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Sep 29 2020

Exorcist-Style Meltdown on Detroit Flight

Here is a consequence you might expect when outlandish demands accompanied by antisocial behavior such as rioting are routinely met with obsequious eagerness to comply:

Fox News reports on this flight to Detroit:

The passenger repeatedly yells “B–tches we’re going to f–k all night” as a flight attendant asks her to return to her seat. …

She then proceeds to climb onto the headrests where she begins to kick some of the surrounding seats while gyrating. The footage also shows her hitting a luggage compartment so hard that it opens causing some items to fall out. …

[V]iewers of the video have joked in the comments that the woman looks like she was possessed by demons, with some comparing her meltdown to the 1973 horror classic “The Excorcist.”

Whether due to drugs or madness, the scene is emblematic of a whole society degenerating into a horror movie.

I hope that the guys who restrained her don’t turn out to be police officers. If so, there could be another wave of riots.

On a tip from Adam.


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