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Dec 01 2022

EPA Moves to Drive Prices Into Stratosphere

Our money buys ever less since Biden’s handlers took power, correspondingly reducing our standard of living. The Environmental Protection Agency wants to throw this into overdrive by imposing a massive increase in the cost of carbon emissions:

The so-called Social Cost of Carbon was first set in 2009 under then-President Barack Obama. Under Democrats it has been set for most of the last decade at $51 per metric ton. But in a rulemaking notice in mid-November, EPA said it had devised a new calculation that raises that damage estimate to $190 per metric ton by 2022 standards and as much as $410 by the year 2080.

The “social cost of carbon” has no basis in reality. Whether more CO2 is bad or good and whether it has any significant impact on the climate are both matters of opinion. Bureauweenies can make up any number they think will float.

If enacted, it could affect everything from the cost of methane regulations and tailpipe emissions to the “climate reparations” that President Joe Biden has committed the United States to paying to poor countries in the future.

It will drive up all prices. The advantage of the global warming hoax as a means of implementing authoritarianism is that all products and services produce emissions that according to leftists offend the weather gods. Of strategic importance, this is especially true of the agriculture and transportation sectors.

Most immediately obvious, as the “social cost of carbon” is ratcheted upward, will be increased pain at the pump:

At the $340 price point, for instance, there would be a $2.99 tax/penalty per gallon of gasoline and $3.47 per gallon of diesel, [U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim] Stewart said.

“In other words, EPA is saying you’re causing $3 in damages for every gallon of gasoline you use,” he explained.

If we cannot afford to pay, so much the better.

“It originates from a motivation to move away from fossil fuels,” [Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Muiller] said. “And so once you start from that fundamental motivation, there are a whole lot of groups and organizations” that “all collectively have the same objective, and they start looking for ways and tools to accomplish that objective, and this is one of the tools that they’ve come up with that would help them accomplish that.”

That there is no viable replacement for the fossil fuels that constitute the lifeblood of society is not a concern to our moonbat overlords, because they exist in an alternate reality comprised entirely of leftist ideology.

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