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Jul 03 2022

Elderly San Franciscans Forbidden to Park at Own Home

Absolute moonbattery means absolute government. That means being at the mercy of the sort of arrogant a-hole bureauweenies who run ultraliberal San Francisco.

It isn’t easy to find a place to park in San Francisco. Fortunately for Ed and Judy Craine, they have a car pad, where they had been parking for the past 36 years — until:

Out of the blue, the couple got a ticket for parking in their own driveway. …

It came with an enormous fine: $1,542 dollars, plus another $250 per day if they didn’t get the car off their carpad.

The city’s Planning Department said maybe they could get a waiver and be allowed to use their own property — provided they could “prove that parking was a historic use on the lot.”

The couple dug up and submitted various photographic evidence that cars had been parked there since at least 1938. But bureaucrats sniffed that the proof was unsatisfactory.

Why was this elderly couple suddenly forbidden to park their car at their own home?

Planning Chief Dan Sider … said someone made an anonymous complaint to the city.

Two types benefit from government hypertrophy: petty tyrants and rats.

In their condescending benevolence, SF’s pencil-pushing overlords deigned to let the fine slide — so long as the Craines never park on their car pad again.

No American should have to live like this.

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