outshined by another relative’s positively Princess Beatrice-esque hat, which appeared to depict a flower.

It really is some hat.

Bill’s NYC arrival was far more understated than ex-wife Melinda Gates’, who also arrived via helicopter Monday while sporting looks from several luxury brands, including a light pink Givenchy cardigan sweater and a black Balenciaga tote bag.

Yet according to their ideology, we little people must travel in golf carts powered by windmills, lest it become too warm out.

On a tip from Jose Fernandez.


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