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Jun 02 2021

Ibram X. Kendi Tries and Fails to Define Racism

Ibram X. Kendi has become wealthy and powerful by denouncing the racism of Caucasians. Public schools pay Kendi as much as $333 per minute to discuss the topic. Jack Dorsey of the Big Tech Thought Police gave him $10 million to showcase his own wokeness. Yet Kendi cannot even define what the word “racism” means. His lame attempt would serve as a good example if you want to explain to a 6-year-old what the term “circular definition” means:

“So racism, I would define it as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas.”

Seriously, that’s his definition. He could have saved himself a few syllables by just saying, “Racism is that which is racist.”

As you can see, the pretentious and not very bright Ibram X. Kendi is a bad joke. That makes him suited for his prominent role in America’s self-inflicted demise. The country is choking to death on the bad joke that is modern liberalism.

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One Response to “Ibram X. Kendi Tries and Fails to Define Racism”

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