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Sep 18 2023

Ibram X. Kendi Wearing Out His Welcome?

Race hustler Ibram X. Kendi has had tremendous success monetizing his hatred of Caucasians. But his low IQ, vile personality, and general uselessness might be catching up to him:

The Boston University Center for Antiracist Research fired between 15 and 20 employees, multiple outlets have reported.

“Antiracist” is Liberalese for “racist against whites.”

Kendi began the center in June 2020 at the peak of a movement to defund police…

The liberal establishment-backed mania for extolling Black Lives Matter and crippling local police predictably drove crime rates through the stratosphere. It appears to be subsiding — at least until Democrats find nationwide race riots expedient again.

The move marks a dramatic shift compared to the research center’s staffing in August, which listed 45 employees just one month ago, according to a since-deleted page on the center’s website.

Despite his lofty stature as a professional racist, Kendi cannot define the term racism. He is such a jerk that he denounced Amy Coney Barrett as a committer of colonialism for rescuing Haitian children from poverty by adopting them.

The winds might be changing. Not long ago, Kendi was raking in massive donations from white liberals eager to virtue signal how much they loathe themselves. Former Twitter head Jack Dorsey gave him $10 million. The Rockefeller Foundation kicked in $1.5 million. Public schools have paid him as much as $333 per minute to vomit Critical Race Theory onto children.

If Kendi is wearing out his welcome even at hyperliberal Boston University, we may have the high water mark of moonbattery behind us.

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