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Jan 24 2021

Executive Order Turns DOJ Into Shakedown Operation

Joe Biden is the personification of the Swamp — i.e., bloated Big Government at its most arrogantly authoritarian and corrupt. With him serving as figurehead, looting will go into overdrive. One of the many autocratic Executive Orders Biden has already signed indicates how the Department of Justice Injustice will do its part.

The order reverses…

… a DOJ policy put in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions which prohibited provisions in settlement agreements in civil litigation that directed the opposing party to pay the money from the settlement to some third-party interest group…

A politicized DOJ commands its victims to cough up money not to the US Treasury, but to left-wing activists. This practice became common under the Obama Regime.

The government would bring a civil action against some offending corporation, and then offer the corporation an opportunity to settle the dispute with a condition that required the corporation to pay some or all of the settlement money to a third party designated by the government.

A prime example of how this worked…

…was the 2014 settlement of claims against Bank of America relating to the 2008 mortgage fraud crisis. Out of the total of $17 billion DOJ required BofA to pay, nearly $7 billion went to left-wing activist groups associated with Democrat party special interests.

Bad times lay ahead for regular Americans, but not for radical moonbats.

The Biden Administration — before there is even a new Attorney General — has decided to resurrect that old grift in order to get the spigot of money turned back on for left-wing interest groups who look to the Justice Department to be their collection agency.

Putting the bad guys in charge never comes cheap.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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