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Oct 08 2023

ESPN: Overpaid Athletes = Slaves

Combine professional racist Ibram X. Kendi with Disney’s ultraleft propaganda outlet ESPN and the result is Critical Race Theory taken to the last extreme of self-parody. Liberal ideology rests on the proposition that conspicuously privileged blacks are somehow oppressed. As evidence to support this preposterous lie, we are presented with professional athletes — who are paid $millions per year to play a game for a few months while basking in adulation, often even while refusing to show a modicum of respect for the flag revered by most of the audience:

Even a dim bulb like Ibram X. is bright enough to understand that Democratic Party dogma is garbage designed to manipulate idiots — just as even AOC’s alma mater Boston University is sick of getting scammed by this scoundrel. But count on Disney/ESPN to keep rubbing it in our faces so long as there are people with no better use for their time than to watch.

Ibram didn’t come up with comparing overpaid athletes to slaves on his own. The ultimate privileged ingrate Colin Kaepernick has been there and done that with Netflix, which shares Disney’s devotion to moonbattery:

On a tip from Wiggins.


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