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Jun 14 2022

Eradicating Excellence to Impose Equity

You can’t have both equity and excellence; they represent opposite poles. Our moonbat rulers demand equity, so they are eradicating excellence. One way they accomplish this is through their direct control of schools:

Like ineradicable fungi spreading across a diseased body devoid of inoculants to fight it off, there is a growing educational malfeasance taking root in many of our nation’s public schools that few seem to have the moral courage to speak out against. Honors Programs are being eliminated or are being considered for elimination on the premise that they discriminate against the non-gifted, most of whom fall into minority groups. The elimination of such programs is being defended in the name of equity…

It is not equitable to allow smart, hard-working students to achieve more than others.

The theory behind the “deleveling” of subjects such as English, social studies, biology, math and science, and history is to give all students the opportunity to engage in rigorous instruction.

However, the slower and less motivated students will not be able to keep pace with a rigorous instruction. That’s why Affirmative Action-based college admissions have been such a pointless disaster. The one-sized-fits-all leftist approach requires that everything be reduced to the lowest common denominator.

In San Diego at the Patrick Henry High School, more than 150 parents protested the school’s decision to eliminate eight advanced and honors courses from its offerings, including advanced English, History and Biology. The school’s principal, Michelle Henry, announced a more equitable program that will be part of a district pilot of “Honors for All.”

If everyone is an honors student, then no one is. Our rulers want it that way. Mediocrities are easier to manage.

Consequently, the potential a few have to achieve greatness is systematically repressed. This is not the least of the many ways in which liberalism is not merely wrong, but evil.

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