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Sep 27 2021

Emory University Hate Hoax

Cultural Marxists control all major institutions, and critical race theory has been enshrined as our national religion. Yet the hate hoaxes continue, because the supply of racists who are not racist against whites cannot keep up with the demand — especially on militantly woke college campuses.

From The College Fix:

Emory University’s Police Department on Wednesday arrested the man accused of writing racial slurs and swastikas at its autism center in early August.

Former Emory employee Roy Lee Gordon Jr was picked up for burglary. Emory officials indicate he is the same guy who wrote the forbidden n-word.

A police mugshot published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that Gordon is black. This is the first time his race has been revealed publicly.

That doesn’t help the narrative. This is why San Francisco police stopped releasing mugshots.

Although Emory officials have known the man accused of the racial vandalism is black since early August, they have not informed the campus community of his race…

On Wednesday, the university continued to maintain that it condemns “acts of racism and antisemitism,” however did not mention the race of the suspect in its September 22 news release.

That’s no surprise. The surprise is that the AJC let the cat out of the bag. Maybe they figured everyone had already figured out he was black anyway, like The College Fix did:

The College Fix has filed multiple public records requests with the university and several police agencies over the last month to obtain more information about Roy Lee Gordon, Jr., but Emory police and local law enforcement has repeatedly declined to answer questions or provide information.

The arrest warrant for Gordon was issued August 20. The vast majority of arrest warrants include a suspect’s race, but officials refused to provide The College Fix a copy of this public document. Because of this, The College Fix first raised the possibility that the incident was indeed a hate-crime hoax on August 25.

Gordon’s motive is guessable but unknown. Emory’s motive in deliberately misleading the public by concealing his race is clear as day, making this a definitive hate hoax.

Liberal ideology is a collection of detestable lies. The more the establishment attempts to prop up these lies through censorship, propaganda, and the selective release of information, the more rigid the lies become. By now, their ideology is like an unbending tree that is sure to snap in the next major storm.

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